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Publitio Offloading plugin offloads your media library to Publitio – Media Asset Management in the cloud and replaces links to images/videos within posts/pages.
You may keep the media locally and make a copy to Publitio cloud storage, or just serve it all from Publitio.

Read tutorial How to setup Publitio Offloading WordPress Plugin

For more info check out Publitio website

Or check detailed documentation for Publitio API

This plugin is open source, you can contribute to the development at Publitio Offloading WordPress Plugin Source on Github

Plugin is in BETA and testing phase. For support send us email at

Imagens de tela

  • Publitio Offloading Settings page


  1. Upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. On the left menu find Publitio Offloading and enter API & Secret keys, and set desired options
  4. On each new/edit post/page media files (images, vidoes, audios and/or pdf) will be offloaded to and served via Publitio


Is this Plugin free?

Yes. You will need Publitio account (also free) to obtain API keys

What is Publitio?

Publitio is cloud-based media asset management service.


7 de outubro de 2020
I really love this tool, as it helps me move all my videos to cloud hosting and deliver it to users without killing my server for video delivery. Good work guys!
8 de abril de 2020
I was able to get it working very fast, using a subdomain. The documentation is easy to understand and I was running in no time.
16 de novembro de 2019
The best plugin for hosting videos and images by miles. Works like a charm.
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  • Initial version of Publitio Offloading WordPress plugin.


  • Danger Zone notice added


  • Sync Now fix


  • Sync Now batch support & minor fixes


  • uploadFile relative path fix


  • offset sizes bug fix


  • small fixes


  • rounding of width and height fix, srcset calculation/formating fix


  • Sync Now batch 1-by-1 file fix


  • Sync Now by type fix


  • Support for divi videos


  • WP 5.6 check OK