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OpenID Connect Server


With this plugin you can use your own WordPress install to authenticate with a webservice that provides OpenID Connect to implement Single-Sign On (SSO) for your users.

The plugin is currently only configured using constants and hooks as follows:

Define the RSA keys

If you don’t have keys that you want to use yet, generate them using these commands:

openssl genrsa -out oidc.key 4096
openssl rsa -in oidc.key -pubout -out public.key

And make them available to the plugin as follows (this needs to be added before WordPress loads):

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----


Alternatively, you can also put them outside the webroot and load them from the files like this:

define( 'OIDC_PUBLIC_KEY', file_get_contents( '/web-inaccessible/oidc.key' ) );
define( 'OIDC_PRIVATE_KEY', file_get_contents( '/web-inaccessible/private.key' ) );

Define the clients

Define your clients by adding a filter to oidc_registered_clients in a separate plugin file or functions.php of your theme or in a MU-plugin like:

add_filter( 'oidc_registered_clients', 'my_oidc_clients' );
function my_oidc_clients() {
    return array(
        'client_id_random_string' => array(
            'name' => 'The name of the Client',
            'secret' => 'a secret string',
            'redirect_uri' => '',
            'grant_types' => array( 'authorization_code' ),
            'scope' => 'openid profile',

Exclude URL from caching

  • We implement caching exclusion measures for this endpoint by setting Cache-Control: 'no-cache' headers and defining the DONOTCACHEPAGE constant. If you have a unique caching configuration, please ensure that you manually exclude this URL from caching.

Github Repo

You can report any issues you encounter directly on Github repo: Automattic/wp-openid-connect-server


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  • Fix failing login when Authorize form is non-English [#108]
  • Improvements in site health tests for key detection [#104][#105]


  • Prevent userinfo endpoint from being cached [#99]


  • Return display_name as the name property [#87]
  • Change text domain to openid-connect-server, instead of wp-openid-connect-server [#88]


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  • Add oidc_user_claims filter [#82]