Meow Gallery (+ Gutenberg Gallery Block)


Polished and beautiful gallery built for image lovers. Designed to work for WordPress 5 (Gutenberg Block) and also the standard Gallery Shortcode. It’s responsive, retina-friendly, has modern layouts, is blazing fast and tightly optimized. If you are interested in seeing the layouts in actions, click here: Meow Gallery’s Layouts.


Uses WordPress and Gutenberg naturally without hacking it, and more importantly, without imposing its own system and making your website dependent of it. It means you can use the Meow Gallery and one day switch back to the WordPress core rendering, or anything else. It works everywhere, easily, and fits naturally in WordPress. We will never blow it up with features that most users do not need.


Shipped with the popular layouts such as Tiles, Masonry, Justified (like Flickr) and Square (like Instagram), only using CSS, so no more scripts to slow down your pages and the rendering. Demo here.


Since this gallery works with WordPress in a natural way, it should be compatible with any other plugins or themes (of course, it depends on how those have been exactly implemented). The following plugins might interest you.

  • Lightbox: The choice of the lightbox is yours, so this gallery does not come with one. However, we made the Meow Lightbox. It follows the same principles.
  • Lightroom: It fully works with WP/LR Sync and its attributes. If you wish to use your collections in Lightroom automatically, then, this is easy!
  • External links: If you want to create links from your images to external URLs, we recommend you the Gallery Custom Links plugin.
  • Audio: You can also add sound, music or any kind of audio to an image. To do this, you can use Audio Story Images.

Pro Version

If you want to support us, you will get those additional features.

  • Infinite/Lazy loading, for a faster page loading and a smoother experience for the user.
  • The Carousel, a very cool and dynamic layout.
  • Animations on your images.

You can find more information on this plugin on Meow Apps: Meow Gallery.

Idiomas: Inglês.

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  • Meow Gallery.


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  1. Upload meow-gallery to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu ‘Plugins’ no WordPress


Have a look at the tutorial available here.


Lightweight with lots of options

I've been searching for a light gallery plugin that has very specific layouts for the content I put on my site. This one checked all the boxes for options I can use. Also cats. Cats are cool.

Perfect and easy to use

This plugin will auto to fetch gallery shortcode and set on new layout, so it's very easy to use. Also, because this plugin not added anything into user's post, so the gallery can running correct event remove this plugin in the future, I love this design. In support, the author very willing to answer your question, even modify the plugin and release a new version for you that you needed. This is very awesome!

Light, fast, and non invasive.

Being new to WordPress administration, it took me a little time to find the Meow plugins over the other big shiny do-it-all solutions offered high in the gallery plugin search results. I tried some others first that made themselves embedded in your installation and tried to take over every aspect of image management. This may be fine for some, but all that work is lost should you ever need to switch up to something else. I can't ever seeing myself moving away from Meow, but the peace of mind of knowing that I could means everything. The support has been stellar as well. Taking the time to help out someone new with patience and understanding is refreshing. Look no further if any of this is resonating with you. You won't be disappointed.

Best of its kind by far!

I have used LR /WP SYNC for a number of years now, and the latest updates make a superb plugin even better. The resultant organisation of my media files in my website makes life so much easier. I have a number of other publish addons in LR interfacing with services other than my website, none of these comes close to the ease of use and quality of this. What is even more impressive to me is the quality of support. I have never had to wait long for an answer, and it is always provided in the most helpful and courteous way. Given that the problem is sometimes me, this is even more impressive.

Exactly what I needed

I've been using WP/LR Sync for a couple of years now and it works very well. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and is easy to use. I also use Meow Gallery and love it.
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  • Fix: Justified layout had… issues. Sorry about that!
  • Add: Meow Gallery can now be converted into Gutenberg Gallery or (and from) Image Blocks.
  • Update: Little optimization for the rendering.


  • Fix: Return the WordPress default gallery if None is selected (and no layout).
  • Update: Lazy doesn’t use an 1×1 external image anymore, but a tiny inline SVG.


  • Add: Support for custom classes.
  • Fix: CSS issue for caption in some cases.
  • Fix: There were issues when using Infinite with a specific Image Size.


  • Fix: One (actually useless) argument was missing to the post_gallery filter.
  • Update: Avoid having one photo left alone when using the Tiles Layout.


  • Add: Possibility to switch between src-set and precise image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, full).
  • Fix: Namespace conflict with carousel.
  • Note: If you have a moment, please review the Meow Gallery, that will help us tremendously 🙂 Thank you!


  • Fix: Added a new class to the images (might be important for other plugins).
  • Fix: A few CSS glitches were corrected.
  • Add: Container for the gallery and its inline CSS, to avoid breaking DOM parsers.
  • Fix: Default CSS behavior/style is missing for some theme and was affecting the Justified layout.


  • Add: Filter mgl_sort to build your own customized order. Check more about this here.
  • Fix: JetPack Lazy.
  • Fix: Visual glitches.
  • Note: If you have a moment, please review the Meow Gallery, that will help us tremendously 🙂 Thank you!


  • Update: The Slider is now the Carousel (for Pro).
  • Update: Larger sizes to avoid pixelization (if any issue, check the filters).
  • Add: New filters (
  • Fix: Tiles layout issue.


  • Fix: Compatibility with PHP… 5! 🙂 (the plugin was made for PHP 7+).
  • Fix: An invisible character was breaking the gallery attributes.
  • Add: Added animations.


  • Update: Added a filter which is also used by the standard WP Gallery for compatibility with other plugins.
  • Fix: Compatibility with WordPress 5.0.
  • Fix: The include attribute in the shortcode was not working.


  • Add: Compatibility with WP/LR Sync. Collections from Lightroom are now accessible from the Meow Gallery Gutenberg Block.
  • Add: LinkTo in the block.
  • Add: Cascade layout.
  • Info: Huge update for Gutenberg and WordPress 5. Try it 🙂


  • Fix: For Gutenberg last update compatibility.
  • Fix: Convert special characters in captions to HTML entities to avoid breaking standard HTML.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with WP/LR Sync.
  • Update: Randomize identical layouts for Tiles.
  • Fix: Function filemtime seems to fail on a few installs, so added alternative for it.


  • Update: Enhanced Tiles layout.
  • Update: Optimize CSS.
  • Fix: Issue in the Slider constructor.


  • Update: Complete recoding of the Meow Gallery! Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
  • Add: Add Meow Gallery setting in the Gallery Block in Gutenberg.
  • Fix: Gutenberg compatibility.


  • Fix: Gutenberg compatibility.
  • Fix: Issue with Infinite.
  • Fix: Compatibility with PHP prior to 5.6.3.
  • Update: Support for WP 4.9.


  • Add: i18n.
  • Fix: Better Justified layout.
  • Fix: W3C validation.
  • Fix: Compatibility with prehistoric themes.
  • Fix: Gallery width.
  • Fix: Issues with PHP < 7.


  • Add: Optimization of the Infinite Loading.
  • Fix: Now really uses the core WP Gallery 100% naturally.
  • Fix: Many fixes.


  • Add: Instagram Layout.
  • Fix: Many little fixes.
  • Add: Filter that allows changes in the images list (used by WP/LR Sync).


  • Add: Justified layout.
  • Fix: Many little fixes.


  • Fix: Many fixes, many updates, revamped.
  • Add: Pro -> Infinite loading, with options


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  • Lançamento inicial.