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WordPress Group Chat Plugin

758,000 websites and online events are already using the RumbleTalk HTML Chat Platform.

RumbleTalk is a member’s group chat for a public open chat or a private members-only chat.
– The account owner may create one room or several rooms
– In every room, there is a place for a group discussion as well as a private one-on-one chat between participants (can be configured).

The chat platform is a hosted professional chat room plugin with a quick integration to your WordPress members’ user base.
You may add it to any type of website, blog, or real-time event.

Unique features that can be set in the admin panel:

1) Integrate your users base with one click – your website members will then auto-login to the chat.
2) Moderated chat mode for live events – approve every message before showing it to all.
3) Monetizing – charge for your time, collect donations or send a private payment request
4) Private video and audio calls for private one-on-one video discussions

The ideal plugin for members chat, live online events, Group chats, live community, radio shows, fans clubs, stocks & forex trading, hobbies, sports, group discussions…and much more

Plug-in Name



RumbleTalk platform is easy to set group chat plugin for WordPress, buddypress and bbpress
1) Members-only website
2) Social website
3) Live online event website
4) Integrated into any platform using our REST API.

Adding one or many rooms is a no-brainer with the RumbleTalk plugin. Add a chat widget to your website in two minutes.

BuddyPress & BBpress Integration

This group chat plugin supports automatic user base integration with WordPress, BuddyPress and BBpress.

Chat Features

NEW - Pin messages, files and videos

* Poll options in the chat
* Bio Description can be added in the username (ex: display name+bio)
* Admin count in plan summary added
* Admin button is added for easy access

* support for avatar integration with different members' plugins.
* Integration with WordPress users base avatar
* Mark text as bold, italic, strike and code.
* Admin mode - mute all users.
* New lines - now you can add more lines in each message
* Font size - increase/decrease the web-based font size
* Private chat - prevents automatic private chat window popup   

* support for more currencies
* Paid access, bug fixes
* Experts chat, allows you to advice in a private conversation (with or without payment)
* PayWall - Set paid access to your chat.
* Control what username will show in the chat
* Keywords feature - automatic text highlights
* login type: Register before logging in

* Better Sound Control
* History search options
* Export chat history to CSV or HTML
* Video chat messages, record 30-second video messages.
* Mobile video calls (android)
* Set Private chats with registered users
* Spam Filter applied also for users name
* Create additional rooms directly from the plugin
* Open settings from the WordPress admin
* Delete Archive messages directly from the chat
* Increase Font Size in mobile

* Full Screen In mobile mode
* Admin user avatar
* BuddyPress integration
* Export Chat Transcript from the chat interface
* Auto login with your own users-base users name (API)
* IP info

* Upload Images from your mobile device
* Take photos from your mobile version
* One on One VIDEO and Audio calls
* Upload Docs, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files
* Upload Images from your own PC

* Take pictures from your PC camera
* Easily Embed a group chat in your site.
* Chatroom Theme Library
* Talk from Mobile and Tablet.
* Login, Share and Invite
* Private chat

* SSL - new secure channel TLS1.2
* Design your own chat theme.
* Design your chat with css (for advanced users)
* Manage more than one chat.
* Spam filter (create a black listed words).
* Disconnect Trolls.

* Ban users by IP.
* Define moderators and rolls.
* Archive your chat, Save log of your chat history.
* Chat in 30 languages.
* Offline Mode
* Delete single messages
* Flood control
* Control the side of the floating icon
* Advanced dashboard for managing your chat rooms
* Send audio and video messages
* Set your own sound for different types of actions
* In-Chat payment options

BuddyPress Chat Room Integration
These members chat plugin supports automatic integration with BuddyPress plugin.


English, Español, Bahasa Indonesia, Català, Czech, Dansk sprog
Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Magyar, فارسی, Nederlands, Dutch, Polski
Português, Română, ภาษาไทย, Slovenčina, Suomi, Svenska, Tiếng Việt
Türkçe, ελληνικά, Български, Македонски, Русский язык
Србски, Українська, עברית , عربي

Imagens de tela

  • The most advanced chat platform for WordPress with over than 706,000 installations, upload files, images, and docs.
  • Chat chat skin with advanced design and CSS. You can share any type of file, image, video, link, or emoji to the group chat.
  • Moderated chat where you approve messages before they show up. Let chat admins perform functions such as screening inbound messages before they go live, limiting the users, banning a specific user, changing the chat type, exporting transcripts, filtering profanity, and more.
  • Polls provide streamlined audience feedback in real-time. Let your participants weigh in on the topic by getting their opinions through the polls feature.
  • Mention a User – Think of the Mentions feature as tagging someone. When you type @ in the chat room, you will see a list of users. This can help you better manage messages in the chat room.
  • Floating Chat – your messages appear as little popups. The most recent messages will remain in the bubble for users to view, and you can tap the bubble to open the conversation in a popup window.
  • Video and Audio Call – Aside from sending text messages, you can also make private video and audio calls in the chat without having to install anything, making every conversation more personal and less virtual.
  • Keywords – RumbleTalk Keywords (InTEXT) identify specific words and dynamically turn them into clickable links, allowing you to redirect your audience to any webpage, a downloadable file, an online form, a video instruction, and more.
  • Private Chat – communicate with other users privately, in a one-on-one conversation (you can turn it on/off to your liking)
  • Plugin – create one or many rooms directly from the plugin


Rumbletalk includes 3 parts
1) The Chat – this is the actual chat users see on your website
2) The Plugin – this is the plugin you add to your WordPress
3) The admin panel – where you can set your chat preferences.

Note, that the chat settings can be accessed from the plugin. Advanced options


First, Install the Plugin:

  1. Load the plugin from the WP plugin search “RumbleTalk” or download it from the WordPress website, then add it to the rumbletalk-chat directory /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu “Plugins” no WordPress
  3. Click ‘Settings’ and then ‘RumbleTalk chat’

Second, Get your chat code:

  1. Enter your email & choose a password, verify, and create an account.
    creation may take up to 20 seconds.
  2. This step is only in case you already have an account with RumbleTalk – Login to the RumbleTalk admin panel
    go to account, then copy the key & secret from the integration tab. Now, click on the “Already have a RumbleTalk chatroom Code”
    and add the two token fields.

Add the chat to your chosen page:

  1. Use the short-code phrase ‘[rumbletalk-chat]’ in your posts (you can do it in visual mode, no
    need to switch to HTML view) to position the chat widget exactly where you need it.

Note, if you have more than one chat, use the short-code phrase showing under each chat in the WordPress plugin.

Chat Settings:
7. Click the settings gear button in the RumbleTalk plugin to change specific chat settings (style, history settings, login options and admin behavior).
8. For advanced settings, click on the blue “Administration Panel” button on the top part.

Users base integration – wp, bbpress, buddypress:

  1. If you want to allow autologin for your registered users, click on the integration checkbox, SAVE and you are done.

Full instructions can be found here:


What type of chat is it?

RumbleTalk is a group chat for websites. You can have private members chat or create a public “open to the world” chat room.
It is perfect for communities, live events, social stock trades, online radio shows, and much more.

What about private chat?

When you enter a chat room, you can talk in the “lobby” so all will see, or conduct a private one on one chat. Note, that you can limit private chat for admins only.

What is the difference between “group chat”, “moderated chat” and “experts chat”?

We have several chat types, you can set it up and change it at any time. The next 3 options are:
1) Group chat – A chat room where everyone can talk in the lobby or in private. Moderation is done when a user misbehaves (ban, delete, disconnect).
2) Moderated chat – A chat room where every message needs to be approved by the admin before it shows to all participants, this is perfect for live events.
3) Experts chat – this is for Experts (admin), who can talk in multiple private only chats with chat participants.

Can I talk in video and audio with others in the chat?

Sure, you can have private audio and video calls. It works on all PC’s laptops and also on mobile devices.

I need only members to access the chat room, can I set it that way?

Sure. If you have a members-only site, and you only want members to enter/view the chat room.
You can simply set the chat to be members only. This is super simple, one checkbox to click.
Check the member’s checkbox, save, and you are done.

I see “This chat-room is for private users only” What can I do?

This message indicates that the chat accepts only “WordPress users”, meaning users that are already logged in to your WordPress site.
1) If you do not want that, uncheck the “members” checkbox in your plugin.
2) If the members checkbox is checked, and you actually need only members to login to your chat, you will need to check the GUEST login option in the chat settings.
This does not mean guests will be able to log in, but it will activate a background module that is needed for the Auto-login option.

I need a public chat room to talk to my online audience, can this be done?

Sure. by default, we allow anyone to enter the chat. You can choose what login option will show in the chat room.

The options are:

  • Guest – anyone can choose a username and Login using a default avatar.
  • Social media – user with avatar.
  • Register – A user can log in after registering to the room.
  • Admins and Users (RumbleTalk Login) – This is a pre-registered list of users. You need to define them upfront in the chat settings (You may set a special avatar per user).
  • Members – This is the option for users to log in automatically using your WordPress users base.

Can I chat with my iPad or iPhone or any other smartphone?

Sure, you can add the chat to your website or blog and talk from anywhere.

Can I manage more than a single chat in my account?

Yes. Create one or many rooms. This means you can define several chat rooms in one account (a premium feature).
You can integrate each room into different websites (with different domain name).

I want my users to log in only with a social login, is it possible?

Sure. As an admin, you can decide how users will log in. If you set it up to allow social logins, then only the social login option will show when a user is asked to log in.

Can I have different designs for different chats?

Yes, you can, For each chat choose your preferred design or if you do not like it, create a design with the chat skin builder or with pure CSS.

My chat height is too small?

RumbleTalk chat is an elastic chat. It means it will consume all the surrounding space.
If that does not work for you, try to use a direct embed, meaning the code we supply for each chat (in the admin panel) can be embedded directly to your website.

Can I use a direct embed in an HTML page?

Sure (but not recommended), you can go to the TEXT part in the WordPress editor
(in each page you have one) then copy and paste a code that looks like that.
Note: you will need to replace the “chatcode” text in this example below with your own 8-digit Rumbletalk code.
You can also play with the width and height figures.


<div style="width: 400px; height: 500px;">
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Can I integrate with my member’s chat?

Yes, it is easy to integrate with your WordPress, Buddypress users base.
The integration is a checkbox away.

How to change a member name (the one showing in the chat) when a user is auto-login?

When you log in using the auto login (the members checkbox in the plugin is checked), there is a small arrow next to this checkbox.
Click on it and choose the name that will show when one login to the room.

How to log in as admin when using the members option for auto-login?

If you want to log in as admin to the chat, you will need to have the exact same name defined in WordPress users and in the Rumbletalk users tab.
First, create a user at the RumbleTalk users tab. Choose an admin NICKNAME.
Then, create the same name in your WordPress users area.

Now, when the auto-login works, it gets the name from WordPress and then checks it against the rumbletalk users.
If the name is identical (case-sensitive), the admin will need to provide a password for the first time.

Is it FREE?

RumbleTalk FREE chat is limited to 5 seats (participants), so it is perfect for small communities and private discussions.
The Premium version allows you also to talk with more simultaneous chatters, live audio calls, live video calls, private chat, moderations, and more.

Can I delete a single message?

Sure, log in as admin to the chat and see the tray icon next to each message, clicking on it will delete the chat. if you want to clear the entire chat, please use the clear all button (click on the gear icon to see it).

What InText keywords are all about?

RumbleTalk Keywords (InTEXT) uses a smart technology to identify specific words and phrases and highlight them live, while chat is in process.
RumbleTalk InText then dynamically turns these words into predefined links that allow you to associate any word with any web page.
See the video here


26 julho, 2023
Used it for a conference event and it had all the features we needed. Everything went smoothly and we got great participation and feedback on our event.
3 junho, 2023
We implemented this chat room plugin in our WordPress website to enhance communication between recruiters and job seekers. The plugin provided an efficient platform for candidates to interact with potential employers, ask questions, and share their resumes
22 maio, 2023
During an online event, we used this chat room plugin to facilitate networking and discussions among participants. A good set of features, especially the polls, were great!
2 março, 2022
I really enjoy the chat and how easy it was to add it to my website. For a relative cheap price we got more than all of our members chatting surprisingly quickly. Our members could upload their images to the chat in conversations which is exactly what we needed. And the best part was that they would not need to log into the chat after logging into our WP website. Highly recommended! Former employee (current consultant)


8 junho, 2020 1 resposta
I wouldn’t use this service. JUST DUE to me going through the reviews and seeing you being disrespectful because someone said it was too expensive. Yup, not buying.
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“RumbleTalk Live Group Chat – HTML5” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações

-version update

-version update

-version update

-version standards

chore(plugin-check): adjust the code to fit WP standards

– verify AJAX requests with nonce

– Facebook integration with the newest SDK.
– New WP version

– version test

– version set

– fix for captcha error

– token generation fix
– ajax vulnerability fix
– css polls and settings changes

– New WP 6.3.1 support
– New Polls results types

– New WP 6.2 support

– New WP 6.1 support

– Add a beta option (need to contact us so we enable these features below)
– Added pin messages – admins will be able to pin a message, image or a youtube/Vimeo video.
– Many more smilies. We added several sets of emoticons.
– A new option to design your own chat with an easy-to-use quick design panel.
– Edit your own chat messages – now you can edit your own messages.
– New skins – several new modern stylish skins.
– checked with new version of wp

-checked with new version of wp

-fixed special char when creating a new account

– Change the SDK to use wp sdk wp_remote_retrieve_response_code

– fix height and width set to 0 when not set in a save operation

– sdk changes
– short tags changes

– removed social oriented images and text
– added missing icons in the plug-ins admin.

– new wp version

– new video explanation in the plugin

– remove keywords direct button
– update sdk version

– Enabled the redirect from “” to “”
– Disabled old P2P server and enabled only WebRTC video call service
– Fixed Private message disconnect minor bug.
– beta: allow admin to login to other room as a user

– Bio Description can be added in the username (ex: display name+bio)
– Admin count in plan summary added
– Admin button is added for easy access

– chat server loading is faster (3 times faster)
– new feature to allow the user to put themselves as “Away” “Busy” (in beta)
– copy and paste images to the chat (no need to upload, in beta)

– minor arrow display adjustment
– support for new wp version

– added avatar support for various members plugins.
– style bug fix for viewing the login name arrow.

– Added support for avatar integrations with different members plugin.

– added avatar integration so when members log in we take the users images from WordPress.

– text adjustments
– bug fix for initial avatar integration

– page image crop and resize option
– bug fix: after export the pagination counter is gone.

– New chat dialog
– Mark text as a bold, italic, strike and code.
– Admin mode – mute all users.
– New lines – now you can add more lines in each message
– Font size – increase/decrease the web-based font size
– Private chat – prevents automatic private chat window popup.

– added the forceLogin configuration to chat edit
– added the forceLogin attribute to the [shortcode] overwrite ability using force-login=”true/false”
– remove legacy support for the old WP options of the plug-in

– added the [shortcode] for admin button: [rumbletalk-admin-button]; this button links to the chat when there is an admin available
– supports the ‘hash’ – the chat’s hash; can be ignored to use the default chat
– supports the ‘no-admin-text’ – the text to display in cases where no admins are available
– supports the ‘href’ – the URL the user will be directed to when clicked on (in case of admin availability); defaults to the chat public link
– supports the ‘target’ – the target (e.g. _self, iframe name, etc.) defaults to ‘_blank’
– supports the ‘text’ – the text to display in cases where they are admins available

– Changed the login of the members checkbox. Now when disabled, it will enable all the login options.

– added support for new lines in private chat.

– added support for opening the general admin panel from the plugin.

– added support for donations and collecting funds in the chat.

– add apply_filters on the login params with handle “rumbletalk_login_args”
– utilize the new forceLogin to log new users even if old login is in place
– use new upgrade reference of account id
– minor CSS and text fixes

– Paid Access bug fix
– P2P video call new lib

– Added PayWall admin feature (paid access)

– change upgrade URL to new admin
– fix [shortcode] copy attributes bug

– fix account creation troubleshooting bug
– adjust UI to the new admin

– fix invalid token issue

– fixed name change apostrophe issue

– changed Login SDK version from v0.4 to v0.41 for wider browser support

– add [shortcode] explanation
– add [shortcode] overwritten attributes of: width, height, members, floating
– fix a bug that created an empty box on floating chat type

– new members integration option, control your username login name.

– Plugin change for once glance status and integration.

– Plugin change for once glance status and integration.

– New Feature – Keywords.

– New SDK – Faster connections.

– New: Export history to csv option

– Server fail-over architecture change

– New: a new login TYPE: Register users

– New: attach files and docs also in private message

– New: send short video messages
– New: Audio and Video calls are now supported also on android devices.

– New: in Beta send video messages

– New: Spam filters for users name

– New: Set Private chats for Admins only

– New: Create additional rooms directly from the plugin

– New: Open settings directly from WordPress plugin

– Change: new mechanism to delete Archive messages directly from the chat

– Increase Font size option in mobile view