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WordPress Missed Scheduled Post Publisher by WPBeginner

Do you encounter the “missed scheduled post” error with your scheduled content?

Our plugin specializes in resolving the “missed scheduled post” issue with precision. It ensures that your scheduled posts consistently meet their publication deadlines. This post scheduler plugin has been meticulously crafted for optimal performance, guaranteeing zero impact on your website’s speed and responsiveness.

What Causes the Missed Scheduled Post Error?

Not seeing WordPress scheduled posts show up on time?

WordPress relies on something called “WordPress cron jobs” to make these posts go live as scheduled. Think of “cron” as a fancy way of saying “commands that follow a schedule,” just like your WordPress scheduled posts.

In the technical world, a real “cron job” operates at the server level. But since WordPress can’t access that level directly, it does the next best thing by running a “simulated cron.”

These simulated cron jobs, including the one for your scheduled posts, are supposed to kick in whenever someone (or even a bot) visits your site. But because it’s not the real deal, there are times when it slips up and leads to a “missed schedule” hiccup.

How Do I Fix the Missed Posts Schedule Error in WordPress

Scheduled Post Check: Our post scheduler plugin diligently examines your posts every fifteen minutes to detect any missed schedule errors. If it finds one, it takes the initiative to automatically publish the missed post for you.

Comprehensive Checks: We employ a range of techniques to ensure that no scheduled post slips through the cracks, guaranteeing a seamless posting experience for you.


Missed Scheduled Posts Publisher is created by the WPBeginner team.

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  1. Install Missed Scheduled Posts Publisher by uploading the missed-scheduled-posts-publisher directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin.)
  2. Activate Missed Scheduled Posts Publisher through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


My scheduled post was published late, why?

To avoid impacting the performance of your WordPress site, the Missed Scheduled Posts Publisher plugin checks for scheduled posts once every fifteen minutes. This is important because faster sites tend to rank higher in search results and get more traffic and conversions.

I’ve enabled this on my site, why can’t I see it in the admin?

Missed Scheduled Posts Publisher is a set-and-forget plugin. There are no settings, since your site’s scheduled posts will automatically be checked when the plugin is installed and activated.


30 setembro, 2023
My client's organization posts several, time-sensitive posts every day. We were going bonkers when some scheduled posts did not publish when specified--or ever after that. This plugin fixed that issue!
28 setembro, 2023
I schedule several posts for the same time and often some are missed. This add-in catches and updates all of them!
27 setembro, 2023
I love this plugin as once in a while a scheduled post doesn't get published. No worries anymore since I've installed this plugin.
22 setembro, 2023
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