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11 de janeiro de 2019
I love Oxygen. This is the real deal. Say goodbye to WordPress themes. Build anything you want with Oxygen. Super clean code and lightning fast. Cant understand these negative reviews. Oxygen Facebook Group and Slack Group are filled with a Super Helpful community of Users including the man in charge Louis. I will only be using Oxygen from now on. No more yearly subscriptions. Great Job Louis and the Team
1 de janeiro de 2019
I was expecting so much more from the Oxygen page builder, especially as the developer does so much trash talking about other page builders. Hopefully, the developer will focus on fixing the many issues with Oxygen to raise its quality, rather than trying to drag down the reputation of other products with nonsensical, negative videos. I might give a future version a try, but in its current state, Oxygen is definitely not recommended for professional work where you need a reliable page builder. Oxygen in its current state is slow, clunky and likely to mess up your pages.
9 de dezembro de 2018
I have been programming and using WordPress for years. I have also coded my own themes and used various visual builders. Oxygen is by far the best I have come across. Been using Oxygen Builder since spring 2018. What I really like is: 100% customizable Very clean HTML output You can built any kind of UI you want. Make a web app if you want Great community (Facebook Group) of helpful developers Looks great on all devices Flexbox first layout Go buy the PRO version. There is no going back. All the best Kim
30 de novembro de 2018
Potentialy 5 stars, but it seems to have too many bugs and incopatibilities. For instance, with other plugins and on wordpress multisites. It should have the multilingual option too.
23 de outubro de 2017
Bought Oxygen and love it so far. Super helpful for me since I'm not a pro. It's quirky in some areas but from what I experienced with WordPress initially and post-Oxygen-install, wow. Huge difference. Makes the page-building experience pretty exciting. Missing some VERY key basic stuff, which is why I gave it a 4-star instead of 5. For example, no drop-down menus? I'm confused. That seems pretty elementary for site creation. How to do it on my own using code? No clue... but that's why I bought Oxygen. Hopefully the support enhances. It would be nice to screen share with the Oxygen team to show them what the breakdowns are because it's so difficult to describe site problems with text, especially for n00bs like me. Anyhow, I think it's worth more than 3-stars for sure and worth every bit of the cost to buy. Not quite 5-star tho for the above reasons. Just to be sure you understand my support comment above - the service is decent. few-day response time but they're super programmers and don't seem to speak n00b very well. At least that's my experience.
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