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Search Field for Gravity Forms


A custom field for Gravity Forms that will search any selected post types as the user types into the field and show the results below the field. Set which post types, how many results, and customize the display format of the results. Lots of unique CSS classes included for full custom styling!

This plugin was created as a way to help customers find documentation articles before submitting a support ticket. The goal is to reduce the number of support tickets submitted by helping customers find and answer themselves. Maybe you can find other uses as well!


Imagens de tela

  • Field settings
  • Sample form with search field showing results


You must have Gravity Forms installed first!

  1. Upload and activate the plugin
  2. Find the new “Search” field when adding/editing a form and add it to your form
  3. Customize the field settings


16 maio, 2021 2 respostas
This plugin works perfectly. I was looking for a solution like this on the gravity form, but I couldn’t find it on the web. I’m confident that help tickets can be sent less often by customers. Thank you very much. Suggested fix: I’m using v0.2. When you add a one-line text field in the management screen, the same field option as the search field, that is, “Select Custom Post Type (s)” is displayed. Searching in the front end of a one-line text field doesn’t work, so I think it’s better to remove this option.
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Registro de alterações


  • Fix – Meta data now works on more than 1 field per result


  • Add – Now results can show metadata


  • Ready for full 1.0 status!


  • Fix – Change how ‘gravityforms_search_no_results’ gets sanitized before output to allow HTML


  • Add – filter ‘gravityforms_search_no_results’ to customize the “No results” text


  • Change – Only check for typing on ‘keyup’, not ‘change’ as it resulted in redoing search on click outside input


  • Update – Better loading spinner that shows inside the form field


  • Fix – Fix issue getting post types


  • Add – Use esc_* functions more liberally


  • Fix – Search settings were showing on Text fields as well
  • Fix – Proper Text Domain


  • Fix – Add sanitization where missing


  • Initial release