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A lightweight plugin to optimize your WooCommerce & Business site: Floating WhatsApp Chat Widget (can be use without WooCommerce), WhatsApp Order Button for WooCommrece, Hide/Disable WooCommerce Elements, WooCommerce Strings Translations, and many more.


  • Floating WhatsApp Chat Widget – with:

    • Multiple numbers, no limitaton
    • Availability time
    • customizable settings
  • WhatsApp Order Button – WhatsApp order button for WooCommerce products (multiple numbers, no limitaton). You can choose to enable it:

    • on Single Product Page
    • on Shop Loop (Shop & Product Category page, product shortcode, related products)
    • on Cart Page
    • on Checkout Page
    • and customize the settings
  • WooCommerce Elements Customization – Hide or disable:

    • Single Product Elements:
      > Hide Product Price
      > Hide Quantity Option
      > Hide Add to Cart button
      > and more to come
    • Loops Elements:
      > Hide Product Price
      > Hide Add to Cart button
      > Disable Links to Product Pages
      > and more to come
    • Checkout Page Elements :
      > Hide Last Name Fields
      > Hide Ship to Different Address
      > and more to come
  • WooCommerce Strings Translations – Translate common WooCommerce strings like:

    • Add to cart
    • Select options
    • View Cart
    • Checkout
    • …. has ben added to cart
    • and many more
  • And more to come


  • Floating WhatsApp Chat Widget can be use without WooCommerce.
  • If you don’t have WooCommerce plugin activated, the only setting that will appear is the Floating WhatsApp Chat Widget setting.
  • By default, the look of WhatsApp Order Buttons should match the look of your WooCommerce buttons as they use the default WooCommerce button class.
  • Therefore, there are no settings to customize the style of WhatsApp Order Buttons as there are no specific style for the buttons (I only add some inline styles to style the parent container). Feel free to customize the style using your own CSS if you need different appearance for the buttons.


This plugin only adds 1 extra row to your database. And it will self delete upon uninstalation.


  • Optimize More! – Selectively Optimize your CSS/JS Delivery: Load CSS Asynchronously, Delay CSS and JavaScripts until User Interaction, Preload Critical CSS and JavaScripts, and Remove Unused CSS and JavaScripts Files.

  • Optimize More! Images – A simple yet powerfull image, iframe, and video optimization plugin (Lazy load images / iframes / videos, Preload featured images automatically). Also support lazy loading CSS background images.

Imagens de tela

  • Floating WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Order
  • Hide / Disable
  • Translations


From within WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Shop Extra or Arya Dhiratara
  3. Activate Shop Extra from your Plugins page
  4. Find Shop Extra in Settings > ShopExtra


  1. Download the plugin using the download link in this WordPress plugins repository
  2. Upload shop-extra folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate Shop Extra plugin from your Plugins page
  4. Find Shop Extra in Settings > ShopExtra


WhatsApp Buttons

Your can use multiple numbers. Number and image on line 1 will be the number and image of name in line 1, number and image on line 2 will be the number and image of name on line 2, and so on.

Availability time

The format is timezone, day(s), hour-start, hour-end. Day start from monday (1). So if you want to set availability day is monday to friday, use 5. If it’s monday to saturday, use 6.
E.g.: +7,5,9,17 (GMT+7, Monday to Friday, start from 9am to 5pm)
Note: This will apply to all numbers and the available day can not be custom (e.g.: monday to thursday and saturday only) since this feature only use a simple (and only few lines of) vanilla js.


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  • Fix popup chat close button css
  • Add simple hover effect for Floating WhatsApp Chat Widget Image
  • Remove return for current_user_can( ‘manage_options’ ) for all WhatsApp related functions, so now all user (including super-admins) can see the WhatsApp related feature


  • Fix Hide Add to Cart on Shop Loop button not working


  • Cleanup some unused php codes


  • Fix readme file
  • Change plugin’s banner


  • Initial release