ShrinkTheWeb (STW) Website Previews Plugin

This plugin accesses the ShrinkTheWeb API to automatically replace special tags in posts with website…

Neosys Consulting, Inc. 500+ instalações ativas Testado com 4.8.9 Atualizado há 2 anos atrás

WP Featured Screenshot

This plugin will allow you to take a screenshot of a website using the url…

Allyson Rico, Robert Macchi 400+ instalações ativas Testado com 4.9.10 Atualizado há 10 meses atrás

JSM's Screenshot Machine Shortcode

Shortcode to include images from Screenshot Machine in your content.

JS Morisset 40+ instalações ativas Testado com 5.2.2 Atualizado há 6 dias atrás

WP Responsive Web Design Capture

WP RWD Capture provide with shortcode that enables you to insert captured images in your…

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