POWr – free Forms, Social Feeds, Countdown Timers and more to boost your site!


POWr brings you a full suite of free plugins for your WordPress site. Whether you’re blogging or selling, POWr plugins are designed to help you get more conversions, engage your visitors, get more followers, collect information and support your visitors. In just a few clicks you can get started for free and have access to a versatile library of plugins with one simple integration. Feel like a professional web designer, with zero code, zero hassle, all while getting the best for your website.

🌟 Why POWr is different

  • Get it up and running in seconds – no coding or web developer required!
  • Access to over 50 plugins for FREE with one WordPress installation, one login and one editor.
  • Integration with Guternberg Editor
  • Scales with your business – upgrade each plugin individually as required, or get unlimited access to everything!
  • Create unlimited versions of each plugin for your site.
  • Unlimited number of impressions.
  • Fully customizable – choose your own fonts, colors, styles, sizing and more.
  • Mobile responsive – POWr plugins will look great on any device.
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes.
  • Add your plugins to any WordPress post, page or theme.
  • Works on all browsers.
  • Supports text in every language.
  • Free 24 hour support for all plugins.

POWr plugins are trusted on over 12 million websites worldwide. Are you ready to join them?

With one installation you’ll get all these plugins, and more

Form Builder – beautiful, modern forms for all your needs. Create surveys, polls, order/return forms, contact forms, sign up forms, and more, with easy-to-use templates to help you get started with the design. Build them using 20 different field types (from textbox, email, dropdown to multiple choice and check boxes), accept file uploads and take payments.

Social Feed – whether you want to connect to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube, an RSS feed (and more!). Follow a Business page, relevant hashtags, the choice is yours! It’s the easy way to keep content fresh on your WordPress site and grow your following with automatic updates from your chosen social accounts.

Countdown Timer – are you looking for a way to generate excitement on your site? Countdown Timer for WordPress will let you countdown to a date, countdown a certain number of hours, create a countdown per visitor to show them how long they have to use a promotion, count up to show how many others have purchased an item, and more!

Hit Counter – give visitors confidence by showing how many others have visited your page. With the Starter plan you can customize further by counting only unique views and choosing your own starting number. Hit Counter lets you make the most of social proof to make your WordPress site more successful.

PayPal Button – are you selling on your WordPress site? Make it easy for visitors to pay you or donate to a cause with PayPal Button for WordPress. Customize the button text and get email notifications every time someone makes a payment. Accept credit card or offline payments by upgrading to the Starter plan.

Banner Slider – create awesome promo banners to highlight your latest announcements, promotions and events. Add images, videos, documents, events and promotional banners with call-to-action buttons to create a beautiful slideshow for your WordPress site. Choose from different transition styles and automatically repeat slides so your visitors stay engaged and active.

See the full list of all POWr plugins for WordPress.

Fast and Free Customer Support 🚀

If you have any questions or need help getting up and running, we’re here to help! Unlike most plugin providers, we offer free support and our awesome support team are available 24 hours a day. You can also visit our Help Center for tips, support, and answers to common questions.

Stay updated on all POWr news and learn more about our plugins on the blog.

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  • POWr is your Complete Plugin Library
  • One account, many Plugins
  • Form Builder
  • Countdown Timer
  • Popup
  • Social Feed
  • POWr is used by Millions


Download, install, and activate POWr Plugins.

Then drop the widget anywhere in your theme.

Or add to a page/post with the POWr Icon in the WP text editor.

Then visit your site to and click the settings icon to edit right in the page.


Do I need to create a POWr Account?

Yes, you need a POWr Account. Your account allows you to create as many plugins as you need for your WordPress site with only one login. You can also edit your plugins right in your live WordPress site and reuse those plugins across many different sites outside of WordPress.

How do I add a POWr Plugin to a page or blog post?

• Open POWr in your WordPress Dashboard.
• Create your plugin. Once you have finished customizing, click Save.
• You will be prompted to create a POWr account if you don’t already have one.
• After you’ve created an account you’ll see installation instructions.
• Copy and paste the plugin’s shortcode (ex. [powr-form-builder id=”xxx”] into your page or post.
• You can also add your POWr plugins by clicking on the POWr icon inside the WordPress text editor.
• You can now edit the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard, or on your live WordPress site.

How do I add a POWr Plugin to my WordPress theme?

• Open POWr in your WordPress Dashboard.
• Create your plugin. Once you have finished customizing, click Save.
• You will then be prompted to create a POWr account if you don’t already have one.
• After you’ve saved your plugin and created your account, go to your WordPress Dashboard and click Appearance > Widgets.
• Find and drag POWr Plugins widget into the Header, Homepage or Sidebar section.
• Select the plugin you would like to install in this section and click Save.
• You can now edit the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard, or on your live WordPress site.

Are POWr Plugins free?

Yes, all POWr plugins are available 100% free. You can access the full library of 50+ plugins from your POWr account. Upgrades are available for more advanced features, either per plugin or for your whole account

What upgrades are available?

You can upgrade each plugin individually to benefit from advanced features and to remove the POWr logo. The individual plugin upgrade plans are Starter or Pro. If you would like to upgrade several plugins, you can get unlimited access to every single feature for every single plugin on the Business plan. Full pricing information can be found here. Simply search for your plugin.

What features do I get for free?

You can check out all the features available on our pricing page, or by going to the plugin library. Here are the features for some of the more popular POWr plugins for WordPress:
** Form Builder for WordPress **
Free features:
• Optional or required text, dropdown, multiple choice, checkbox, and image elements to collect whichever information you need.
• Form data dashboard with reports and export option to get the perfect overview over what’s on your customers’ minds.
• Get email alerts for every form submission and automatic email confirmations to end-user.
• Take payments through your form with PayPal.

Advanced features:
• Remove POWr branding.
• Mailchimp integration for automated list-growing.
• Google Sheets integration to automatically collect form responses.
• File attachments to let users send you documents and images.
• Send email alerts for form submissions to multiple email addresses.
• Customize your confirmation emails.
• Rules for which fields to show or hide based on conditions in form.
• Custom after-submission controls: redirect to another page, allow another submission, or hide the form.

Social Feed for WordPress
Free features:
• Connect to one of: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or RSS.
• Combine images, videos, and text from all of your social sources in one gallery.
• Follow one @handles, #hashtags, account, or site URLs.
• Automatic updates every 24 hours.

Advanced features:
• Remove POWr branding.
• Enable content moderation and choose which posts to display or hide.
• Follow more than one social account or hashtag.
• Update content more frequently (every hour or every 20 minutes).

** Countdown Timer for WordPress **
Free features:
• Display the remaining days, hours, and minutes of a special deal or sale event.
• Count down to any future date to build up excitement for an upcoming event, such as an end-of-season sale, new collection launch, and more.
• Count down to a specific number.
• Count up from any number or past date, perfect for displaying a fictitious number of users who have purchased an item.

Advanced features:
• Remove POWr branding.
• Make the Countdown automatically repeat after it has hit the target date or number.
• Countdown a time per visitor, so you can show a time sensitive offer to each new visitor.
• Countdown from a number per visitor to show scarcity (e.g. X left in stock).
• Count up from a number per visitor, to convince them everyone else is taking action!

How do I edit my plugins?

You can easily edit your plugins right from your live WordPress site. You’ll see an ‘Edit’ icon above your plugin (don’t worry, it’s only visible to you). Click on it to open the POWr Editor and make any changes you need. Once you click Save your changes will be live.


30 de agosto de 2020
Not really a plugin in the sense that something needs to be installed on your server, all the code gets served from POWr as a javascript. However, it is really high quality and easy to configure and use on your site. Makes linking social channels really easy.
23 de junho de 2020
I have been using POWr plugins off and on now for a while. All the plugins I have used are easy to install and setup. Can't go wrong with using POWr plugins!
6 de abril de 2020
Started using POWr plugins on Weebly and had a lot of compliments and success with these and clients especially very happy. They're easy to configure and use and they take away the need to try to have FB and Instagram and other developer accounts in order to get the feeds to work. Now using these plugins a lot on our WordPress sites for all of our non-profit and charity clients. The social feed plugin is a real time saver for them because it means that they can use their social media platforms to tell their stories and they know that whatever they put on their social media channels will automatically show up on their website via the POWr Social Feed plugin. Awesome support too!!!
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  • First released version


  • Improved SSL Support


  • Improved loading speed


  • Easily add POWr plugins right from the text editor.


  • Improved functionality within the wp text editor.


  • New ID system for easier identification of POWr Plugins.
  • Settings panel in WP Admin allows easier creation and management of Plugins.


  • Fixed issue where POWr IDs get stripped


  • Bug fix for labels or IDs in shortcodes getting stripped


  • Local icon assets
  • Improved install workflow
  • Updated plugin list


  • Fixed PHP Notices about undefined constants


  • TinyMCE supports latest POWr Plugins


  • Menu links open in new tab directly on POWr.io. Added support for POWr Chat.


  • Automatic sign in to POWr


  • Bug fix for datetime in older versions of PHP (< 5.3)


  • Removed auto sign-in due to consent concerns


  • Add more plugins from the POWr Library!


  • Integration with Gutenberg


  • Tested up to 5.2


  • Tested up to 5.3


  • Resolved PHP Warning. Tested up to 5.3.2


  • Tested up to 5.4


  • Tested up to 5.4.2