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Razorpay Subscription Button Plugin


A very simple block native to the wordpress that lets you add a convenient button on your wordpress page. This block is like any other wordpress plugin and can be found immediately in the widgets section.

These are the features that you will get without any premium paywalls

  1. Payments via Razorpay Subscription Button that allows you to accept recurring via subscriptions.
  2. Allows you to collect recurring payments via subscriptions based on the suggested plans.
  3. Eliminates the time and effort spent in a full-fledged payment gateway integration.
  4. No hops – your customer pays on the same page and doesn’t get redirected to a different page
  5. No extra login required for the customer to pay
  6. Fully editable form fields
  7. Logo and brand colour of your liking
  8. Collect payments in 100 currencies
  9. 4 button styles
  10. FREE payment receipt that goes to your customers
  11. Highest security standards in PCI-DSS Compliance
  12. Supports only cards for subscription payments.


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The Razorpay Subscription Button plugin is released under the GPLv2 license, same as that
of WordPress. See the LICENSE file for the complete LICENSE text.


Este plugin disponibiliza 1 bloco.

  • Razorpay: Subscription Buttons


  1. Install the plugin from the [Wordpress Plugin Directory].
  2. Navigate to Razorpay Subscription Buttons → Settings to enter configuration details of Razorpay.
  3. Navigate to Razorpay Subscription Buttons and check the list of buttons available on Razorpay.
  4. Navigate to Pages → All Pages/Add New to embed Payment button to WordPress page and select page to embed button on this.
  5. Select Add Block → Razorpay: Subscription Button widget to embed Payment button to page/posts.
  6. Choose Subscription Button using the drop down button.


You would need to have the following for the plugin to work seamlessly

1) Razorpay account
2) Key ID and secret from your razorpay account
3) Payment button created in the razorpay dashboard (takes less than 2 mins)

Can I change the label of the products?

Yes, you can have to change the same on the razorpay dashboard.

Do I need a Razorpay account for this?

Yes, you can sign up here.

Where can I find a report of all the transactions?

You download all of your transactions with the details of your customers from the Razorpay dashboard in the payment button section.


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Registro de alterações


  • Added Subscription button plan details
  • Fixed the button totals sales number
  • Fixed ‘constant already defined’ error in sdk
  • Tested upto WordPress 6.0


  • Updated razorpay php sdk to be compatible with PHP 8.1
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.9.3


  • Updated razorpay php sdk.
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.9


  • Initial Changes
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.6.2