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Opal Estate


We have stopped developing features for this plugin. Please use the Pro version which is completely free for a better experience.

You are real estate agents, brokers, realtors or property firms. Are you wondering to find a suitable Real Estate plugin to install in your property website. Opal Real Estate Plugin is an ideal solution and brilliant choice for you to set up a professional estate website. Easy to use, Friendly & Flexible with users, Powerful Features, High Advanced Functions and so many shortcodes and templates helping you to build a real estate website fast and furious in some minutes.

Features Include:

    • Potential Real Estate Listing to the website –
  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Ready

  • Easily integrated to any WordPress website.
  • Quick to set up, publish and update
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Display property listings in a responsive list or grid format
  • Compatible with all kinds of Themes and Frameworks
  • Start up with the Free version with menu plugin
  • Easy to sort, search and manage properties listings
  • Available for kinds of property listing such as property, rental, land, rural, business, commercial, commercial land.
  • SEO friendly URL’s, mobile friendly design layout
  • Facebook and Google + login in: Clients can log into the website with via social accounts!

    • Easy for Developer to design and customize –
  • Excellent, clean & clear, extensible code

  • Powerful plugin to match with your design
  • Customize Css, HTML..easily and exactly
  • Add new templates in seconds and use with shortcodes.
  • Easy and Quick to understand API’s with detailed documentation
  • Developer friendly with dozens of actions and filters.
  • Custom labels for everything and full translation support.
  • Hundreds of filters to modify the default behaviour of the plugin.
  • Powerful Shortcodes and Widgets
  • API Support allow display properties, agents on any applications

More Features

  • Search properties: Properties List, List Sidebar, Grid, Grid Sidebar, Search result, Category, Location, Type, Submit Properties..
  • Support Membership Packages: There are many different packages with specific features suitable for users to choose the best one for their business goal.
  • Search Agents: This plugin supports filter function for selecting location, type and price of experienced agents conveniently
  • Quick Search: Users can quickly search properties or agents based on filter location, type, packing,bathroom, bedroom..
  • Search Google Map
  • Revolution Sliders
  • Multiple Language Support


  • Office Agency and allow edit profile with user having Opal Estate Office Role. Display Properties and members of office
  • Implement Google Capcha for all Email Form
  • Implement Saved Search Form allowing user save theirs result as loved collection. They are managed with Saved Search Menu of user dashboard
  • Supported Shortcodes working with visual composer
  • Implement Share Search Link for friend
  • Implement property labels and allow customize color, background of label
  • Improve Custom upload Marker icon for property types
  • Improve free package for new registered user
  • Develop API plugin and new mobile for free
  • Create Shortcode ajax search


  • the mobile app built with ionicframework
  • Now Let’s Download Mobile Applicaiton


  1. Opal Fullhouse – Estate WordPress Theme
  • Please keep contact us at to send us your website, we will publish it our showcase

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/opal-estate directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Opalestate->Settings screen to configure the plugin


  • Detailed guide to install and customize: documentation
  • Video guide and tutorials how to set up
  • Images and refer links
  • Easy for user to follow up
  • System tickets support 24/7 available : free support


6 de setembro de 2018
Easy to understand and to integrate. Much better than the other plugins on WordPress.
14 de junho de 2018
This plugin might be good but it's told everywhere that it's free. Actually, you'll have to download a premium theme called Fullhouse in order to use the plugin. I have the sensation of having had wasted my time.
26 de agosto de 2017
Why accept suggestions to improve the plugin when the only answer is always that we are going to study and analyze?, never any commitment on dates to implement improvements to make a product more competitive. It seems that the really interesting thing is to launch just new products that as novelty have a greater potential of sales. Give up ----------- IN CASE SOMEONE READ THIS AND CAN HELP----------- Someone has implement a plugin to make possible to import properties from an XML feed?. Create and Add-On for “WP ALL IMPORT” to import data into Opal Estate from XML and CSV Here is the documentation to create it: very easy with their Rapid Add-On API. Best Regards
16 de novembro de 2016
I am using this plugin with the Fullhouse theme and the developer at Opal has been extremely helpful. This is the first time I've ever used WordPress and this worked perfectly. It was easy to configure and whenever I had a question the developer did everything possible to help.
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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

“Opal Estate” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações

1.6.11 – 21 October 2019

  • Fix: Translate text

1.6.10 – 14 jan 2021

  • Fix: Search form dropdown list

1.6.9 – 14 October 2019

  • Fix: Currency thousand separator.
  • Fix: Search form vertical.

1.6.8 – 25 September 2019

  • Fix: My property template.
  • Fix: Translate text.

1.6.6 – 18 September 2019

  • Fix: CSS.
  • Fix: Translate text.

1.6.5 – 12 September 2019

  • Fix: Display price.

1.6.4 – 13 August 2019

  • Add: WPML config
  • Fix: Template loader errors.

1.6.3 – 03 August 2019

  • Add: Support multilingual search

1.6.2 – 23 July 2019

  • Add: Sale price
  • Fix: Cache list/grid property layout

1.6.1 – 25 May 2019

  • Fix: Update CMB2 library, compatible with PHP v7.2
  • Fix: Update propery status ordering when installing

1.6 – 20 May 2019

  • Fix: Map API key
  • Fix: Undefine PHP bugs
  • Fix: Textdomain bugs
  • Add: Propery status ordering – 15 January 2018

  • Fix bug add facilities field when submit property – 08 November 2017

  • Submission Form more fields – 22 September 2017

  • virtualtour – 30 May 2017

  • Search Query
  • Ajax Pagination Search Results – 24 April 2017

  • Fix RTL for Range Slider – 19 April 2017

  • Fix issue search price for agent – 01 March 2017

  • Update fixed some textdomain missing in plugin

1.2.1 – 26 October 2016

  • Update Free Package for submiting property . Please re-install opal membership greater than version 1.1

1.1.9 – 4 October 2016

  • Fix issue submit property and link to search.

1.1.7 – 13 October 2016

  • Fix issue with agent send email

1.1.5 – 11 October 2016

  • add unlimited submit property

1.1.3 – 5 October 2016

  • add print button

1.1.2 – 2 October 2016

  • Update issue with setting number of column in archive and search page with apply_filter

1.1.1 – 30 september 2016

  • Create Addons page and fix issue with display number of featured inside package of membership

1.1.0 – 29 september 2016

  • Update Search Map and Properties Page and create setting search page option in Tab Search Aarea

1.0.8, 1.0.9 – 26 september 2016

  • Update hook render search field and implement hook to render hook short meta information for single and loop property

1.0.7 – 21 september 2016

  • Update sortable by price and areasize, and display featured first as default

1.0.6 – 20 september 2016

  • Update sortable by price and areasize, and display featured first as default
  • Add Unit for areasize

1.0.5 – 10 september 2016

  • Fix issue set my properties page after installed

1.0.4 – 7 september 2016

  • Fix issue email contact in property page and agent page

1.0.5 – 7 september 2016

  • Create Setting Sizes In Admin Setting Of plugin to configure image size for agent image, property images

1.0.3 – 7 september 2016

  • Update thumbnail image size in loop
  • Fix issue duplicate Aarea field in search box.

1.0.2 – 1 January 2016

  • created version 1.0 at 01/2016