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Ultimate Ads Manager


Visit the official Ultimate Ads Manager homepage for the documentation and premium extension!

Create, manage, automate and display advertisements as a widget or shortcode anywhere on your page.
Ultimate Ads Manager (UAM) perfectly integrates into Elementor and classical shortcode driven WordPress.
Visually define where ads should be shown on your page and UAM will do the rest for you! Fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Os principais recursos do Ultimate Ads Manager são:

  • Easy to use – integrates perfectly into Elementor and classical shortcodes
  • Statistics right in your admin dashboard
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Receive weekly reports via mail
  • Contagem de visualizações e cliques
  • Calculate total and unique views/clicks
  • Query statistics for any date range
  • Estatísticas ao longo do tempo
  • Shortcodes for everything and everywhere
  • Agrupamento de anúncios
  • Scheduling ads
  • Define restrictions for ads such as date, clicks, views, weekdays
  • Processamento de dados eficiente
  • Categorize seus anúncios para ajudar o UAM a tomar decisões mais inteligentes
  • Premium feature Custom date rage statistics
  • Premium extension for even more efficiency (necessary for sites with lots of traffic)

Imagens de tela

  • Define via Elementor where ads should be shown
  • Estatísticas diretamente no seu painel administrativo!
  • Basta crie anúncios de imagem.
  • Basta inserir anúncios do google.
  • Gerencie seus anúncios do jeito WordPress!
  • Veja suas estatísticas do google analytics.


Este plugin disponibiliza 1 bloco.

  • codeneric/uam-places-block


Esta seção descreve como instalar o plugin e fazê-lo funcionar.

  1. Clique em Plugins » Adicionar novo
  2. Pesquise por Ultimate Ads Manager, clique em ‘instalar’
  3. Ative o plugin por meio do menu “Plugins” no WordPress


Como exibir um anúncio na barra lateral?

Vá para Aparência » Widgets e arraste o widget Ultimate Ads Manager numa área de widgets (ex: barra lateral).

Como exibir um anúncio num post?

Inclua o shordcode do anúncio no seu post. Você pode encontrar os shortcodes na listagem dos anúncios.


8 julho, 2021
The plugin does not work as advertised. The PREMIUM PLUGIN IS WORSE! You want to know how many times an ad was viewed or clicked? Well good luck because their stats engine is total garbage. For example, UAM shows that for the month of June 2021, one ad has 158 views and 0 clicks but Google Analytics shows 1,369 views and 12 clicks! Which one do YOU think is correct? (HINT: It's not UAM) We have tried to get support from Codeneric and they're totally unresponsive...still waiting for a reply to a support request from three months ago. But the funny thing is they just don't seem to have a problem continuing to charge our credit card every month for the subscription fee. In this country it's called FRAUD, don't know how they define fraud in Germany. Today we just learned that they have not been compatible with the last three WordPress versions! No wonder the most recent review prior to this one was posted over three years ago. They must be out of business and/or have quit supporting the plugin and just didn't bother to tell anyone. We give it 1 star because zero stars isn't an option.
4 abril, 2018
it is really great and easy to use plugin for ads managing on wordpress I installed this on my site, just found something missing there; a public report for advertisers whom want to see their ads stat live which had to make the page myself. But hope this feature to be included in next update.
17 janeiro, 2017
Exactly what I'm looking for. Control your own ads in your site. Especially with ad-groups.. you can rotate ads in the same widget. Awesome.
3 setembro, 2016 1 resposta
The plugin generated 220 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.
3 setembro, 2016
I've been looking for something like this for some time - simple to use and powerfully effective. But the best thing has been the response when i've had an issue - prompt and fixed a bug problem ASAP. Lots more complexity can be added in, I think and look forward to seeing where this plugin goes as the possibilities seem endless!
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  • Fix – timezone fix.
  • Fix – WP 5.3 warning fix.


  • Feature – integration into Elementor


  • Fix – update pie charts when query changes.
  • Fix – enforce start and end date in statistics query, regardless of resolution setting.


  • Fix – remove unnecessary error log messages.


  • Feature – send weekly reports.


  • Fix – Prevent uncontrolled wp cron entries in database.


  • Fix – Warning undefined index ‘ad_slide_id’ fixed.


  • Feature – Custom range queries implemented.


  • Load original JS files in admin frontend and notify user if adblocker causes conflicts.


  • Hybrid redirecting approach for to run on apache and other servers (which support symlinks).


  • Fixes


  • Added API call to trigger click events in custom-code adverts


  • GDPR compliance setting


  • Novo recurso: otimização do banco de dados


  • Não carrega js remoto do stripe
  • option ‘nofollow’


  • Correção na atualização do DB


  • Correção na atualização do DB


  • Introdução de lugares
  • Introdução de restrições
  • Introdução de categorias
  • Correções de erros


  • correção do erro de grupos de anúncio vazios


  • correção do erro de localização do anúncio
  • correção do erro de link simbólico
  • carrega a visão geral das estatísticas de forma assíncrona


  • pequenas atualizações


  • Correção: Erro em Dezembro dos últimos 12 meses


  • Correção para versões antigas do PHP


  • Suporte para o marketing digital doubleclick (DCM)
  • Suporte para código javascript personalizado
  • Correções


  • Correção do enfileiramento de scripts


  • Links simbólicos mais robustos
  • Cache de longas consultas do banco de dados [recurso premium]
  • Ajuste da posição do anúncio
  • Controle do comportamento de abertura da aba


  • Correção


  • Taxa de cliques (CTR) [recurso premium]
  • Aba Premium


  • Correção da exposição do shortcode quando envolto em HTML
  • Correção de anúncios antigos


  • Suporte ao Google Analytics


  • Correções para IE e Safari


  • Correções de erros


  • Recurso de anúncios do Google
  • Correções de erros
  • Melhores estatísticas
  • Aba de ajuda
  • Aba de ajuda


  • Desempenho melhorado drasticamente


  • Correção do erro de link simbólico


  • Correções de erros


  • Lançamento inicial