Slider Factory With 12 Slider Templates – Responsive Photo Video Slider, Photo Gallery, Carousel Slideshow And Template Designs


Slider Factory provides 12 Different layouts in single dashboard panel. Using this plugin, you can make an image slide show, photo carousel, responsive image slider and photo gallery or slider gallery.

The plugin also features title, description and alt text for images which is beneficial for SEO purpose. We used latest Bootstrap 5 CSS framework to design plugin dashboard, which is fully responsive and compatible to all portable devices. You can add many images at a time using multiple image uploader. Those images can be sort in desired sequence using drag and drop feature. Apply own custom CSS code to modify the design accordingly to your need.

Create a slide show by selecting layout, add slide image, configure setting, generate shortcode and embed shortcode on any page or post to start slide show. Very easy and simple plugin with multiple layouts and settings.

Our plugin is fully compatible with WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin, Elementor, Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder, and all Page Block Editor plugins.

Free Version Features

  • Responsive Design
  • 12 Different Design Layouts
  • Bootstrap Admin Dashboard
  • Bootstrap 5 User Interface
  • Multiple Image Uploader
  • Drag and Drop Slides Sequencing/Positioning
  • Customizable Width/Height
  • Auto Play On/OFF Setting
  • Customizable Photo Title
  • Customizable Description
  • Text Widget Support
  • SEO Friendly with Alt Tag

Free Plugin: DEMO

Watch The Video Tutorial

How to embed slider in any template?

<?php do_shortcode('[sf id=1 layout=1]') ?>

When you create and save, it generate a shortcode, like below:

[sf id=1 layout=1]

In the above shortcode, id denotes slider id and layout denotes the layout number used to design.

Pro Version Feature

  • 20 Different Layouts
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy To Use And Setup
  • No Coding Required
  • Many Design
  • Video Support
  • Pre Build Preset
  • Advance Setting
  • Speed Control
  • Pause On Mouse Hover
  • Full Screen
  • Fade Effect
  • Mouse Roll Over
  • Adaptive Height
  • Transition Speed
  • jQuery Easing Effects
  • CSS3 Animation Effects
  • Loading Bar
  • Looping
  • Mouse Wheel Control
  • Gap Between Slides
  • Navigation
  • Dots Pagination
  • Photo Alignments
  • Title And Description
  • Link On Image And Photo
  • Sorting Ascending and Descending
  • Sorting Shuffle And Random
  • Sorting By Title
  • Photo Thumbnails
  • Add Two Link Button
  • Multilingual And Translation Ready
  • Responsive Admin Dashboard
  • Bootstrap 5 User Interface
  • Bulk Image Uploader
  • Drag and Drop Sequencing/Positioning
  • Customizable Width/Height
  • Auto Play On/OFF Setting
  • Customizable Title
  • Customizable Description
  • Text Widget Support
  • SEO Friendly Slideshow
  • Cloning And Copy Functionality
  • Custom CSS

Pro Version: Details
Pro Version: Live Demo
Pro Version: Buy Now

Imagens de tela

  • Layout 1
  • Layout 2
  • Layout 3
  • Layout 4
  • Layout 5
  • Layout 6
  • Layout 7
  • Layout 8
  • Layout 9
  • Layout 10
  • Layout 11
  • Layout 12


  • Upload plugin files to your plugins folder, or install using WordPress built-in Add New Plugin installer.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Navigate to Plugin Settings and fill settings.
  • For more details check the Plugin Documentation


What is the plugin license?

  • This plugin is released under a GPL license.

How to install this plugin?

  • Please follow this link to install the plugin.

How to create a slideshow using plugin?

  • Please follow this link.

How to publish a slideshow on a page?

  • Please follow this link publish on a page.


5 abril, 2023
We tried a few layouts, nothing worked like in the demo sites. Main photo didn't load, the navigation didn't work, captions were in strange fonts at the bottom of the thumbnails. Some layouts do not even have customization settings. Support was responsive but we do not have time to deactivate all plugins to solve the conflicts, we had other plugin worked perfect out of the box.
27 outubro, 2022 2 respostas
This plugin has a big weakness. It is not possible to add a link to the image of each slide. We request the programmer of this plugin to add and update this possibility.
2 outubro, 2022 1 resposta
Je salut le travail réalisé, et surtout la grande disponibilité et la réactivité de l'équipe à répondre à mes demandes pour améliorer ou débloquer certaines fonctionnalités. J'ai vraiment apprécié ! Eric.
24 maio, 2022 1 resposta
A solid tool for performing a much needed Wordpress function. I had a question and got great support from the developer.
9 agosto, 2021
This is the best carousel plugin that I can ask for. This is one such plugin that can handle images with different aspect ratios. This plugin fulfills all the slider needs for your website.
29 maio, 2021
I have been looking for a photo carousel that can handle photos with different aspect ratios. Finally I found it. Thank you so much! And it only takes a minute to create a completely functional slider. You made me very happy!!!
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  • Donate link removed


  • Manage slider interface updated
  • Tested on Latest WordPress 6.0.3


  • PHP v7.4.x tested


  • Tested on Latest WordPress version.


  • More security issues fixed.


  • Settings saving issue fixed.


  • Typos fixed
  • Security issue patched.


  • Security issue patched.


  • Security issue fixed.


  • Compatible with 5.8.1 and tested with regular update.


  • Layout 12 – Image loading issue on page load, fixed
  • Security issue on data saving, patched
  • Compatible with on WordPress version 5.8


  • Layout 7 – Error in shortcode fixed
  • Layout 4 – Image fit issue resolved
  • Layout 5 – Page scroll issue resolved
  • Enhanced the code security as per WordPress guidelines
  • Layout 12 – Image quality issue resolved


  • Layout 1 – image loading issue fixed on page load
  • Layout 1 – image height issue for different shortcodes on same page fixed
  • Version number added on All Slider Layouts page


  • New layouts 10, 11 & 12 added
  • Layout 10 height issue fixed
  • Disabled PRO features added to layout settings part
  • Layout 11 description font issue and default height issue fixed
  • Layout 5 default size issue fixed
  • Layout 2 height in px issue fixed


  • Layout 7 error bug fixed
  • Layout 9 screenshot changed
  • Layout 9 demo link updated


  • Slider plugin compatible with WPML
  • Slider clone title bug fixed
  • Layout 9 shortcode update


  • New layouts 7, 8 and 9 added
  • minor bugs fixed


  • Remove single slide bug fixed


  • Dashboard designed changed
  • Layout 1 issue fixed


  • WordPress default themes compatibility issue fixed.


  • All function name are generic now.
  • All posted data fields are sanitized now.
  • Notes of the version.