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Table Wow Restaurant Bookings


This plugin adds a Table Wow “Book Now” button to your site on all pages in the corner or the screen you specify.

Table Wow provides a booking platform for restaurants.

This plugin was developed by TableWow

It requires that you have a Table Wow account set up to work properly.

The plugin when enabled will add in a Table Wow javascript script link.

The script is hosted on Table Wow and when loaded will create a Table Wow ‘Book Now’ button
to your website.

PS: You’ll need a Table Wow Account to use it. There is a free trial but this is a paid subscription for restaurants.

Follow us on our journey to deliver the complete booking platform

Arbitrary section

If you install and enable the plugin you consent to Table Wow embedding the script to create the button only.

The plugin itself does not take any user information from the customers wordpress website.
It does not send data (other than the Table Wow Account Name) to a remote server from the wordpress website.
The Account Name is only sent so that the system knows which restaurant page to open.

*The Table Wow Profile Page is the page that the booking request is made from.
This is hosted on a Table Wow server.


Upload the Table Wow plugin to your WordPress site,
Activate it, then enter your Table Wow Account Name (
Select whether you want the button click to open the page in a new window or the same window.
Select the position you want the button to appear.


What happens when I enable the plugin?

When you enable the plugin you
-add in your Table Wow Account Name (this is saved in wordpress)
-select if you want the button to open the Table Wow Profile Page* in a new window or the same window (this is saved in wordpress
-select what corner of the screen you want the button to appear (this is saved in wordpress)

The button is fixed and always on screen as long as the plugin is enabled.
It appears on all screens on the wordpress website.


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