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Songkick Concerts and Festivals


This plugin lets you display upcoming or past events for a Songkick user, artist, venue, or metro area on your WordPress blog.

Events can be displayed by adding the Songkick widget to your template, or by adding the shortcode [songkick_concerts_and_festivals] anywhere in your blog.


  • Upcoming events for an artist
  • Past events for an artist
  • Upcoming events for a venue
  • Upcoming events for a user
  • Past events for a user
  • Upcoming events for a metro area. A metro area is a city or a collection of cities that Songkick uses to notify users of concerts near them.
  • Widget or shortcode format
  • Show events for multiple artists, users, venues, or metro areas.
  • Paginated list of events
  • HTML markup with support for events as defined by


  • This plugin uses a non-commercial Songkick API key. If you have a commercial website, you’ll need your own Songkick API key. Please read through Songkick’s API terms of use. Apply for a key here: Songkick API docs
  • This plugin requires PHP 5.6.20 or higher


Go to the Settings page to configure default options for the plugin. You can also specify your settings under Plugins/Widget or via shortcode options.

  • For a user, simply put your username in the admin interface.
  • For an artist, you should use the artist’s Songkick id, as shown in the url for your artist page. For example, the url “” has the id “123”.
  • The same goes for metro areas: “” has the id “123”.
  • And venues: “” has the id “123”.


Go to the admin Widgets page and simply drag the widget into a sidebar and configure it.


Add the shortcode [songkick_concerts_and_festivals] in the content of any blog post.

When using a shortcode, you can set which artist, venue, metro area, or user you want to display events for, allowing you to show events for different entities:

  • Users: [songkick_concerts_and_festivals songkick_id=your_username songkick_id_type=user]
  • Artists: [songkick_concerts_and_festivals songkick_id=your_artist_id songkick_id_type=artist]
  • Venues: [songkick_concerts_and_festivals songkick_id=your_venue_id songkick_id_type=venue]
  • Metro areas: [songkick_concerts_and_festivals songkick_id=your_metro_area_id songkick_id_type=metro_area]

Override shortcode settings:

  • gigography=true|false
  • number_of_events=integer
  • show_pagination=true|false
  • no_calendar_style=true|false — removes the calendar style from the event dates
  • order=asc|desc – sort order for artist or user events

PHP code

You can call the shortcode method directly in your PHP code:

Blogs using this plugin

Know any blogs using this plugin? Let me know!


This is an open source project that I maintain during my spare time. I welcome contributions!

The code lives on Github. To send your contribution, fork my project, make your lovely changes, and send me a pull request. Thanks 🙂

Imagens de tela

  • Widget for a user.


  1. Upload the directory “songkick_concerts_and_festivals” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu
  3. Go to the Settings page for Songkick or the Widgets page and set your username/artist/venue/metro area ID.
  4. Please read through Songkick’s API terms of use. If you have a commercial website, please apply for your own API key here: and configure it on the Settings page.
  5. Add the widget to a sidebar or the shortcode anywhere in your blog.


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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

“Songkick Concerts and Festivals” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações


  • Added shortcode.


  • Fixed some warnings.
  • Made calendar date style inline.


  • Fixed bug where shortcode content would always display on top of other content.


  • Default options can be overridden when calling shortcode function. This means you can use the plugin for different users and artists.
    See Songkick’s admin settings for details.


  • Refactored events and presentable event code.
  • Improved exception handling and error logging (thanks Ethan).
  • Improved documentation.
  • Added option to hide calendar style for dates (no_calendar_style=true)


  • Support for displaying metro area events.


  • Support for displaying venue events.
  • Markup with support for events as defined by
  • Paginated list of events for shortcode option.


  • Reimplementation of the Widget class. Allows for multilple Widget instances.
  • Remove requirement for an API key for non-commercial websites.

  • Fixing up and removing warnings

  • Sort order of past events is descending

  • Bug fix: Fixing error when displaying a user’s upcoming events

  • Catching any error when testing Songkick API key. Some users reported seeing a “name lookup” error on the Settings page.

  • Option to turn off API caching.

  • Display end date of festivals.

  • Add Italian translation

  • Use __construct instead of classname as this will be deprecated

  • BUG fix: correctly localise date strings in calendar


  • Upgrade to support PHP 8


  • Bug fix: prevent settings page from breaking when Songkick API is unavailable


  • Use https to connect to Songkick API