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Increase your SEO score, save bandwidth with this Image Optimizer plugin it comes with 200 CDN locations for free.
Pixops compress & optimize your images for FREE with Cloudfront CDN of 200 locations, it also comes with Lazy load feature & webP support.
Try, Test & See results yourself.
It has the latest features, so you can clean up your large size images, and the bulky pages. It is
the perfect plugin that provides the functionality of lazy loading using CDN.
You can optimize your images in real-time by using cloud storage. So, your websites load
faster even though it contains high-resolution images. We optimize the image resolution
based on the visitor’s browser and the device. You can improve your website with just one-
step setup, and least amount of footprint. This gives you the benefit of saving time and utilize
it to work on other areas on your site.

Why should you choose Pixops?

  • Image compression with quality retention 
  • Automated process, so you do not need to worry about the setting process everything you use it.
  • Free access to images from Global CDN 200+ locations around the world
  • Supports images of WebP and Retina format
  • Support all types of image format
  • Optimizes images based on the device width and height
  • Get all the functions for free. We also have paid plans.
  • Better performance of lazy load without the use of JQuery
  • Use without registration!

Steps for Installation

Below is the list of steps to install Pixops
Open WordPress Administration Panel.
From the menu, click on Plugins and click on the "Add New" option.
Browse through the list and choose Pixops Plugin and click "install."
Go to media and select Pixops. Follow the steps on enabling the service.


Our plugin needs you to generate API from our Pixops Website
You can register and enjoy our free plan with 7k[FOR LIMITED time we have offered our Starter plan FREE for first month] monthly visits without any payment method.
Check our super saver paid plans Pro Plans
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  • PixOps Dashboard


How many images can I optimize with different plans?

You can save or optimize an unlimited number of images. We only focus on the number of visits per month. Pixops comes with a free plan in which you get 7k monthly visits.

What will happen if you exceed the limit?

In case you exceed the plan limit, then we will reach you and ask you to upgrade your plan.

What Content Delivery Network, you use?

We use AWS CloudFront for both free and premium versions.

If I already have a CDN service, can I use that instead of the one you offer?

Yes, you can use the service that you have currently used. We can guide you to integrate your current CDN, but this will take some effort from our side. This option is available to the premium users who have the Enterprise plan.

Why should I switch to Pixops?

If you already have an image optimization plugin, then you don’t need to change that. Image optimization is not the only thing that we do. So, you can continue using the current plugin. Pixops will take care of delivering your image at a proper size when opened on different devices. You can use the features like smart cropping and content staying in the container.

Do we delete the original images?

No, we do not delete the original images. Rather, we use the original image as the source to give you the optimized version of it.

What are 1,2,3,4 quality levels?

If the compression is lower, than there will be a small loss of quality. So, when you select 1 = Low Quality, 2 = Medium Quality , 3 = Best Quality, 4 = High Quality

Which image formats are possible for image optimization?

At present, we support PNG, JPG, and SVG image format.

Does Pixops have the capability to automatically provide WebP for the users that have the Chrome browser?

Yes, Pixops can detect the browser of the user and provide WebP if the browser supports it. Otherwise, we optimize based on their browser and device.


25 de junho de 2020
Generally i don't give any review on product but, this plugin force me to do this actually from last four years i am running a media website on wordpress , everytime customer feedback is that having issue on load images but i can not afford a good server but with this plugin i totally impressed .. This plugin solved my problem in creamy way.. Even auther is very supportive he give me some more ideas.. Thanx buddy.
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