Staff List


Staff List – WordPress plugin to create and display staff directory, faculty directory, employee directory, company directory, church directory or other types of team members listings.

No default or mandatory fields. Add only the fields that you will need.
Over 30 field types to choose from.
Custom labels on data entry form – in your preferred language.
Optional images.
Optional single pages.
Responsive layouts.

Live Previews – Free Version

Staff members.
Single page, pretty permalinks.
Categories menu.
A-Z menu.

Group by categories.
Group by A-Z.
Group by text field.


Staff List plugin is compatible with Gutenberg.

Início rápido

Quick start documentation.

You can easily create a wide range of directories and listings:

  • Diretório da equipe
  • Universidade
  • Membros de igrejas
  • Lista de funcionários
  • Realtor’s Directory
  • Lista de membros da equipe
  • Lista de equipe médica
  • Listas de membros da equipe

Staff List is well suited to create both small and large staff directories. Live Previews


Staff List is a highly configurable staff directory plugin to fit unique requirements of your organization.

  • Layout responsivo.
  • Single page option.
  • Crie o formulário de entrada de dados em seu próprio idioma.
  • Custom templates. You can add any field in any order.
  • Custom styles to create the uniform look and feel that match your theme.
  • Easy to add to any page or post – just insert a shortcode.
  • Gutenberg compatible.

Full list of features.

Início rápido

Documentation – Quick Start.

Guia do usuário

Full documentation:

Free Version

Staff List – List of Features

Versão Pro

All features of the free version plus:

  • Additional distinct layouts: Grid A, Grid B and Grid C. Live Previews..
  • Multi Filter search. Live Preview.
  • Ajax pagination and filtering.
  • Up to 50 data entry fields.
  • Premium one-on-one email support.

One-time payment, free updates for the life of the plugin.

Staff List Pro – List of Features

Plugin Extensions

  • Staff List Search. Advanced search options. Documentation.
  • Staff List Table. Displays staff member records in a tabular format. Documentation.
  • CSV Import-Export. Simple way to import data from any spreadsheet. Documentation.
  • Staff List Birthdays & Anniversaries. Custom plugin extension to create and show recurring events or new hires. Documentation.
  • Staff List vCard. Create and download vCards. Free plugin extension.


  1. Install as regular WordPress plugin.
  2. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate it.
  3. After activating the plugin, you will see a new menu on the dashboard called Staff List.
  4. Go to Admin > Quick Start and to create your first staff template and staff records.


A comprehensive list of FAQs can be found here.


28 agosto, 2023
Was asking for a very simple, or at least what should have been a simple request to fix a sorting issue. But support didn't even try to resolve the issue. Would give less than 1 star if I could.
21 julho, 2023
This is a really well made plugin. At first the thousands of options looked overwhelming and I was a bit worried and hesitated to buy it, but support directed me to right places in documentation. And support also helped me with on site support correcting my mistakes. This plugin is so well documented that even a child could configure it. We use it for a pretty big hospital and it works like a charm! Thank you and keep up the good work!
14 outubro, 2022 2 respostas
Do not use, and definitely do not buy this plugin. It was good in its day, but they haven't updated it since March 2022, and the export features don't work. I have 1500 staff members I can't export now, and they stopped responding to my emails. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLUGIN!!!!
12 abril, 2022
El menú por categorías no deja de mostrar la casilla "all" sin impotar que no se escriba nada en "label - All records". Es de los pocos problemas que veo en el pluging. The category menu does not stop showing the "all" box regardless of the fact that nothing is written in "label - All records". It is one of the few problems that I see in the plugin.
9 abril, 2021 1 resposta
I bought the professional version and couldn't get help in configure it, and they are refusing to get my money back, I wish there was less than a star I ask the WordPress to help me get my money back and monitor the activity of such companies that offer a product and do not provide good support
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Registro de alterações

= 1.7.3 20231025
Fix: Single page left/right panels can save 1-11 option. Fixed call to abcfl_mbsave_save_cbo.

= 1.7.2 20230903
* Update: Replaced Twitter icon with new version.

= 1.7.1 20230608
* Update: Cleanup of abcfl-input.php

= 1.7.0 20230320
* Update: Modified MP prefix and suffix section to better handle spaces and other in-line options.
* Fix: Squirrly SEO og section modified to handle missing array error.

= 1.6.9 20230220
* New: Added support for Rank Math SEO – page title, canonical and og properties.
* Update: Staff Member Data > Options. Modified links to the documentation.

= 1.6.8 20221108
* New: Added support for The SEO Framework – page title, canonical and og properties.

= 1.6.7 20221018
* New: Added filters to generate page tiltle, canonical and other tags for single pages from staff member data.
* New: Page title can currently can be customized with some SEO plugins or when no such plugin is active. Support for other SEO plugins will be added in the future releases.
* Update: Tested with WP 6 and above.

= 1.6.6 20220412
* Update: Admin section, added link to docs changelog.
* Update: Added help link to docs page: Single Page Options.

= 1.6.5 20220322
* Update: Links to new doc pages (admin section).

= 1.6.4 20220222
* Update: Redesigned data entry fields, field type SLDTE (date).
* Update: Container ids for staff and single page changed.
* Fix: Added missing parameter slTplateID to show vCard hyperlinks on staff pages.

= 1.6.3 20220207
* New: Added option to create link to a single page from MP field type.
* Update: Updated pot file.
* Update: abcfl-input to 227.
* Update: abcfl-admin.css to 146
* Fix: MTF menu now has missing container ID.

= 1.6.2 20220120
* Update: Options related to links to single page. Better support for custom settings.

= 1.6.1 20220103
* Update: Deprecated LIB option (for image ALT).
* Update: Deleted all code from deprecated folder.
* Update: Single page layout, redesigned template inputs: custom CSS.
* Fix: Single page now works with isotope templates.

= 1.6.0 20211226
* Update: Added a few links to staff template > documentation.
* Fix: Mismatch of parameters for List layout – groups.

= 1.5.9 20211217
* New: Isotope filters, corresponding templates and page layouts.
* Update: abcfl-html to 172.
* Fix: Address field type, added missing read only section (item input);

= 1.5.8 20211119
* Update: Modified auto populate section of SortText fieldto better handle the existing data.
* Update: Added multipart address to SortText auto populate.
* Update: abcfl-input to 226.

= 1.5.7 20211016
* New: Social icon: Web.
* New: Added custom Alt option to custom social icons.

= 1.5.6 20210926
* New: Hyperink field types have new global options: new tab and download.
* Update: abcfl-input.php to version 225.
* Delete: Removed newTab not used anymore.
* Delete: Removed all references to discontinued fields: QRHLIMGSTA, SH

= 1.5.5 20210913
* Fix: Field name label for QRIMGCAP64DYN abcfsl_mbox_item_QRIMGCAP64DYN
* Fix: Struct data. Added missing parameter masterF to abcfsl_struct_data_field_value_MP.

= 1.5.4 20210816
* New: Added field types: QRIMGCAP64STA QRIMGCAP64DYN to display QR Code Image Base64.
* Update: Dicontinued field types: QRHL64STA QRHL64DYN (QR Code hyperlinks). Not compatible with all browsers.
* Update: Changed field styles options to compact display for image + caption.
* Fix: Modified field mapping for image + caption.

= 1.5.3 20210724
* Update: MP field order. Added option: Not Selected (dropdowns).
* Update: MP field. Modified item input section (better logic).
* Fix: Renamed misspelled orderP5 (abcfsl_cnt_MP_field)

= 1.5.2 20210701
* New: Added Publons icon.
* Update: Redesigned Template-Images tab to make it more compact.
* Update: Redesigned Staff Page Containers tab to make it more compact.
* Update: Custom style option added to Page Layout > Custom CSS – Text Container
* Fix: Prefix removed if custom class: Page Layout > Custom CSS – Text Container

= 1.5.1 20210613
* New: Added option Image Attribute to staff member images.
* Update: Redesigned single page hyperlinks section to better handle different page types.
* Update: Library abcf-html to version 171

= 1.5.0 20210530
* New: Added Github icon.
* Update: Added script to better handle vtabs sesion storage.
* Update: Changed Instagram icon to the new version.

= 1.4.9 20210517
* Fix: Grouping and filters now can use keep-dups parameter (for categories).

= 1.4.8 20210420
* Fix: Missing parameter hideDelete when checking for vCard plugin.
* Fix: Removed not used call to vCard class.

= 1.4.7 20210419
* New: Field types QRHL64STA QRHL64DYN for QR Code hyperlinks
* Update: abcfl-html to 170

= 1.4.6 20210328
* Fix: Master shorcode option parameter should now work with all layouts.

= 1.4.5 20210314
* New: Added shortcode options: hiddenFields, hiddenRecords.
* New: Added shortcode options: keep-dups. To show duplicate records when grouping by categories
* Update: Staff tabs. Renamed Social Icons to Icons.
* Update: Updated vtabs script: renamed file, removed console trace.

= 1.4.4 20210130
* New: Added field VCARDHL – vCard Hyperlink.
* Update: Removed VCARDHL staff member options.

= 1.4.3 20210124
* Update: Added session storage to go to the last active tab after page update (cat, az, multifilter and groups).

= 1.4.2 20210115
* New: Added field ADDR.
* Fix: Input Fields tabs, updated container ids to work with new script.

= 1.4.1 20200104
* Update: Added 5th part to name multipart field.
* Update: Added functions related to future implementation of vCard plugin.
* Fix: Exclude subcategories now works on a single page. Added missing call to _util_fix_cat_excluded_slugs.
* Fix: Fields navigation, updated container ids to work with new script.

= 1.4.0 20201205
* Fix: Replaced misspelled tab ID for session storage Staff Page Containers.

= 1.3.9 20201126
* Fix: Updated rendering of field tabs to work with session storage.

= 1.3.8 20201126
* Fix: Version 1.3.7 needs more testing and some fixes. Reverted to 1.3.6 code.

= 1.3.7 20201126
* Update: Added session storage to go to the last active tab after page update (staff and staff template tabs).
* Update: STFFCAT. Subcategories won’t be displayed on front end if parent category is an excluded slug.
* Update: Fields: SC, SLDTE, STARR, ICONLNK, IMGHLNK. Replaced custom style inputs with compact version.

= 1.3.6 20201104
* New: Added fields: static label above. LTABOVE, PTABOVE.
* Update: Fields: CE, STFFCAT, SLFONE, FONE, CBO, SC, CBOM, CHECKG. Replaced custom style inputs with compact version.
* Update: Modified staff template, field labels sections.

= 1.3.5 20201015
* New: Icon: calculator, twitch.
* Update: Added shortcode parameter debug-spg for testing single page parameters.
* Update: Fields: TH, EM, STXT, PT, H, MP, STXEM, HL, POSTTITLE, SORTTXT. Replaced custom style inputs with compact version.
* Update: Modified abcfsl_spg_a_tag_staff_member_id (staff id by permalink)

1.3.4 20201004

  • Update: Added field type class to SPTL container.
  • Update: Single Page Options. Replaced style inputs with compact version.
  • Update: Field T. Replaced style inputs with compact version.

1.3.3 20200919

  • Update: Links to single page. Major redesign.
  • Update: Added option to create links to static single pages.
  • Update: Text link to single page. Text is now required. Hide if sPgLnkTxt is empty.
  • Update: Single page links. Added separate functions to better handle text and image links.
  • Update: Added utility section for displaing class and styles.
  • Fix: Staff member image tab. Renamed texbox label function
  • Fix: Updated library abcfl-html.php to 169.
  • Fix: Error when Grouping Template > Options > Items were empty and shortcode added to a page.

1.3.2 20200830

  • Update: Added menus AZ and Categories.

1.3.1 20200731

  • Added: New function util_cls_name_bldr as a replacement for util_cls_bldr.
  • Update: Drop shadow classes added. Will be applied to image container instead of images.
  • Update: Library mbox-save updated to 115.

1.3.0 20200719

  • Update: Staff members, admin table. Modified category filter.
  • Update: redesigned abcfsl_img_alt to better handle LIB option.
  • Update: Replaced abcfsl_mbox_item_date_format_for_ouput with abcfsl_cnt_date_formated
  • Update: Modified abcfsl_mbox_tplate_img > abcfsl_mbox_tplate_img_img_hover
  • Update: Updated abcfl-mbox-save.php to 114
  • Update: Added abcfsl_aurl_local
  • Update: Addded abcfsl_mbox_tplate_img_img_cntr_par. Multiple parameters replaced with array.

1.2.9 20200629

  • Fix: replaced deprecated abcfsl_autil_add_new_field_to_field_order with abcfsl_autil_f_field_to_field_order

1.2.8 20200526

  • New: Function to get all IDs not sorted.
  • New: Custom class option for individual staff members.
  • Update: Redesigned section related to field display order.
  • Update: Page layouts. Added parameter fieldOrder to avoid multiple function calls.
  • Update: Added shortcode option staff-name-sp. Can be used for dynamic or hybrid single pages.
  • Update: Field type name is used for vTab label when field label is blank. abcfsl_mbox_tplate_fields_lbl
  • Update: Library abcfl-html to 168.
  • Update: Library abcfl-mbox-save to 114
  • Deleted: abcfl_html_frm_txt_input
  • Deleted: Not used: dupsltplate, dupslmember. Duplicate Page plugin can be used instead.
  • Fix: Groups, implode function updated to PHP 7.4 syntax.

1.2.7 20200423

  • Update: Modified functions to find database type and version to better handle MariaDB.
  • Update: Double check if sortType has a valid value.
  • Update: Modified main DB function (get all IDs) to accomodate multiple ORDER BY options.
  • Update: Modified main DB function (get all IDs) to better handle default and custom sort options.
  • Update: Sord order is updated only when Sort Text option is selected.
  • Update: Post Title field is sorted directly instead using sort order.
  • Update: Custom sort can have “post-title” or “sort-text” as parameters.
  • Update: Added Sort Text column to Staff members admin table.
  • Delete: admin-demos.php. Replaced with quick start functions.
  • Fix: DB function update sort order by post title (MariaDB below 10.2). Replaced hardcoded parentID.

= 1.2.6 20200327
* New: Added shortcode option – Excluded categories (category-exclude).
* Update: Phone social icon URL is converted to “tel:URL”.
* Update: Custom icons Phone and Email are converted to mailto: or tel:.
* Update: Custom icons Phone and Email has to be named: Email, Phone, Telefon, Tэлефон, Mobile, Mобильный.
* Update: Remove trailing comma: abcfsl_cnt_cbom_field_html
* Update: Removed shortcode parameter: date-plus (will be provided by Staff List Birthdays).
* Update: Redesigned database functions to improve performance.
* Update: Removed showField parameter from abcfsl_mbox_tplate_field_lock
* Update: Removed lineLocked. Renamed lineLocked to fieldLocked.
* Update: Added top margin option to staff container to be used when menu is added to a page (lstCntrTM).
* Update: removed second parameter $lstLayoutH from abcfsl_mbox_tplate_fields_render_cnt.
* Update: Removed shortcode parameter: date-plus (can be used with plugin extension Staff List Birthdays).
* Update: Added system versions to admin help.
* Fix: DB function update sort order by post title (MariaDB below 10.2). Replaced hardcoded parentID.
* Fix: Social icon 3 renderd as 1.

1.2.5 2020030318

  • New: Custom names of the month. Option to add abbreviated names.
  • Update: Added option to open Social Links in a new tab.
  • Update: Number of custom social increased to six.
  • Update: Post types – single file is used for pro and free.
  • Update: Replaced autil_class_and_style with new functions to better handle custom CSS.
  • Update: R eplace spg_a_tag_get_target with util_get_url_and_target
  • Fix: Admin table, columns sorting: Sort Order and Modified.
  • Delete: Removed Google+ from social links.
  • Delete: Removed $vAid and $vAidCls
  • Delete: menu-status.php, mbox-tplate-social.php

1.2.4 20200223

  • New: Added option to display date as day + month only.
  • New: Added option to show month names instead of numbers.
  • New: Added english month names as built-in option.
  • New: Added option create custom month names (any language).
  • Update: Added shortcode parameter: date-plus (can be used with plugin extension Staff List Birthdays).
  • Update: Moved why single page is blank to backend.

1.2.3 20200201

  • New: Added permalink page name: team
  • Update: Structured data: added new fields.
  • Update: Structured data items container: @graph.
  • Update: Structured data container: @context.
  • Update: Field display options, moved Hide/Delete to the top.
  • Update: Simplified label options for field type Staff categories.
  • Update: Social links inputs changed tp 3 columns.
  • Update: abcfl-html to 167

1.2.2 20200129

  • Update: Minor cosmetic chages to template settings screen for Post Title.
  • Update: Modified Staff Order settings to better handle Post Title as a default sort option.
  • Update: Post Title is now a default sort order for all new records.
  • Fix: Misspeled function name FONE.
  • Fix: Reversed FONE data inputs.

1.2.1 20200123

  • New: Added field type: Post Title.
  • New: Added option to sort records by Post Title.
  • Update: Modified data queries to handle the new field and sort order.

1.2.0 20200116

  • New: Added field types: Categories, Icon Font with Link, Icon Font Star Rating.
  • Delete: Removed deprecated field type SH.

1.1.1 20191221

  • New: Added field types Image and Image Hyperlink.
  • New: Added field type Date.
  • Update: Library abcfl-html udated to 165.
  • Update: Admin, Help section – updated hyperlinks
  • Fix: Added missing shortcode default arg: multi-template

1.1.0 20191130

  • New: Added field types Phone and Phone + Static Label.
  • Update: Added support for ROW_NUMBER for DB default sort function. Better handling of older versions of MySQL and Maria DB.
  • Update: Replaced WP filter the_content with custom function to avoid potential conflicts with page builders or other plugins.
  • Fix: Added shortcode parameter: multi. Fix for single page with multiple shortcodes.

1.0.2 20191114

  • New: Template option to set default values for staff images (SP).
  • Update: Staff member data entry screen: single page image selector is hidden when SP value is used.

1.0.1 20191103

  • New: Added grouping option.
  • New: Added categories option.
  • Update: Field types now match the Pro version.
  • Update: Modified DB function to get the right record in case of duplicate pretty permalinks.
  • Update: Moved some of the files to better handle free and pro versions.

0.9.1 20190409

  • Fix: Added missing function to handle Drop-Down + Static Label.

0.9.0 20190408

  • New: Added field types: Drop-down, Static Label + Drop-down.
  • New: Added POT file.
  • Update: Modified text strings to match pot file.
  • Update: Optimized function to update sort order.

0.8.0 20190217

  • Fix: ALT tag can be empty.
  • Update: Updated library files.

0.7.0 20180721

  • Fix: Single page. Now image is displayed even when the middle section has no content.
  • Update: Changed tplate_spg_optns file name to match Pro version.
  • Update: Added version number to single page container.
  • Update: Added a few direct links to documentation.

0.6.1 20180421

Fix: HTML tags not converted to entities – text editor field.

0.6.0 20180328

  • Novo: Adicionado tipo de campo: Linha horizontal.
  • Update: HTML editor, added visual edit option.
  • Fix: New staff record warnings fixed.

0.5.1 20171215

  • Update: Added templates filter to Staff Members admin screen.
  • Update: Modified some of the template screens.

0.5.0 20170907

  • Update: Added new allowed HTML tags (library file).
  • Update: Added support for custom permalinks plugin (abcfslcp_is_single_pretty).
  • Update: Added support for custom permalinks page title.
  • Atualização: Redesenhada a manipulação de ID da Imagem.
  • Update: Moved Sort Text fiels to Staff Page screen.
  • Update: PHP 7.1 compatibility.

0.4.8 20170629

  • Update: Updated template interface to match Pro version.
  • Atualização: Arquivos de biblioteca atualizados para as versões mais recentes.
  • Fix: Staff order screen formatting.

0.4.7 20170404

  • Fix: Updated field order section to handle single page fields.

0.4.6 20170329

  • Fix: Removed SC and HL fields from the dropdown.

0.4.5 20170327

  • Fix: Added missing function abcfsl_db_spg_title_by_pretty

0.4.3 20170326

  • New: Shortcode parameter to show a single staff member, list or a single page.
  • Update: Changed hidden ImageID to read only.
  • Update: Check for status \”published\” for all front end requests.
  • Fix: Sort staff table. Changed some options to fix rendering issues in Chrome.

0.4.2 20170303

  • New: Default template option.
  • New: Quick Start option.
  • Fix: Fixed field names for static label custom style.
  • Update: Renamed utility-all.php to abcfl-util.php
  • Update: Remove custom CSS option: abcfsl_script_enq_css_list
  • Update: _singleLayout removed from demo
  • Update: abcfl_input_sec_icon_hdr_hlp added URL parameter
  • Update: Deleted abcfsl_mbox_tplate_css_style_and_class
  • Update: Removed utility.php from library. All functions are already present in abcfl-util
  • Atualização: Substituído abcfsl_mbox_tplate_field_class_and_style por abcfsl_autil_class_and_style

0.4.1 20170126

  • New: Single Page Text Link. Easier way to create text hyperlinks to a single page.
  • Update: Moved content of template options to simplify edits.
  • Update: Added template options tab: Single Page.

0.3.2 20170117

  • New: Direct links to Documentation sections.
  • New: txt-aurl
  • Update: Changed admin font stack to system fonts (as per WP 4.6).
  • Update: Added \’p\’ tag to paragraph allowed tags.
  • Update: Hide template sections if layout not yet selected.
  • Fix: Multipart field description.
  • Fix: Pretty permalinks.
  • Fix: Added missing labels.

0.3.1 20161229

  • Fix: Order by Sort Text.

0.3.0 20161228

  • Atualização maior.
  • New: Couple of a new fields.
  • New: HTML text editor.
  • New: Single page option.
  • New: Single page pretty permalinks.
  • Update: Demo records.

0.2.1 20160822

  • Fix: Added missing file v-tabs.php

0.2.0 20160814

  • New: Added field type Paragraph Text.
  • Update: Unlimited number of templates.
  • Update: Field number increased from 5 to 10.

0.1.1 20160519

  • Fix: Plugin reloaded to fix error: No valid plugins were found.

0.1.0 20160518

  • Update: Changed min permissions to Editor role.

0.0.9 20160422

  • New: Added field options: font size and top margin.
  • Update: Modified templates interface for better user experience.

0.0.8 20160329

  • Update: Changed Text Domain to: staff-list.

0.0.7 20160229

  • Update: Removed unused files.

0.0.5 20160229

  • Correção: Erro de digitação corrigido.

0.0.3 20160229

  • Enviado para o repositório.

0.0.2 20160225

  • Versão inicial.