PublishPress Checklists: Pre-Publishing Approval Task Checklist for WordPress Content


PublishPress Checklists is the best plugin to make sure your content is ready to go live. With PublishPress Checklists, you can choose pre-publishing requirements for your content. Using PublishPress Checklists, you define tasks that must be completed before content is published.

You can make sure your posts have a minimum or maximum number of words. You can ensure that all your posts have a featured image. You can force authors to use a specific number of Tags or Categories.

Next to every post and page, writers see a checklist box, showing the tasks they need to complete. Tasks can either be recommended or required. As authors complete each task, the red X automatically turns to a green checkmark.

Click here to read the Getting Started guide for PublishPress Checklists.

The Default Checklist Requirements

Each task on your pre-publish checklist can be configured to meet your site’s needs. You can also set maximum and minimum values. Here are the default tasks:

  • Require a maximum or minimum number of characters in Excerpt
  • Require a maximum or minimum number of categories
  • Require a maximum or minimum number of tags
  • Require a maximum or minimum number of words
  • Require a featured image

You can configure each requirement, depending on whether you want to require writers to complete the tasks. Here are the four options:

  • Disabled
  • Recommended: show only in the sidebar
  • Recommended: show in the sidebar and before publishing
  • Required

If you choose the “Required” option, it will be impossible to publish without completing the task.

Creating New Checklist Requirements

You can create new requirements for your checklists by clicking the “Add custom task” link. For example, you can require authors to get a green Yoast sign, or force them to run a spell-check before publishing.

Click here to see how to create custom requirements.

It is also possible to create more powerful requirements using a custom plugin. We have created a sample plugin to show how to do this. The sample plugin will automatically check that your site’s authors have included a specific word in their main content. If this new requirement is enabled, it will automatically search the text of your content to make sure it contains the word you choose.

Click here to see how to create custom requirements with our sample plugin.

Checklists for WooCommerce Products

The Pro version of PublishPress Checklists has support for WooCommerce. There are 18 requirements you can choose:

  • Number of characters in Excerpt
  • Number of Product tags
  • Number of Product categories
  • Number of words
  • Featured image
  • Check the “Virtual” box
  • Check the “Downloadable” box
  • Enter a “Regular price”
  • Enter a “Sale price”
  • Schedule the “Sale price”
  • Discount for the “Sale price”
  • Enter a “SKU”
  • Check the “Manage stock?” box
  • Check the “Sold individually” box
  • Check the “Allow backorders?” box
  • Select some products for “Upsells”
  • Select some products for “Cross-sells”
  • Product image

Click here to read more about WooCommerce checklists.

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Bug Reports

Bug reports for PublishPress Checklists are welcomed in our repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

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  • Feedback before publishing
  • WooCommerce products checklist - available in the Pro version


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[2.4.2] – 2020-10-22

  • Fixed: Remove unexistent dependencies for met-box.js, #231;

[2.4.1] – 2020-10-08

  • Fixed: Fix JS error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘doAction’ of undefined, #224;
  • Fixed: Fix broken menu item if the user doesn’t have permissions to see the menu, #226;

[2.4.0] – 2020-09-22

  • Added: Added a new task for validating links in the content, #200;
  • Added: Added a new task for checking the number of external links, #201;
  • Added: Added form validation for required fields in the checklists page, #175;
  • Added: Added a new task for requiring approval for specific roles, #104;
  • Added: Added new field for custom tasks to select which role can check/uncheck the box, #104;
  • Changed: Changed the order of tasks in the settings page, #223;
  • Removed: The option “Recommended: show only in the sidebar” were removed and current settings fallback to “Recommended: show in the sidebar and before publishing”, which was renamed to just: “Recommended”, #195.

[2.3.2] – 2020-08-20

  • Fixed: Fixed warnings related to missed dependencies for scripts when the post type is not selected to use checklists, #208;

[2.3.1] – 2020-08-14

  • Fixed: Fixed compatibility with WP 5.5;
  • Fixed: Fixed Gutenberg and Classic Editor detection, #203, #202;
  • Fixed: Fixed invalid selector in jQuery, #197;
  • Fixed: Fixed the publishing button that was stuck sometimes making impossible to publish a post, #191;

[2.3.0] – 2020-08-06

  • Added: Added new task for checking if all the images in the post has an “alt” attribute, #164;
  • Fixed: Fixed the verification for custom taxonomies in the post editor page, #114;
  • Fixed: Fixed style for unchecked custom tasks, #184;
  • Fixed: Updated language files;
  • Changed: Hide Yoast SEO tasks if Yoast’s plugin is not activated, #164;
  • Changed: Updated translation strings;
  • Changed: Changed the algorithm of the Yoast SEO readability and SEO analysis verification, considering the selected score as the minimum score, #169;
  • Changed: Change the label of the “Add custom item” button to “Add custom task”, #181;

[2.2.0] – 2020-07-21

  • Added: Add support to Yoast SEO readability and SEO analysis pass task in the checklists – #86;
  • Added: Add new task for checking the limit of chars in the excerpt test – #150;
  • Added: Add new task for checking the number of internal links in the text – #52;
  • Fixed: Remove not used transient for checking data migration;
  • Fixed: JS error message related to missed PP_Checklists object;
  • Fixed: Enqueue scripts only when required – #106;
  • Fixed: Fixed translation support adding French and British English translations;
  • Changed: Updated the PHP min requirement from 5.4 to 5.6;
  • Changed: Updated the WordPress tested up to version to 5.4;
  • Changed: Updated the label and text for some tasks;

[2.1.0] – 2020-05-07

  • Added: Add permalink validation rule for the checklists – #115;
  • Added: Add option to select user roles to skip specific requirements – #131;
  • Added: Add a menu link to upgrade to the Pro plan;
  • Changed: Improve UI for custom items in the checklist, removing the “X” icon – #126;
  • Removed: Remove the option to hide the Publish Button due to conflicts with Gutenberg;
  • Fixed: Fixed the tabs for post types in the Checklists admin page. If you have too many post types the second line of tabs was overlaying the first line – #132;
  • Fixed: Fixed the checklist warning popup when you are updating a published post and has unchecked required tasks in the checklist, for the classic editor – #124;
  • Fixed: Fixed the list of available post types for the checklists to display any post type that has the show_ui = true. Non public post types are now recognized – #127;
  • Fixed: Fixed the list of post types in the Checklists page hiding the tabs of post types that are not selected in the settings – #136;
  • Fixed: Fixed the error displayed on Windows servers when the constant DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is not defined;
  • Fixed: Fixed empty checklists on fresh installs due to no post type being selected. Posts is selected by default now – #140;
  • Fixed: Fix warning icon on Gutenberg moving it from the side to over the publish button – #138;

[2.0.2] – 2020-03-16

  • Fixed: Fix Checklist for custom hierarquical taxonomies when using Gutenberg;
  • Fixed: Small improvements to the UI;
  • Fixed: Fix compatibility with Rank Math fixing error in Gutenberg;
  • Added: Added hooks to extend the interface for the Pro version;

[2.0.1] – 2020-02-07

  • Fixed: Fixed the prefix of post types in the post_type_support variable;
  • Fixed: Adjusted the plugin URL for assets when working as vendor dependency;
  • Fixed: Fix the suffix of the settings section from _post_types, to _general;
  • Fixed: Fixed an undefined index error when the index “type” is not defined;
  • Fixed: Fixed a JS error when you type in the editor and the word count requirement is set;
  • Fixed: Fixed the verification for custom taxonomies on Gutenberg;
  • Added: Added filters to allow using the plugin as base for the Pro plugin;

[2.0.0] – 2019-12-03

  • Fixed: Fixed the word counter for the Text tab in the Classic Editor;
  • Changed: Renamed from “PublishPress Content Checklist” to “PublishPress Checklists”;
  • Changed: Refactored to be a standalone plugin, not requiring PublishPress anymore;
  • Changed: Plugin name and text domain changed from “publishpress-content-checklist” to “publishpress-checklists”;
  • Changed: Namespace changed from “PublishPress\Addon\Content_checklist” to “PublishPress\Checklists\”. The requirements’ namespace changed from “PublishPress\Addon\Content_checklist\Requirement” to “PublishPress\Checklists\Core\Requirement”;
  • Changed: JavaScript object changed from “PP_Content_Checklist” to “PP_Checklists”;
  • Changed: New admin menu added with the checklists options and settings page;
  • Changed: The checklists options section was removed from the settings page to an specific menu item;

[1.4.7] – 2019-07-21

  • Fixed: A JS error was preventing to block the post save action when displaying a popup with missed requirements on Classic Editor;

[1.4.6] – 2019-06-20

  • Fixed: Avoid JS white screen on Gutenberg “New Post” access by Author with Multiple Authors plugin active and “Remove author from new posts” setting enabled;
  • Changed: Change minimum required version of PublishPress to 1.20.0;

[1.4.5] – 2019-02-22

  • Fixed: Fixed the pre-publishing check to avoid blocking save when not publishing;

[1.4.4] – 2019-02-12

  • Fixed: Fixed JS error that was preventing the Preview button to work properly in the classic editor;

[1.4.3] – 2019-02-11

  • Fixed: Fixed translation to PT-BR (thanks to Dionizio Bach);
  • Fixed: Fixed bug when word-count script was not loaded;
  • Fixed: Fixed JS error if an editor is not found;
  • Changed: Changed the label for checklist options in the settings panel;

[1.4.2] – 2019-01-30

  • Fixed: Fixed the checklist for the block editor;
  • Changed: Removed license key field from the settings tab;

[1.4.1] – 2019-01-24

  • Changed: Disable post types by default, if Gutenberg is installed;

[1.4.0] – 2019-01-14

  • Fixed: Fixed the TinyMCE plugin to count words to not load in the front-end when TinyMCE is initialized;
  • Fixed: Fixed the assets loading to load tinymce-pp-checklists-requirements.js only in the admin;
  • Fixed: Fixed conflict between custom taxonomies and tags in the checklist while counting items;
  • Added: Added better support for custom post types and custom taxonomies which use WordPress default UI;
  • Changed: Update POT file and fixed translations loading the text domain;
  • Changed: Updated PT-BT language files;

[1.3.8] – 2018-04-18

  • Fixed: Fixed wrong reference to a legacy EDD library’s include file;
  • Fixed: Fixed PHP warning about undefined property and constant;

[1.3.7] – 2018-02-21

  • Fixed: Fixed support for custom post types;

[1.3.6] – 2018-02-07

  • Fixed: Fixed error about class EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater being loaded twice;

[1.3.5] – 2018-02-06

  • Fixed: Fixed saving action for custom items on the checklist;
  • Fixed: Fixed license validation and automatic update;

[1.3.4] – 2018-01-26

  • Changed: Changed plugin headers, fixing author and text domain;

[1.3.3] – 2018-01-26

  • Fixed: Fixed JS error when the checklist is empty (no requirements are selected);
  • Fixed: Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.4 (we will soon require min 5.6);
  • Fixed: Fixed custom requirements;
  • Fixed: Fixed the requirement of tags;
  • Fixed: Fixed PHP Fatal error on some PHP on the featured image requirement;
  • Fixed: Fixed category count in the checklist;
  • Added: Added action to load plugins’ script files;
  • Changed: Rebranded to PublishPress;

[1.3.2] – 2017-08-31

  • Fixed: Fixed EDD integration and updates;
  • Changed: Removed Freemius integration;

[1.3.1] – 2017-07-13

  • Fixed: Fixed support for custom post types allowing to use custom items as requirements;

[1.3.0] – 2017-07-12

  • Fixed: Fixed the delete button for custom items in the settings. It was remocing wrong items, in an odd pattern;
  • Fixed: Fixed PHP warning in the settings page about undefined index in array;
  • Fixed: Fixed the menu slug in the Freemius integration;
  • Added: Added support for setting specific requirements for each post type, instead of global only;
  • Changed: Changed the required minimum version of PublishPress to 1.6.0;
  • Changed: Improved extensibility for add-ons;

[1.2.1] – 2017-06-21

  • Fixed: Fixed PHP warnings after install and activate
  • Fixed: Fixed PHP warnings about wrong index type
  • Fixed: Fixed the license and update checker
  • Added: Added pt-BR translations
  • Changed: Removed English language files
  • Changed: Updated Tested Up to 4.8

[1.2.0] – 2017-06-06

  • Fixed: Fixes the mask for numeric input fields in the settings tab on Firefox
  • Fixed: Fixes the license key validation
  • Fixed: Fixes the update system
  • Added: Added the option to hide the Publish button if the checklist is not completed
  • Added: Added the option to add custom items for the checklist
  • Added: Added POT file and English PO files
  • Changed: The warning icon in the publish box now appears even for published content

[1.1.2] – 2017-05-23

  • Fixed: Fixes the word count feature
  • Changed: Displays empty value in the max fields when max is less than min
  • Changed: Improves the min and max fields for value equal 0. Displays empty fields.

[1.1.1] – 2017-05-18

  • Fixed: Removed .DS_Store file from the package
  • Fixed: Fixed the “Hello Dolly” message in the Freemius opt-in dialog
  • Fixed: Increased the minimum WordPress version to 4.6
  • Changed: Improved settings merging the checkbox and the action list for each requirement
  • Changed: Changed order for Categories and Tags to stay together in the list
  • Changed: Changed code to use correct language domain

[1.1.0] – 2017-05-11

  • Added: Added “Excerpt has text” as requirement
  • Added: Added option to set “max” value for the number of categories, tags and words – now you can have min, max or an interval for each requirement.
  • Changed: Improved the JavaScript code for better readbility

[1.0.1] – 2017-05-03

  • Fixed: Fixed the name of plugin’s main file
  • Fixed: Fixed WordPress-EDD-License-Integration library in the vendor dir

[1.0.0] – 2017-04-27

  • Added: Added requirement for minimum number of words
  • Added: Added requirement for featured image
  • Added: Added requirement for minimum number of tags
  • Added: Added requirement for minimum number of categories
  • Added: Added Freemius integration for feedback and contact form
  • Added: Added option to display a warning icon in the publish box
  • Added: Added checklist to the post form
  • Added: Added option to select specific post types