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Roomlio – Group Chat


Roomlio is an embeddable chat platform. It allows you to simply and quickly embed a chat room anywhere on your WordPress pages or posts. It differs from existing chat applications because it focuses on embedding group chat
rooms in existing pages instead of sending your users off to a 3rd part chat application. You can think of it as offering
embeddable “Twitch style” or “Youtube style” chat for your WordPress users and visitors. Although Roomlio focuses on embedding chat rooms inside of WordPress, it still provides an app
for admins and operators to manage all the embedded channels and chat with embedded users.


  • Keep your users on your site/domain while chatting. Roomlio branding can be hidden for a seemless experience. Maintain your brand by not sending users to external chat applications.
  • Automatically securely identify your logged in WordPress users. No separate login required. (If users are not logged in they will be identified based on geolocation)
  • No code required. Our plugin lets you place chat room widgets where you want them in a user friendly way.
  • Unlimited chat rooms. Create as many as you want, we don’t restrict that.
  • Unlimited chat history
  • Admin app. Manage all the rooms you create in one place using our dedicated Admin app (Works on all major operating systems, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android).
  • Customize the appearance/size of your rooms.
  • Support for images/gifs.
  • Offline mode. Allow visitors to leave an offline message (optionally forwarded to email) if your room is in offline mode.

For more details, visit Roomlio and talk to us!

INFO: This plugin requires a paid plan from Roomlio to work (14 day free trial offered w/o credit card).


Since Roomlio is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, you will accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the time you signup for a Roomlio account. Here is a direct link to those below in case you want to take a look now.

Also, we believe your data belongs to you and we comply with GDPR. More info here

Imagens de tela

  • Example of a Roomlio embedded room on a WordPress page.
  • Screenshot of WP add room form.


  1. Sign up for a Roomlio account at Roomlio.
  2. Go to the embed code section of the Roomlio settings page in the app. Select “WordPress” for the Client Framework if it isn’t already.
  3. Grab your PK (public key) and HMAC Key (HMAC is optional)
  4. Come back to this Roomlio plugin settings page and paste your PK and HMAC Key below.
  5. Add a new room in the Roomlio plugin.
  6. Either grab the auto-generated shortcode when you create the room and add it to your page or use the Roomlio custom block type widget to add it to your page.


Do I need a Roomlio account?

Yes. You will need to signup at

Is the plugin free?

The plugin is free, however, you’ll need a paid Roomlio account. Roomlio has a 14 day free trial (no Credit Card required) to help you test it out before committing to a plan.


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