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Earn more with affiliate marketing using ThirstyAffiliates – the professional affiliate link management & link cloaking tool for affiliates.

Website: http://thirstyaffiliates.com PRO Add-ons: http://thirstyaffiliates.com/add-ons

ThirstyAffiliates empowers website owners with the tools they need to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing.

It lets you administer your affiliate links, assists you with inserting them into your posts, pages and comments and gives you a central location in WordPress to manage all of your affiliate links.

ThirstyAffiliates will create pretty links from ugly affiliate links (aka link redirection or link cloaking) all the while giving you the double benefit of protecting your commissions from theft.

Features at a glance

  • Inbuilt affiliate link shortening/link cloaking (yourwebsite.com/recommends/your-affiliate-link)
  • Commission protecting affiliate link 301 redirection
  • Customizable link URL prefixes – loads to choose from or use your own custom prefix
  • Hierarchical link categorization to easily segment links
  • Handy affiliate link picker tool (with full instant search capabilities) makes it easy to insert affiliate links in posts, pages and comments!
  • Handy quick add tool lets you easily create new affiliate links without even leaving the post edit screen
  • Show category slugs in link URLs
  • DoFollow/NoFollow options (global or per link)
  • Open in new window options (global or per link)
  • Full importing and exporting support via standard WordPress tools
  • Full backup compatibility via standard WordPress backup solutions
  • Uses WordPress approved storage techniques – doesn't bloat your database with extra tables!
  • Using the link picker insert affiliate links as standard links, shortcodes (great for adding classes for link styling), or pre-linked images.
  • Add your graphics, banners and other images to affiliate links for easy insertion

Want more PRO features?

Some of our popular add-ons include:

  • Autolinker - get massive increase in your affiliate income by automatically linking affiliate links to keywords throughout your site
  • Stats - the insight you need to find out what links are popular on your site
  • Google Click Tracking - adds the special Google Analytics Click Event code on your affiliate links as you insert them
  • CSV Importer - import your links from other packages in simple CSV format
  • Geolocations - geo target your visitors and redirect them to geographically appropriate alternative affiliate URLs, a great way to level up your income
  • Scheduled Links - create special schedules for your affiliate links to automatically change the destination URL, great for sales running during a specific time period

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Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Última atualização: 2 meses ago
Instalações ativas: 10,000+


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