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A maneira mais fácil de garantir que sua página ou post esteja pronta para ser publicada

Is the fear of publishing an incomplete post haunting you already? Do you get worried about tasks like adding a featured image, updating the permalink, etc. just when you are about to click the publish button?

All of this is handled with an easy to use Pre-Publish Checklist plugin that lets you create a checklist you wish to maintain for every post type on your website. You can build a checklist with necessary tasks and prioritize them by placing them in the required order.

This will make sure that you are reminded of the remaining tasks before the post goes live.

Why worry about the things to do when the plugin will do that for you!

Key Features of Pre-Publish Checklist:

The Pre-Publish Checklist is a useful plugin that lets you monitor whether the posts, pages and custom post types on your website are complete.

With this plugin you can –

  • Manage a checklist for your pages, posts, custom post types, etc. – The plugin fetches all of them in the settings and you can select where you wish to add the checklist.

  • Create dedicated and personalized checklists for each of them – You can choose to create different checklists for pages, posts, etc. depending on the design and needs.

  • Overview the progress of posts and pages – You no longer need to open the post or page editor to see whether a checklist is completed. We have added a column that can be seen alongside the list of posts and pages that will tell you whether a checklist is completed, how many items left or if a checklist isn’t added for a particular post type.

Como funciona?

The Pre-Publish Checklist plugin lets you create a checklist and enable on the specific post types you wish to have it applied to.

You can select the message that should be displayed to users when they click on the publish button without completing everything mentioned in the checklist.

A pre-publish meta box gets added to the post types that you’ve selected and the plugin does its job every time you click the publish button without completing the checklist.

Aqui estão os pontos em breve –

  1. Under the General settings tab, select the action you wish to trigger when user clicks on the publish button.
  2. Select the post types you wish to get this applicable to.
  3. Crie um checklist em baixo da aba do checklist e salve!

Imagens de tela


Onde vou encontrar as configurações do pre-publish checklist?

Open settings in the WordPress dashboard and then click on Pre-Publish checklist to see the settings.

Onde a checklist aparecerá?

A checklist aparecerá em um metabox na página de edição do post/página.

Existe um padrão pre-publish checklist disponível?

Yes, there is a short list that we’ve provided within the plugin. However, we recommend you to modify it as per your needs.


14 janeiro, 2023 1 resposta
I desperately wanted this plugin. I activated it and created several checklist items. Cool! Then I went to view a post and it was blown apart. I went to the Posts page and it was 90% gone. Deactivated this plugin and everything came back. I'm using a WPMU so that could be the issue.
1 janeiro, 2023 1 resposta
This plugin is excellent and is exactly what I was looking for when I needed something to keep track of what jobs had been done for each article. However, there is a feature that I think could improve the plugin's functionality without being too difficult to implement. There is the "Filter Unchecked" dropdown box that allows you to see which posts need a particular action doing to them, but it has no idea if there is a dependency that needs doing first. So I can get a list of all articles that need editor approval, but it includes articles that have been written and those which haven't. Adding another filter alongside the "Filter Unchecked" called "Filter Checked" should be relatively easy. That way you could see all the articles that have been written AND need editor approval.
9 junho, 2021 1 resposta
This plugin very useful. simple and powerful for workflow
30 novembro, 2019 1 resposta
Thought about developing this myself and found this one. Does what it's built for, awesome! One thing that would make it top notch: A description to each Checklist-Item that appears by hovering or clicking a little questionmark next to each item! That would be dope!
3 outubro, 2019 1 resposta
Exactly what I was looking for and it's not over-engineered or bloated - it's just easy to use and functional. The one thing I hope you could add is the ability to show the checklist completion percentage (maybe as a progress bar?) as a column on the post list (/wp-admin/edit.php). It would be really useful for seeing at-a-glance how close each post is to being complete and ready to publish without having to go into each post.
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  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with WordPress 5.5.


  • New: Introduced support for creating an individual checklist for custom post types.
  • New: Added a list column to display the checklist status.
  • New: Added a search bar to filter posts according to pending item.


  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with WordPress 5.3.


  • Fixed: Publish/Update button position changes on changing the post status.


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