Query monitor Twig profile


Find out which pages are slow, and why! Immediately see profiling information from twig in your Query Monitor toolbar.

The Twig profile extension for Query Monitor helps you notice which templates are used on a page and where the time rendering the page is spent.

Kind of like the ‘What the file’ plugin, but for Twig and with timing information.

Automatically integrates with Timber.

  • Support for dark mode.
  • Clickable links to profiled templates in your preferred editor.
  • Downloadable blackfire.io profiles.


This open source tool is developed in a public GitHub repository. If you have any feature requests, found an issue or want to contribute check out the repository.

Imagens de tela

  • The Twig profile tab in Query Monitor (light mode)
  • The Twig profile tab in Query Monitor (dark mode)


  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Check the ‘Twig profile’ tab in Query Monitor.
  4. Speed up your site!

Alternatively, you can use wpackagist or packagist.

You can also download specific releases and the development version from GitHub.


Can I use it with other frameworks that use twig?

Definitely. Just add a twig profiler extension to your twig instance and submit it to the collector.

if ( function_exists( 'NdB\QM_Twig_Profile\collect' ) ) {
    $twig = \NdB\QM_Twig_Profile\collect( $twig );

Privacy Statement

Query Monitor Twig Profile is private by default and always will be. It does not persistently store any of the data that it collects. It does not send data to any third party, nor does it include any third party resources.


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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“Query monitor Twig profile” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações

* Adds blackfire.io profile downloads.

* Support for dark mode.
* Support direct links to the templates in the editor.
* Makes it easier to profile a custom Twig instance.

* Removes assets release library.
* Uses readme.txt file.

* Fixes readme.

* Adds automated releases from GitHub.
* Improves readme.
* Fixes several type hints.
* Adds CI checks (phpstan, phpcs, phpcompat, composer validate).
* Defines required PHP version as >7.0.

* Initial release.