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26 de junho de 2020
I did ask a question related to a third party plugin and he replied fast and with my surprise he added wordpress code to transform my hope to reality. This never happened before. GREAT!
29 de maio de 2020
This is a great plugin for page translation, it allows you to create a tab separate from your original content and what you want to translate. The problem is that depending on what you change in the translation interface, all the rest of the HTML bugs in the display of the content on the page. This problem happened to me using Gutenberg, and unfortunately I had to uninstall it.
5 de abril de 2020
Malgré une interface très simplifiée, ce plugin traduit parfaitement en Français. Après avoir tester les leaders (payants) je suis très satisfait de celui-ci. Continuez
27 de fevereiro de 2020
i have and old version of WP with a THEMED-FRAMEWORK so i can't update it, thus this More-Lang PLUGIN helps me a lot to translate some pages! thank you master!
9 de outubro de 2019
Thanks a lot for this plugin, despite it doesn't work with another KB plugin (but this KB plugin doesn't work with all translation plugin also) Not, like other plugins, here, you have not thousend of options, you can switch from language to another without upload at each time the page. Easy to use, light, great ! I suggest to use the DeepL plugin by Fluenx with this one for auto-translate your html content. (Note that you need a subscription to the DeepL API) Thanks!
3 de julho de 2019
Great plugin and super easy to use, thanks much!
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