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This plugin is only supported on PHP 5.2 or greater.

Black out certain words that may appear in a post especially when quoting.
Aids you to keep the original content intact but maintain privacy or a family rating.
Also allows the ability to hide explicit content, or spoiler information, such as sports results
and film endings but allow the user to choose if they wish to view it.

Redactor gives you two forms of censorship:

1. Hide and Reveal

By wrapping a phrase in either [censor][/censor] or [spoiler][/spoiler] bbCode tags you will block out the phrase, but give the user the option to reveal the hidden phrase by moving over the phase with the mouse.

2. Automatic Predefined

On the Settings->Redactor admin page you can build a list of phrases you wish to censor. There are three types of possible censorship:

1. Blackout

This will remove the phrase from the post replacing it with black bars representing each word in the phrase.

2. Censor / Spoiler

This will obscure the phrase with either the word Censor or Spoiler but it gives the reader the opportunity to reveal the censored phrase.

3. Swap With

The most subtle form of censorship depending on how you use it. The censored phrase will simply be swapped for your desired replacement.

Redactor will match the phrases to be replaced to whole words and you will not have the problem of an accidental match inside a word, making nonsense of the post.
Also for added safety Redactor will ignore any HTML or BBCode tags in the post, replacing only their inner content and not messing around with their attributes.
To allow for the possibility that you may add phrases that overlap, you can prioritise the phases.

As Redactor filters the content each time the post is requested, It is recommended that you consider installing a page caching plugin.

If you are having trouble and cannot find the answers in the FAQ you can post your support questions to the WordPress Support Forum

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Redactor is written by dcoda

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(c) Copyright DCoda Limited, 2007 -, All Rights Reserved.

This code is released under the GPL license version 2, available here:

There are so many possibly configurations of installation the plugin can be installed on we limit testing to a PHP 5.2+ Linux platform running the latest version of WordPress at the time of release but it is released WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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