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Ticketmeo is a cloud based ticketing solution allowing you to sell tickets on your WordPress website without the hassle of managing the ticketing data on your server giving you peace of mind for both security and loss of data.

Our plugin is free to install and use with a small booking fee taken for all paid events which is paid by the customer. All free events are free.

With the Ticketmeo plugin you have you all the features required to sell tickets for your event and manage your attendees without any limitations or monthly addons. You also have full control on what you want to show, whether thats a full listing of all your events, a single event which has a multiple dates or a single view of one of your event dates, it’s all possible with our plugin. You can even sell tickets on our fully dedicated cart pages if linking from social media to save your server resources.

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Why Choose Ticketmeo

  • Start selling tickets in minutes without any contracts.
  • No monthly fees just a small booking fee either paid by you or your attendees as a booking fee.
  • No hidden transaction fees, the amount you set your ticket price at is how much you get.
  • White label solution, no Ticketmeo branding on any frontend pages if set.
  • No limit to the number of tickets you can sell.
  • No limit to the number of events which you can host at the same time.
  • Collect your payments via credit card or debit card directly to your Stripe or PayPal account.
  • No waiting time for payments to be received. Payments are send immediatly to your account.
  • Multi language support on all our ticket pages.
  • Custom themes for your event pages / e-tickets to make it look part of your WordPress website.
  • Your data is yours, we do not use your customers data for any marketing purposes.
  • Simple easy to use control panel with no complex and confusing features.
  • Ability to add addons to improve your experience with automated features such as MailChimp, Google Analytics and Zapier just to name a few.
  • Always evolving to give you the customer experience which you expect.
  • Helpful support team always here to try and help you in any scenario.
  • 7.5% cap so your ticket booking fees will never be too high. Some competitors charge upto 40% per ticket!

Quick Feature Summary

  • Automatic e-tickets
    Get your e-tickets sent to your customers for free whenever they place an order.
  • Simple Checkout
    We keep your checkout progress short so your customers don’t have to fill pages full of forms to purchase their tickets.
  • Custom Fields
    Find out additional information for each of your visitors either per order or per each attendee.
  • No Customer Registration
    Your customers can purchase tickets without ever having to deal with us, increasing purchase rates.
  • Cloud Based
    All the data is stored on our service so you do not have to worry about securing your ticketing data.
  • Discount Codes
    Give discounts to your customers by entering a code which is set either as a percentage or a set discount.
  • Automatic Tax Rules
    Charge tax rules on each of your tickets to collect for tax purposes such as VAT tax in the United Kingdom.
  • Grouped Allocations
    Limit the number of tickets both individually and by groups so you can set the number of people who you want to attend the event in the correct areas.
  • Seemless Integration
    With our theme editor you can create a design which looks like your WordPress website so they do not know we exist.
  • Get Paid Directly
    We use Stripe or PayPal so all of your payments are sent directly to you, we do not hold you funds for a period of time.
  • Multi Language Support
    Let your customers purchase their tickets in their native language when using our ticketing pages based upon their browser settings.
  • Social Media Sharing
    All of our ticket pages have social media links so they can share your event to their friends increasing your sales.
  • No Ticket Limits
    There are no limits to the number of tickets which you can sell.
  • Track Your Activity
    Find out in real time what your users are doing on your cart and with our analytic tools you can find out how well your sales are performing.
  • GDPR Compliance
    Use our privacy controls to show a privacy policy which your attendees must accept before purchasing tickets.
  • SCA Compliance
    All payments taken through our ticketing platform comply to SCA Regulations which is coming in force after September 19th 2019 in Europe.
  • Download Your Data
    Everything on your site is yours so we allow you to download your data. We also allow you get all your data removed if you request so without any fees.
  • Fast Check In
    Check in your guests via our customised guest lists or via our online check in pages.
  • Ticketmeo Scan
    Use our quick and easy check in app to check in your attendees to the event. Find out more about our app.

Find out more about Ticketmeo and our features we provide to you.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our plugin or it’s features then do not hesitate to give us a message at contact@ticketmeo.com and we will only be happy to help.

Imagens de tela

  • The dashboard you see once you have logged into the Ticketmeo panel.
  • Example on an integrated ticket store into a WordPress website.
  • Example of one of our hosted ticket pages.
  • Event dashboard after creating an event.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Install the plugin by going into your WordPress admin panel. Once inside go to Plugins -> Add New. You will now be on the page with all the plugins available. From here click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and upload the ZIP which you downloaded in the last step. You have now successfully installed the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin. Once the plugin has been installed it should be listed on the installed plugins page (Plugins -> Installed Plugins) as Ticketmeo. The final step is to make sure that the plugin is active.
  4. Register and sign up to Ticketmeo for free and create your event first at https://www.ticketmeo.com/events/create, this should only take a few minutes.
  5. Use our WordPress Integration script which can be found from your event dashboard, copy and paste this short code into your WordPress post or page and it will automatically display.
  6. Sell tickets to your attendees, without them ever leaving your website.


Help I have problem where do I get help?

Sign up for Ticketmeo and use our support system, we always happy to help you with your problems. Alternatively post on our WordPress Plugin page we often check to see if there is anyone asking for help here.


16 setembro, 2016
Having just came across Ploxel last week it only took 5 minutes to setup my event. Ploxel allows you to customize pretty much everything down to the tickets and cart design. Looking forward to hosting many more events using Ploxels Platform.
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