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Quote of the Day by Aistore


This plugin publish a new quote on each day. You need install and enable this plugin and place widget at appropriate place it this is all you need to do . In case you want to customize it CSS you can use any plugin add the css and can give a new looks.This plugin offer Widget , php api , short code to show the quote any where in the site.

  1. To Print Quote of the Day by Aistore using short code

  2. To Print Quote of the Day by Aistore in your theme

    echo getAistoreQuote();
  3. To print Quote of the Day by Aistore in side bar

    use widget Quote of the Day by Aistore Widget 


  • Ease-of-Use: Simply use drag and drop the widget feature of wordpress and place the widget where you want it to show and the quote of the day will appear.

  • Custom Title: Choose a name for the widget which you like .

  • Category Selection: This is the first version of plugin in future version we will offer hundreds of the quote categories.

  • Neat and Clean Design: We know how important it is to have a clean, well-designed website. Our widget will complement your theme’s aesthetics, rather than diminish it. Also if you want you can add your own CSS we uses unique class name which you can call and add css properties and can give a new and unique design.

  • Thousands of Quotes: We have over 50 000 Quotes collections, you’ll never have to worry about running out of fresh content.

  • And More: In future versions we wish to add a lot of new things like your own database. Quote in the form images , Joke of the day etc. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions. Have an idea that you’d like to see implemented? Let us know!

  • About Me: I know that this is not correct place to write on this but I am adding here I want to say that I am very skills in wordpress plugin development and I want to make some new plugin but I am short of ideas please suggest me on I will definitly author plugin on your suggestion!

Manual Installation

Upload the plugin to the plugins directory, extract it and after activate it.


Upload the Quote of the Day by Aistore to your blog and activate it.


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