Retirar Category da URL


Esse plugin remove completamente o ‘/category/’ dos links permanentes ( ex. para ).

Configurações não são necessárias


  1. Links permanentes com mais lógica e bonito, como and
  2. Plugin simples – Sem necessidade de configuração.
  3. Não há necessidade de modificar arquivos do WordPress.
  4. Não precisa de outros plugins para funcionar.
  5. Compatível com plugins de sitemap.
  6. Compatível com WPML.
  7. Funciona com múltiplas sub-categorias.
  8. Funciona com WordPress Multisite.
  9. Redireciona links permanentes das categorias antigas, para as novas (redirecionamento 301, bom para o SEO).


Leia a FAQ antes de usar.

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Imagens de tela

  • Sem categoria na URL


  1. Faça upload para a pasta /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Ative o plugin no menu ‘Plugins’ do seu WordPress.
  3. That’s it! You sould now be able to access your categories via


Why should I use this plugin?

Use this plugin if you want to get rid of WordPress’ “Category base” completely. The normal behaviour of WordPress is to add ‘/category’ to your category permalinks if you leave “/category” blank in the Permalink settings. So your category links look like With this plugin your category links will look like (or in case of sub categories).

Will it break any other plugins?

As far as I can tell, no. I have been using this on several blogs for a while and it doesn’t break anything.

Won’t this conflict with pages?

Simply don’t have a page and category with the same slug. Even if they do have the same slug it won’t break anything, just the category will get priority (Say if a category and page are both ‘xyz’ then will give you the category). This can have an useful side-effect. Suppose you have a category ‘news’, you can add a page ‘news’ which will show up in the page navigation but will show the ‘news’ category.

The plugin has been uninstalled, but the slug /category/ did not reappear why?

A particular installation does not allow the rewrite feature in disabling the plugin. Try after disabling the plugin, save permanent links again.


11 de novembro de 2020
I struggled to get the Category base removed using WordPress' Permalink structure and it always resulted in Error 404s. Adding this plugin (which I should've done in the first place), saved oodles of time.
6 de junho de 2020
I needed to remove the 'category' word from url and by the classic procedure from WordPress default setting I faced a bit of side effects...problems of redirect and other stuff. This plugin with only the installation has resolved all my problems.
22 de dezembro de 2019
The plugin can also be a bit useful, but if you deactivate it it will break the whole site. In the F.A.Q. it doesn't even tell you how to fix it in case you want to deactivate it, I had to search here in the reviews and I also did several tests. As a user already said, to solve the problem of broken links of pages, articles and everything, you just have to change your template momentarily and put back what you had, at least for me it worked. And I put 2 rating stars for not being too bad.
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