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Specifically, Themesflat addon focuses on support for the author build Template Kits for sale at Template Kits Elementor all in one. Just download only 1 plugin Themesflat Addon
You will have the full wdiget build kit export, import display results as demo link

Themesflat Addons for Elementor – Features

Themesflat Addons included 20+ useful widgets to enhance your Elementor Page Building experience.

  1. Image Box Live Demo
    TF ImageBox Addon allow insert images in your site with cool and interactive hover effects in a simple and flexible way. This Addons adds new elements/widgets to Elementor Page Builder. It helps you to easily design the perfect ImageBox for website use Elementor.
  2. Carousel box Live Demo: You are looking for carousel addons for the element in Page buider Elementor as IconBox, Gallery, Portfolio, Team Member, Testimonials … Tfcarousel is the most perfect choice. With Tfcarousel you can put everything in a carousel slide. Just design the template in Elementor, Then create a slide and include template.
  3. E SliderLive Demo: Customize Every Part of Your Slider, Elementor was built for you. Create stunning slider, Show an animated sequence of images, videos or other content. Video Sliders, Scrolling Slider, Type Slider
  4. Header & FooterLive Demo:Using create out of the box header and footer designs. It display on the entire website
  5. TF PostsLive Demo:used to display all posts in page builder Elementor
  6. TF Main NavLive Demo:Used to build Mainnav on page builder Elementor
  7. TF Search:Used to build search form and search icon in header page builder Elementor
  8. TF Tabs:Used to build Tabs on page builder Elementor
  9. TF Simple Slider Live Demo:Used to build Hero Slider on page builder Elementor
  10. TF Scroll Top:Used to build button go top on page builder Elementor
  11. TF Preload :Used to build preload on page builder Elementor

  13. TF Woo Product Grid Live Demo Helps you to display WooCommerce Products in the page builder Elementor
  14. TF Woo Mini Cart Live Demo Helps you add the WooCommerce Mini Cart to the Header in the Elementor page builder

  16. TF Post Image :Used display Featured Image of blog post
  17. TF Post Title :Used display Title post in the blog
  18. TF Post Excerpt :Used display Post Excerpt in the blog
  19. TF Post Content :Used display Post Content in the blog
  20. TF Author Box :Used display Author Box in the blog
  21. TF Post Comment :Used display Post Comment in the blog
  22. TF Post Info :Used display Post Info in the blog
  23. TF Post Navigation:Used display Post Navigation in the blog

Imagens de tela

  • Image Box Widget Demo (screenshot-1.png)
  • Carousel Box widget (screenshot-2.png) Note that the screenshot is stored in the /screenshots.


Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You cannot use without Elementor since it’s an addon for Elementor.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! It will work with any theme where Elementor works.


2 julho, 2024
I was initially hesitant to add another plugin to my site, but this one has been a lifesaver. It’s so lightweight and easy to set up that I had it running in minutes. What truly impressed me is the depth of features offered. It is a perfect fit for my needs. The plugin also provides excellent user support. I had a minor question during setup, and their team responded quickly with a clear and helpful solution. Overall, this plugin has increased user engagement on my site and helped me gather valuable feedback. If you’re looking for a top-notch star rating plugin for WordPress, look no further!
31 maio, 2024 2 respostas
Unfortunately I have purchased a WP theme that uses this Themesflat addon and now that I need support with the mobile menu that is not working properly, I can’t get any help. Check it by yourself, if email them this is what you will get: Address not foundYour message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail. If you try their gmail, it seems that they don’t even speak English, because they barely reply to you. You ask for help, they ask for your website login credentials. Would you trust them? Don’t bother Skype them, they will not reply too. Wordpress should remove their page, this way people will not get in trouble when in need of support!
12 setembro, 2023
Elementor 3.16 was released and on new websites Elementor’s containers feature is now enabled by default. It seems Themesflat Addons For Elementor isn’t compatible with containers, for example I noticed on all sites that were updated that the navigation menu (created with Themesflat Addons For Elementor widget) disappeared when containers were enabled. Please update your comparability to work with containers and update your compatibility tag to 3.16.
4 julho, 2023 2 respostas
Edit: Great plugin. With a bit of CSS, you can turn your page into a unique piece of art 🙂 Developer, please add the option to rollback the plugin, to avoid any problems with future updates.
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