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Social Icons Widget & Block helps you to add quickly icons with links to your profiles from different social networks. The plugin includes several icon sets, which gives you the possibility to use the widget for more than just linking to your social media profiles. You can use generic icons to add links to anything you want.

With the help of WPZOOM’s excellent Social Icons Widget plugin, you can link to all your social network profiles in no time, letting your visitors easily get in touch with you on all social media channels.
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  • Upload your SVG icons – 🆕
  • Load icons in SVG format – 🆕
  • Create your own custom icon set
  • Outstanding performance
  • Suporte premium
  • and many new features coming soon!

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O que há de novo em 4.0.0

  • NEW: Gutenberg Block
  • New icon styles in the new Social Icons Block
  • New options to customize your icons: change margin, padding, alignment, roundness etc.

O que há de novo em 3.0.0

  • Added Global Color Picker to change the color of all icons
  • Added a new color picker to change hover color on all icons
  • Os ícones agora estão agrupados em categorias

O que há de novo em 2.2.0

  • Added Padding and Size options for icons
  • Added support for Skype links (skype:username)

O que há de novo em 2.1.0

  • Search Icons by keywords
  • FontAwesome Icon Set Integration
  • Atualizado: ícone do Instagram

O que há de novo em 2.0

  • Novos ícones personalizados
  • Seletor de cor para cada ícone
  • 3 Icon Sets from which you can choose more than 400 icons

Where I can view a Demo?

You can view the widget live in all our themes at WPZOOM.

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  • Bloco Gutenberg – NOVO
  • mais de 100 sites/redes sociais suportadas
  • mais de 400 ícones personalizáveis
  • 5 conjuntos de ícones
  • Integração FontAwesome
  • Integração Academicons: 38 ícones acadêmicos para acadêmicos
  • Arraste & solte ícones
  • Seletor de cor
  • Pesquisa por palavra-chave
  • Adjust icon size & padding
  • 2 estilos: forma do ícone e ícone com fundo
  • 3 estilos de fundo: cantos arredondados, redondos, quadrados
  • Retina Ready Icons
  • Suporta endereço de e-mail (
  • Suporta números telefônicos (tel:12345)
  • Suporta Skype (skype:username?call)
  • Suporta Viber (viber://add?number=123456)
  • Suporta WhatsApp (


Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Skype, Yelp, Feedburner, LinkedIn, Bloglovin’, Lookbook, Feedly, Periscope, SoundCloud, Spotify,, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Flickr, 500px, Tumblr, Blogger, Reddit, Dribbble, Envato, Behance, DeviantArt, GitHub, RSS, Disqus, Stackoverflow, Komoot, Tiktok, Mailchimp, Podcasts, Telegram e muitos outros.


Alguns ícones sociais são fornecidos pela fonte do ícone Socicon.

Academicons are provided by James Walsh.


Social Icons Widget does not collect any information from your visitors, therefore it’s 100% GDPR compliant.


Looking to contribute code to this plugin? Go ahead and fork the repository over at GitHub.

Imagens de tela

  • NEW: Social Ícones Block
  • NEW: Social Ícones Block
  • Rounded Corners Style
  • Square Style
  • Rounded Ícones Style
  • No Background Style
  • With Icon label
  • Configurações de Widgets


Este plugin disponibiliza 1 bloco.

  • Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM


Simply search for the plugin via the Plugins -> Add New dialog and click install, or download and extract the plugin, and copy the plugin folder into your wp-content/plugins directory and activate.

After that go to the Widgets page and add the widget Social Icons by WPZOOM to a widget area like Sidebar.


Onde encontre mais informações sobre este plugin?

No nosso site.

Como posso adicionar ícones sociais a uma página?

Adicione o Social Icons Block ao editor e personalize os ícones como quiser.


21 agosto, 2023 1 resposta
Amazing. A god-send. You have every know social icons -- in the universe! Never thought I would find Wiki! Made me a hero. Thank you!
9 outubro, 2022
بهترین افزونه برای نمایش آیکون شبکه های اجتماعی در سایت وردپرسی با قابلیت پشتیبانی از آیکون آپارات به صورت پیش فرض و (هر سایت دلخواه دیگر در صورت خرید لایسنس) The best plugin for add social media icons in your wp site and the best option for persian webmasters is supporting Aparat icon by default. (Aparat is iranian video sharing website).
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Registro de alterações


  • New icons: X (use for the new Twitter icon), Matrix, Element


  • New icons: Threads, Venmo, Wise, Revolut, Gutenberg, Gravatar, OpenAI, Midjourney, WeChat, Roblox, OnlyFans, Figma, Elementor, Shopify, Woo, Gumroad, Artgram, Cubebrush, Aristree, OpenSea


  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor bug fix


  • Big performance improvements: removed old font formats needed for outdated browsers, reduced the number of loaded assets


  • Fix Mastodon icon color
  • Add ‘rel=”me”‘ parameter


  • Updating Academicons set to the latest version with new icons


  • New icons: IMDb, Spotlight
  • Minor bug fix


  • Multiple fixes for WordPress 6.0 compatibility


  • New icon: Discourse
  • Updated icon: Slack
  • Minor improvements


  • Bug fix with the Amazon icon


  • Ícones atualizados: Spotify, Beatport
  • Change textdomain to match with plugin slug


  • Fixed an issue with the Legacy Widget


  • Multiple fixes and improvements when converting legacy widgets to blocks
  • Improvements to icon styles in the Social Icons Block


  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 5.8
  • Added warning notice to widgets block-based page. Please make sure you’ve read the message before doing some changes to widgets!
  • Added the ability to convert legacy widget “Social Icons” to block


  • Added new tab in the Settings page with a promo for the new PRO version


  • Bug fix when font preloading is enabled.


  • New icons: Komoot, Gab, KKBox, Etsy, CastBox, Pocketcasts


  • New options on the settings page to disable individual icon sets
  • Plugin optimization: enabled font preloading to improve the PageSpeed score. This option can be disabled from the Settings page.
  • New icons: Guilded, ko-fi, MeWe,, iHeartRadio, PlayerFM, Stitcher (new icon), Ravelry, NewGrounds


  • New icons: Mailchimp, Parler, Nextdoor (updated icon)


  • Bug fix when using the Social Icons Block as a Reusable Block
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Elementor
  • New icon: Fiverr


  • Fixed a conflict with the Divi Booster plugin
  • Minor performance improvements
  • New icons: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Google News, Deviantart (updated), RedBubble


  • New icons: Patreon (updated), Zazzle, Displate, Pixiv, Anchorfm, SSRN, Yummly


  • Fixed a bug affecting column blocks after 4.0 update


  • NEW: Gutenberg Block – Social Icons Block
  • New icon styles in the new Social Icons Block
  • New options to customize your icons: change margin, padding, alignment, roundness etc.


  • New Icons: ArtStation, Issuu, Google Calendar, Google Maps
  • Added detection for Whatsapp links: e.g. “”


  • New Icons: Mixer, Letterboxd


  • New icons: Zomato, The Fork, New Facebook Icon (click on the icon to change it)
  • Added compatibility with WPML plugin
  • Added a new field for each icon to improve the accessibility: “aria-label”.


  • New icons: Yandex Zen, Yandex.


  • New icons: Zillow, TikTok, Shutterstock, Aparat


  • Fixed incompatibility with Beaver Builder plugin
  • Fixed a bug with multiple “rel” attributes
  • Fixed a problem with the icon for
  • Added support for Telegram links (“” and “tg://resolve…” protocol)


  • New icon set: Academicons. Includes icons like, Google Scholar, Coursera, ResearchGate, and many more.


  • New icons: HomeAdvisor, TuneIn (old), Stitcher, MyWed
  • Updated icons: Unsplash
  • New option: Add rel=”noopener” to links
  • New option: Add rel=”noreferrer” to links


  • New option: Icon Alignment (Left/Center/Right)


  • New icons: Mastodon
  • Bug fix with EyeEm icon


  • New icons: Beatport, iTunes


  • New icons: Slack, Songkick, ReverbNation


  • Fixed: minor caching issue happening after update to 3.0.8


  • New icons: Ello, Line
  • Fixed: links with no labels were missing the anchor text, so we changed the widget to show by default the name of the icon when no label was provided


  • New icons: Discord, Flipboard
  • Fixed a few minor bugs


  • New option: Add rel=”nofollow” to links
  • New icons: WhatsApp, ResearchGate


  • New icons: Tidal, Deezer, Unsplash, Codered, Udemy, CrunchBase, Angie’s List, App Store, Nextdoor


  • New icon: Strava


  • New icons: Facebook Messenger, PlayStation Store, Overwatch.


  • Fixed bug #4


  • Fixed a bug with default values


  • Added global color picker for all icons
  • New color picker to change hover color
  • Os ícones agora estão agrupados em categorias


  • FontAwesome updated to latest version
  • New icons: Hellocoton, Quora, Etsy, Bandcamp, Meetup, Linode, IMDB, Telegram


  • Added Viber support (Example: viber://add?number=12345)


  • Added Padding and Size options for icons
  • Added support for Skype links (skype:username)


  • New Feature: search icons by keywords
  • New Icon Set: Font Awesome – 600+ new icons
  • Atualizado: ícone do Instagram
  • New Icon: EyeEm


  • Added new icon: Bandcamp


  • Major Upate
  • Added Color Picker to change the color of each icon individually
  • Added 3 Icon Sets which allows you to choose a custom icon for any links you want.


  • Fixed a bug with links containing the word “play” now showing the right icon.


  • The widget is now fully compatible with the Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin


  • Added new icons: Snapchat, Telegram, Bloglovin’
  • The plugin is now localized and can be easily translated
  • Added Romanian translations.


  • Added new icons: LOOKBOOK, feedly


  • Updated Google+ icon
  • Added new icons: Airbnb, Baidu, eBay, Medium, Periscope


  • Display proper icons for FeedBurner services


  • Fix TripAdvisor brand color
  • Add subtle hover effect for icons
  • Add description field for cool call to action headlines


  • Release inicial.