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TalkShopLive Player


TalkShopLive creates a unique and powerful shoppable video experience that brings customer satisfaction from online buying over the top and increases the conversion rate in your store to the heights that are hardly achievable with other marketing and sales tools (in many cases, the conversion rate surpasses 30%).

With a built-in checkout within the video player, you can share your story and products with your community. Wherever viewers engage with your video content, there is an opportunity for a sale!

Easy Installation

TalkShopLive is free to install and use. It requires no technical skills or coding to set up and run. Simply install the plugin via the Plugin menu within WordPress administration (Plugins -> Add New). Alternatively you can download it from and install it manually.

Key Features

  • Ability to embed by simply pasting a TalkShopLive URL on your post or page.
  • Works with your favorite WordPress page and post editors
  • Offers a TalkShopLive Player widget for use in your themes

Getting started

  • Once you have the plugin installed, simply paste a TalkShopLive URL into a post or a page.
  • You can customize the way the embed looks from the TalkShopLive player options page.
  • If you want to have multiple TalkShopLive embeds (for different TalkShopLive shows, for example) use the TalkShopLive Player widget, shortcode (WP4) or Block (WP5).
  • Each widget, shortcode / Block has its own customizable options.

TalkShopLive Player Options

  • Embed View – Choose from “products”, “condensed” or “chat”
  • Include Border – Choose to include a border around the embed or not (on by default)
  • Rounded Border Corner – When checked, makes border corners rounded (on by default)
  • Border Color – When Include Border is selected, you may choose a custom border color
  • Embed Theme Style – Choose from light or dark mode


Widgets provide an option to embed the TalkShopLive Player within a theme and its components such as a sidebar. The TalkShopLIve Player widget is accessible from Theme Customizer and Appearances -> Widgets admin menu. TalkShopLive Player widget options can be customized.

Shortcode (WP 4.8 – 4.9)

The TalkShopLive Player shortcode provides an option to have a custom embed. Using a shortcode you can have multiple embeds with different settings. Shortcode is available on Create and Edit Pages and Posts.

Blocks (WP 5.0+)

The TalkShopLive Player Block provides an option to have a custom embed. Using Blocks you can have multiple embeds with different settings.


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