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Welcome to Staff Training – a powerful WordPress plugin designed to make managing learning content, quizzes, and products on your website simple and effective.

Key Features
Course Management:

Add Learning Sections: Use Staff Training to effortlessly organize your courses. Add learning sections and subsections to create a structured and engaging learning experience.

Quiz Integration: Take your courses to the next level by easily adding quizzes to each subsection. This feature allows you to test user knowledge and ensure a thorough understanding of the course material.

User Participation:

Enrollment and Progress: Make it easy for users to join courses and track their progress.Staff Training provides a user-friendly environment for seamless enrollment and progress tracking at their own pace.

Point-Based Reward System: Motivate users with a point-based reward system. Recognize their achievements by awarding points based on quiz results, creating a fun and encouraging learning environment.

Product Integration:

Seamless Product Integration: Enhance your website by seamlessly integrating products.Staff Training allows you to effortlessly include a variety of relevant products, expanding your offerings to users.

Point Pricing: Set point prices for products, offering users a unique and straightforward way to acquire items of interest. This user-friendly approach makes product acquisition simple and rewarding.

Point System:

Accumulation of Points: Drive user engagement by letting them accumulate points as they progress through courses and excel in quizzes. The dynamic point system adds an interactive element to learning, encouraging active participation and success.

Redemption Mechanism: Empower users to exchange their hard-earned points for various products with the point redemption system. This feature creates an enticing and rewarding user experience, allowing users to enjoy tangible benefits based on their learning achievements.

Staff Training is more than just a plugin; it’s a tool that transforms the educational journey for administrators and users alike. Experience the efficiency of streamlined course management, gamified learning, and integrated product offerings with Staff Training.

Video Tutorial

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  • Add Quiz . screenshot-3.png


1.Upload the staff-training folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

2.Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

3.Configure plugin settings in the ‘Staff Training’ menu.


How do I add a new course?

1.Navigate to ‘Learning Section’ in the admin menu.

2.Click on ‘add new learning section’. Add learning section and subsection and save.

3.Click on edit then add quizes for each subsection.


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