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MYAP for WooCommerce


MYAP v10 is a complete, comprehensive, customizable solution for affiliate marketing management and tracking.

Run your own private-labeled, fully integrated affiliate program that works for you, exactly as you’ve designed it.

Integration with WordPress/WooCommerce couldn’t be easier, simply install this plug-in and use the settings provided within your MYAP v10 software on the integration page to start tracking sales.

Imagens de tela

  • The settings screen where you will configure your integration with MYAP 10.

  • When enabled, the plug-in will automatically inject the tracking script on to all pages of your site.

  • The plugin will automatically include the required JavaScript on your order receipt page to record affiliate sales in MYAP.

  • With Instant Transaction Notification, MYAP can update your orders with the ID of the affiliate who referred the customer.


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  • Service release

  • Tested against WordPress 5.3 and WooCommerce up to 3.7