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Restrict Content Pro – bbPress


This is an add-on for the Restrict Content Pro plugin. It does not function on its own.

This plugin will add support for limiting bbPress forums and topics to paid members and / or members with specific access rights. It makes it exceptionally easy to have members-only forums.

Learn more about Restrict Content Pro at

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  • Each forum and topic have the option to restrict it to paid users


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Registro de alterações


  • New: Added support for the upcoming Restrict Content Pro 3.1 update.
  • New: Added PHPDocs.
  • Tweak: Updated plugin author name and URL.
  • Tweak: General code cleanup and formatting.
  • Fix: Filter contents of restricted topics in RSS feeds.
  • Fix: Remove use of deprecated bbp_has_topics_query filter.


Added support for restrictin forums / topics based on the subscription level, the paid status, and the access level of the member.
Improved the display of the metabox options.
Improved overall code quality.


Fixed: improper redirect when accessing a restricted topic while logged into an account that does not have access


New: send unauthorized users to the login page with a redirect back to the restricted topic / reply when accessing directly instead of using wp_die()


Fixed: allow forum moderators and Editors to view restricted forums / topics


Fixed: a bug with non-paid users still being able to access premium topics if using the direct URL
Tweaked: improved code formatting
Tweaked: made a few general code improvements


Added default language files.
Added German translation files.


  • First beta release.