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WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin is a powerful plugin that enables store owners to create an online booking system that allows them to turn their products into online booking solutions and make them available to customers for a set period of time.

You can now simply book WordPress time slots booking, confirm/reject bookings, display reservation calendar listings, enable booking cancellations, promote booking availability, regulate booking duration, and much more using the WooCommerce Bookings Plugin plugin’s capabilities.


  • With WooCommerce Calendar Booking you can Easily define additional booking costs and services from the backend.
  • Unit, base(days/hours), and additional cost-based WooCommerce bookable products can be defined.
  • With Online Appointment Booking you can Easily define the maximum number of bookings per day with the HMS unit.
  • Provide an easy upcoming booking list as well as set daily start/end times using the Booking Calendar.
  • Can define WooCommerce bookings availability Start and End time for the day with ease with a free online booking system.


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1) Enable Bookings
Using the WordPress Bookings plugin General Settings tab toggle button functionality, admin managers can simply enable/disable the plugin as well as the plugin’s WooCommerce bookings feature.

2) Flexible Bookings
With the Appointment Booking Calendar, customers can tailor their booking criteria to their specific Booking unit (hour, day), budget, event, and requirements. You can make reservations without bothering to place a call, thus you can do so from the comfort of your home following easy booking management.

3) Booking Confirmations & Cancellation Offered
With the Appointment booking WordPress plugin, Admin managers can easily offer confirmations for booking requests made by customers, as well as easy booking cancellations, by utilizing the plugin’s capabilities.

4) Booking Listing and Sorting by Tag
All requested WooCommerce booking plugin-based orders made by the customers are to be listed in the WooCommerce Order Listing table. Admin managers can conveniently sort the booking out of the orders using the Bookings tag available there.

5) Disable Book Now button on Empty Form
The plugin comes equipped with a useful feature that allows you to disable the “Book Now” button in the event that the form is empty. Additionally, this feature can also be configured to disable the “Book Now” button until dates have been selected on the calendar.
By utilizing this feature, you can ensure that your customers are only able to submit complete and accurate booking requests, leading to a more efficient and streamlined booking process.

6) Add your Bookings to Google Calendar
With the click of a button, you can now instantly add your Booking requests utilizing our plugin-based setting option to your Google Calendar.

Isn’t this a WOW feature? It goes without saying that this enables you to take pleasure in your reservations while also keeping you informed of their status and serving as a virtual reminder of them.

7) Ease of Structuring Bookings Calendar
The WooCommerce Calendar Booking view allows merchants to build and analyze how their day or month is progressing. They can also make changes to current bookings or availability according to that.

8) Offered Services & Additional Costs
With the Free Online Booking system for WordPress, Admin managers can easily create WooCommerce booking services and additional costs using the backend settings, and easily display them over the checkout page and over the individual bookable resource page.

9) Responsive Interface
WordPress Appointment Plugin provides an online mobile-friendly WooCommerce easy booking interface, i.e. a responsive UI that works on a variety of devices. In short, offering ease of access for their customers for online appointment booking products.

10) Easy Uptime Schedule Outlining
With the help of the WooCommerce Calendar Booking, retailers can easily create and monitor their monthly bookings. Customers can also use such information to find out the start and end times of your service and easily start booking an appointment for them. Yes, retailers may now quickly specify the start and end times of the service for each day on the booking calendar. Moreover, let your clients have timetables that are simple to learn.

11) Offer Bookings Availability Settings
Admin managers may easily specify booking and scheduling for WooCommerce-based availability for the day, as well as the exact deadline for booking an appointment with WooCommerce appointments. They only need to modify the Start and End times in the WooCommerce booking Availability tab of the plugin settings area to do so.

You can also mark your bookings unavailability for a day or for an upcoming event or a holiday in advance using our exclusive one-day unavailability settings.

12) Dedicated My Bookings Tab
Yes, our plugin has a special My Bookings Tab for managing your booking requests easily. Your website’s My Account section contains a link to this tab. You can easily visit there and check the information for all of your upcoming reservations.

13) Avoid Unwanted Bookings
Prior to a day, admin managers can easily determine the maximum amount of WooCommerce appointments that can be made. So that they may provide easy booking management for their items, avoid unnecessary bookings, and easily indicate unavailability with the WordPress booking plugin.

Visit Bookings for WooCommerce Documentation and learn more about the features and working of the plugin.




  • Offers a different Booking List.
  • You can create different People Types for your bookings.
  • Provide specific status settings for paid WooCommerce Bookings to confirm after days.
  • Admin can also reject Bookings after days.
  • Can define maximum bookings per hour/day.
  • Render setting to show/hide the Additional Booking details.
  • Advance Booking Appointment setting options.
  • Admins can offer Early Bird Discounts.
  • Customizable business type Templates.
  • Export your Booking Order Data in a .csv format..
  • Layout a distinct Booking Search page.
  • Determine upcoming holidays and weeks off unavailability with ease.
  • Admin can Manage Booking for registered customers from the backend.
  • To change the total Booking cost, offer Global Cost Rules.
  • Can offer Booking Reschedule settings.
  • Enable the Booking Location feature lets you track your service location with ease..
  • Opt for multiple upcoming days to mark unavailable for bookings.
  • The Booking Service setup tab has a Start Time and an End Time.
  • Admin can easily offer Unavailability for Bookings on Weekdays.
  • Email and SMS Reminders before service avail.
  • Display Unavailability/Availability using custom color codes.
  • Easy Booking Social Share button available integration with Facebook.
  • Admin can easily provide Booking Refunds and easy RMA plugin compatibility.
  • Provide a specific Booking Policy Section likewise description tab.


The Online Reservation Plugin i.e. Bookings for WooCommerce turns your ordinary WooCommerce store into an effective booking plugin in WordPress solution provider. Making use of WooCommerce bookings plugin features, you can create an online appointment booking system that caters to all your customer’s requirements with ease.

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  • General Settings Tab
  • Configuration settings Tab (Bookings Form Settings)
  • Configuration settings Tab (Availability Settings)
  • Configuration settings Tab (Additional Cost Settings)
  • Configuration settings Tab (Additional Service Settings)
  • Booking Calendar Setting Tab
  • Product Data (general settings tab)
  • Product Data (Cost settings tab)
  • Product Data (People Type settings tab)
  • Product Data (Service settings tab)
  • Product Data (Availability settings tab)
  • My Booking Tab (My Account Section)
  • Add Booking to Google Calendar (My Account Tab)


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of the plugin, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click Add New.

In the search field type “Bookings for WooCommerce” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our Bookings for WooCommerce plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our Bookings for WooCommerce and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.


Do we have the possibility of creating any bookable service for hour based booking unit?

Yes, we have this functionality in our plugin. The admin can create a bookable service based on its hours. For that, just visit the Product Edit Page to do this. Select Hours when scheduling a booking unit.

Can the calendar for bookings display a booking time along with the booking date?

Yes, the admin must enable the date and time setting from the backend for this. To amend a bookable product, visit the Product Edit Page and Select days in the booking unit, and enable to show hours in the calendar.

How can the admins show Include Services in the booking form?

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard > Plugin Back End Settings > Booking Form Settings to see the Included Services on the front-end booking form. Then turn ON the Show Included Services toggle switch.

Is it possible to display the calendar on the front end for picking booking dates?

Yes, the Bookings plugin has such functionality that allows customers to select a booking date from a calendar. To do so, go to the Edit Product page > General Settings > Activate the Calendar.

Is it possible for the administrator to define the maximum and minimum number of persons who can place bookings?

Yes, the number of people for the bookings can be modified by the admin. Go to the Product Edit page > People > Enable the checkbox option for People > Opt on something like a Min and Max number of individuals.

How can Admin set the start time and end time of any booking?

Admin can easily specify the day’s booking availability as well as the specific booking deadline. To do so, they only need to adjust the Start and End times under the Availability tab of the plugin settings area.

Is there any option so that customers can cancel the booking from their side?

Yes, you can do so with our plugin. Navigate toward the General Settings section of the Edit Product page. Then, use the smart checkbox setting for the Cancellation Allowed option to set up the order cancellations allowed for their customer bookings.

How can we utilize the plugin to offer additional booking services for customers?

Yes, you can easily offer additional services to your booking solutions by utilizing the plugin’s features. To add additional services, simply go to Admin Dashboard > Products > Booking Services and add any additional booking service you wish.

And in order to include them within a booking service, just make use of the Booking Service widget on the sidebar of the specific booking product and include them.

Can the admin set the maximum booking per user?

Yes, the admin can set the maximum booking per user to achieve this Go to the Product edit page >> General settings>> Set maximum booking per user according to your need.

What is the appropriate way to add the booking product?

In order to create a bookable product for your bookings plugin, you need to first navigate towards your Admin Dashboard > Products > New Product > Select Data Type > Select Booking Product and perform the settings accordingly.

How many types of booking units are present in your plugin?

In our plugin, there are two types of booking units-

  • Fixed Unit
  • Customer Selected Unit


15 maio, 2023 1 resposta
I bought this module with the hope of quickly solving a simple online rooms accommodation site, but without success. Although it seems simple and easy to use, the module has functionality problems. Error example: I have 3 products/rooms, newly added and configured as explained in the documentation, if the visitor clicks on search to see which rooms are available in a certain period, it doesn't give you any results, or it shows you 1 product or 2 products or zero. If the search period by date is e.g. start date July 20 and end date September 6, you will not have any product. I do not recommend. Waste of time and money.
9 maio, 2023 1 resposta
Basic plugin is allready good when you need more, really willing to change You have to pay, but speed and quality of code work is good react always whitin a few hours!
4 novembro, 2022 1 resposta
This Booking plugin did just what I needed, and when there were any questions or probems the support were responsive and friendly, and helped me out
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3.0.6 – Released on 17 February 2023

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  • New: My Booking Tab Added
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3.0.5 – Released on 23 December 2022

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3.0.4 – Released on 16 December 2022

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