Tuyul Ninja


Tuyul Ninja enables you to send wordpress post to available providers via cronjob. From the admin screens you can:

  • Get content ideas using Google Suggestion
  • Get content ideas using Google Trends
  • Save content ideas to post drafts
  • Download content ideas as a text file
  • Create job to send specific post by category to email or other provider
  • Run job manualy
  • Delete job
  • History of job execution history
  • Delete history
  • Send posts to email automatically
  • Send posts to blogspot automatically
  • Send posts to Telegram Channel automatically

Tuyul Ninja now is only supported to sends scheduled post to: Email, Blogger, and Telegram Channel. For other provider like Google Drive, Google Doc, etc will be released soon.


  1. Go to the Tuyul Ninja menu to manage tuyul job.
  2. Add new job to tuyul
  3. Run the job manually to test it



  • Get Content Ideas using Google Trends and Google Suggestion public API
  • Send wordpress post automatically to Telegram Channel


Imagens de tela

  • Get ideas from Google Suggestion
  • Get ideas from Google Trends
  • Save ideas to post draft
  • Create new job and avaliable jobs
  • Job completion histories


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Registro de alterações


  • Get content ideas using Google Suggestion public API
  • Get content ideas using Google Trends public API
  • Save content ideas as post draft
  • Download content ideas as text file


  • fix Tuyul send wrong post categories


  • Send articles to the Telegram Channel
  • Send articles to the Blogger(blogspot)
  • Options for sending post content in full or excerpt
  • Job execution histories now ordered by date descending


  • Super basic, look at what’s in Tuyul Ninja functionality.