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Tg Testimonials – WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugin

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Tg Testimonials – WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugin


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Testimonials are an excellent tool to strengthen your brand So, it’s very important that you showcase them effectively on your website and use them effectively for your business promotions
TG Testimonials are simply the most effective WordPress plugin to present your testimonials in a beautiful way on your website. It’s one of the best ways to showcase customers’ feedback with pictures and emojis to enhance interaction with your clients.
TG Testimonials is fully Responsive on all devices e.g., desktop, iPad, iPad pro, Mobile etc. It has two different fully flexible and easy to use slider layouts and you can control the number of columns per row and the speed of testimonials and many more using shortcode attributes.


  • Testimonial Author Name
  • Testimonial Details
  • Testimonial Author Image
  • Company Logo
  • Designation
  • Testimonial Categories
  • Star Ratings
  • Website URL


  • Fully Responsive Testimonial Slider.
  • Ready Shortcodes To Use Testimonials
  • Responsive, Clean, Light Weight & Beautiful design.
  • Custom post type for Testimonial posting.
  • No need any settings.
  • Work with all WordPress versions and themes.
  • Output the Testimonials anywhere using this shortcode [tg-testimonial]
  • Easy to Install, Configuration.
  • All Major Browsers compatibility
  • Easy to customize and Developer friendly.
  • Displaying Author Image with each Testimonial
  • Displaying Author Company logo with each Testimonial
  • Add company profile Link on company logo
  • It’s easy to use interface allows you to edit, manage, create, and delete Testimonials with no new knowledge


  • [tg-testimonial template=”template1″]
  • [tg-testimonial template=”template2″]
  • [tg-testimonial category=”category_slug”]


  • template=”template1″ (template1/template2)
  • category=”category_slug”
  • autoplay=”true” (true/false)
  • autoplay-timeout=”5000″
  • loop=”true” (true/false)
  • hoverpause=”true” (true/false)
  • mousedrag=”true” (true/false)
  • auto-height=”true” (true/false)
  • nav=”true” (true/false)
  • dots=”true” (true/false)
  • smart-speed=”250″
  • autoplay-speed=”500″
  • items=”3″ (Items For Desktop -> works only for template1)
  • titems=”2″ (Items For Tablet-> works only for template1)
  • mitems=”1″ (Items For Mobile-> works only for template1)
  • order=”ASC” (ASC/DESC)

For any bug or suggestion please mail us: contact@attors.com

Imagens de tela

  • Slider layout1 and layout2
  • Slider layout1
  • Slider layout2
  • How to add testimonial
  • testimonial categories
  • Shortcode Page


  1. Unzip the downloaded tg-testimonials zip file
  2. Upload the ‘tg-testimonials’ folder and its contents into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation
  3. Activate tg-testimonials from Plugins page


  • WordPress version: >= 4.4
  • PHP version: >= 5.6


How to Use Testimonial Slider

  • Go to Tg Testimonial > Add New
  • Go to Tg Testimonial > Shortcode
  • Go to page or post editor insert shortcode.

Is the TG Testimonials plugin being compatible with my theme or design?

Yes, it is compatible with all the WordPress themes and their versions which are developed according to WordPress standards.

Is the TG Testimonials plugin being fully responsive?

Yes, it is fully responsive on all devices include iPhone, iPad, iPad pro, mobile and desktop etc. You can control the number of testimonial columns to show on different devices.

Do I need coding skills to showcase testimonials?

Yes, using TG testimonial plugin you can show your testimonials in a specific category
Go to TG Testimonials-> Testimonial categories
Create your own categories
And by using this shortcode [tg-testimonial category=”category_slug”] you can display specific category testimonials

What are the available shortcodes for TG testimonial plugin?

These are the available shortcodes:
* [tg-testimonial template=”template1″]
* [tg-testimonial template=”template2″]
* [tg-testimonial category=”category_slug”]

How many layouts are available?

There are two beautiful, nicely designed layouts are available to show your clients testimonial in a great way to boost your brand. These are fully responsive and compatible with all WordPress themes.

Need Any Help?

  • Please mail us at contact@attors.com
  • We provide 15 hours live support


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