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A big hello from the team, and thanks for checking us out!

We understand the challenges of the modern retailer, and have developed Motive Commerce Search – a feature-packed, lightning-fast product search plugin for WooCommerce – to empower your shop’s growth.

We’re on a mission to democratise technology, and want every shop to have access to advanced product search. That means advanced filters, live search suggestions and the same tools used by the biggest brands.

You also get access to the Motive Playboard; the backend of your search where you can do things like tweak results for specific searches, customise how filters are displayed, redirect shoppers to non-product pages and align your site search with your business and marketing goals.

On top of all that, Motive Commerce Search for WooCommerce gives you:

✅ Unmatched search relevancy
✅ Trust-first, tracker free technology
✅ Full alignment with data protection regulations
✅ No-code visual customisations
✅ Advanced CSS options
✅ Features designed to enable growth
✅ Mobile-first design
✅ Team collaboration


Motive Commerce Search is built on the technology of, which provides some of the world’s largest online retailers with their search. Motive Commerce Search has taken this same technology and made it available for any sized shop.

That means search that is affordable with features that have been carefully developed with the needs of your shop and customers in mind.


  • Privacy-first analytics → Discover your most popular products and new market opportunities without collecting or tracking your customers’ information.
  • Boost & Bury rules → Adapt your sales to your goals by highlighting promoted items at the top of the results page and hiding those you want to give less visibility to.
  • Synonyms for relevant results → Ensure relevant results by setting up the synonyms tool for shoppers that ask for the same product using different terms.
  • Typo tolerant → Shoppers misspelling products will still find what they’re looking for.
  • Many sites, one search tool → Set up, customise and manage the search of all your company’s sites from the same place.
  • No-code visual customisations → Display your brand identity across the whole search layer adding your font, colours, logo and more.
  • Move inventory and promote specific products → Use the banners feature to position your offers in front of even more eyes.
  • Popular products → Shoppers see your most popular products when they click the search box, allowing them to jump directly to your most popular products in less steps and complete their purchases even faster.
  • Instant results → Shoppers see results from the moment they click the search box for a more engaging experience.
  • Customisable product cards → Configure how you want to visually display your products in your shoppers’ search results.
  • Easily order how filters are displayed → Improve the shopping experience by changing the order filters are displayed to shoppers in search results.
  • Redirections → Shoppers often search for terms like Help, Returns or Shop Locations. With Redirections, easily send your customers to non-product pages from your search.
  • Mobile version included → Shoppers can search on any device without you paying more. Included in all plans.


At Motive, we do things differently from other search plugins. Simply put, we don’t ask you to collect your customers’ data, and we don’t use that data to serve your competitors.
We believe in creating ethical search that builds trust. That’s why Motive Commerce Search helps you:

  • Boost revenue: Businesses that generate trust are 1.6x more likely to boost revenue and EBIT growth rates by 10% or more (Source: McKinsey)
  • Add value: Shoppers now value trust almost as much as price, and on a par with delivery times. (Source: McKinsey)
  • Respect customer data: A majority of consumers now look specifically for businesses that have a reputation for protecting their data. (Source: McKinsey)

Customer data is a driving force for loyalty and steady growth. The Retail Trust Index from gives some interesting results regarding this:

  • 74% of consumers believe online tracking practices are intrusive.
  • 80% of consumers are aware online shops track and use their online browsing history.
  • Transparency, clear data privacy policies and cybersecurity are the most important factors to trust online brands.


  • One flat rate with no hidden extras: Choose the pricing plan that matches your shop’s size, goals and needs.
  • Full access to all features: No matter what plan you select, you’ll have access to all features, with upgrades and support included.
  • Search that’s priced by… searches! Don’t be stung by a provider that charges by requests. With Motive Commerce Search, you pay by what matters most to your and your shoppers: searching and finding.
  • Dedicated customer support: A team of real people to help you with any questions you may have.
  • Search that’s never switched off: Motive Commerce Search will never switch off your service, even if your shop outperforms the plan you’ve purchased.


✅ Find what they’re looking for quickly and as part of an enjoyable online shopping experience.
✅ Avoid frustrating shopping experiences while also discovering new products.
✅ Feel confident and safe that their data is not being tracked, collected or shared.
✅ Make your shop’s search an online shop assistant that can show shoppers exactly what they’re looking for, intuitively and efficiently.


“Motive Commerce Search is a fundamental tool for keeping customers on our site. Its design, search history, and effective filters have transformed our online shopping experience.” – Juan Antonio Gálvez, Head of Lámparas Gálvez

“Having an advanced search like Motive is key from a mobile point of view. The user experience is good because shoppers are going directly to the products they want to see.” – Manuel Mas Candela, Director of Marketing & Technology at Mundoalfombra

“We find it a privilege to have access to this technology. It’s a real bonus for us and our catalogue.” – Beatriz Álvarez, Founder of La Frikilería


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Here’s a selection of blog posts we think you’ll find interesting. You can read the full blog here.


We’ve got it all covered in our Knowledge Hub.

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Who is Motive Commerce Search for?

If you’re a small to medium sized retailer using WooCommerce and receive anything from 1 to 1,000,000 searches a month, Motive Commerce Search is for you.

How long does it take to install?

About 5 minutes. And it’s a super easy process!

Is Motive Commerce Search GDPR compliant?

100% compliant. Our plugin is built on the principles of privacy by design and doesn’t use tracking or cookies so you’ll never have to worry about changes in regulations.


17 novembro, 2023
Muy buen buscador y grandes profesionales detrás que te ayudan en todo. Yo estoy encantada, puedes analizar las búsquedas que has tenido con y sin resultado y te da muchas opciones para dirigir las búsquedas que hace el cliente.
16 novembro, 2023
We all know that the native search experience for WooCommerce should be better (to put it kindly 🤗), although we also know how important it is for an online store. Fortunately this service has achieved a high quality and effortless integration for the user. You activate the plugin, put your API key (it is a paid service, you know) and they take care of indexing all the content of your store. I have to admit that before starting the free trial period I was skeptical (my site is made with a custom theme), but in a few minutes the plugin manages to perfectly index the content of your store, including attributes, tags and categories. Thanks to the stats panel you get valuable information about the searches in your online store and you can also customize the behavior of the results from the user area in Motive. If your store really requires continuous searches or has a lot of products, it is a highly recommended tool that is worth the cost.
13 novembro, 2023
Un plugin espectacular. Es el mejor buscador que hemos encontrado para nuestra ecommerce. Muy ágil, visual e intuitivo. Además, cuenta con herramientas estadísticas y se puede configurar con mucho detalle para mejorar la experiencia del usuario. Desde que lo estamos usando, hemos mejorado las ventas en nuestra tienda. 100% recomendado.
10 novembro, 2023
Totalmente recomendable, un buscador de calidad en una tienda online es fundamental para maximizar las ventas, después de haber probado varios, me quedo con Motive sin ningún tipo de duda
9 novembro, 2023
We are so happy to use Motive Search! Brings a new world of possibilities, filters, control, guided results, banners. It finds the right products at an amazing speed and greatly improves the customer experience in our ecommerce.¡Estamos muy contentos con Motive Search! Trae un nuevo mundo de posibilidades que desconocíamos: filtros, control de orden, resultados guiados, banners, etc. Encuentra los productos adecuados a una velocidad asombrosa y mejora enormemente la experiencia del cliente en nuestro ecommerce.
13 fevereiro, 2023
Gracias a Motive he conseguido que la tiendas de todos mis clientes mejoren no solo en UX, que los clientes lo agradecen, sino también por otras funcionalidades como el tema de los sinónimos, las reglas de negocio para orientar los resultados a los deseos de la empresa, etc... Dan un gran soporte, con respuestas rápidas. Además se trata de una herramienta que está en constante evolución, lo que es de agradecer.
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