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Sroups is the short form of “Social Groups”. As its name describes the whole idea, Sroups’ goal is all about turning online groups (blogs, groups, fan pages, discussion forums etc.) into a more social platform. As Sroups is exclusive to the community, all of the things going on in the virtual world will be related to your blog’s reason of existence.

To use Sroups plugin on your blog, you’ll have to be a member. You can both register from or using our plugin as described in the “Installation” section.

For more information about Sroups, see also:


  1. Download the Sroups’ WordPress plugin
  2. Extract the archive to your blog’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Copy the included “crossdomain.xml” to yor site root (
  4. From the “Plugins Settings” page, activate Sroups plugin
  5. Click the “Sroups” link from the “Settings” box
  6. If you’re already a member of, enter your Sroups credentials and click “Get my Sroups data” button. If not, fill out the registration form and click “Make me a Sroups owner” button.
  7. Select your Sroups’ package, theme and click “Create my Sroups” button
  8. Your Sroups is ready! You can use Sroups as a page or a footer button!


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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

“Sroups” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações


Updated Sroups SOS API


Updated Sroups SOS API (Environment handler added)


Fixed the sroups package and theme updating feature related bugs


Fixed the bug that blocked sroups theme and package type editing features.


Updated the SOS REST library. We fetch SAuth variables from query string again.


Updated the SOS REST library, We fetch Sauth variables from headers now.


Updated the SOS REST library


Crossdomain.xml file is added. In order to run the flash application, users should put crossdomain.xml to their root directory


Fixed the CSS


Added a new logo for the footer band and fixed minor bugs


Fixed minor bugs Updated Sroups SOS library


Made the Sroups window draggable


Fixed a major bug that prevents Sroups creation