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Polished and beautiful gallery built for image lovers. Designed to work for WordPress 5 (Gutenberg Block) and also the standard Gallery Shortcode. It’s responsive, retina-friendly, has modern layouts, is blazing fast and tightly optimized. If you are interested in seeing the layouts in actions, click here: Meow Gallery’s Layouts.


Uses WordPress and Gutenberg naturally without hacking it, and more importantly, without imposing its own system and making your website dependent of it. It means you can use the Meow Gallery and one day switch back to the WordPress core rendering, or anything else. It works everywhere, easily, and fits naturally in WordPress. We will never blow it up with features that most users do not need.


Shipped with the popular layouts such as Tiles, Masonry, Justified (like Flickr) and Square (like Instagram), only using CSS, so no more scripts to slow down your pages and the rendering. Demo here.


Since this gallery works with WordPress in a natural way, it should be compatible with any other plugins or themes (of course, it depends on how those have been exactly implemented). The following plugins might interest you.

  • Lightbox: The choice of the lightbox is yours, so this gallery does not come with one. However, we made the Meow Lightbox. It follows the same principles.
  • Lightroom: It fully works with WP/LR Sync and its attributes. If you wish to use your collections in Lightroom automatically, then, this is easy!
  • External links: If you want to create links from your images to external URLs, we recommend you the Gallery Custom Links plugin.
  • Audio: You can also add sound, music or any kind of audio to an image. To do this, you can use Audio Story Images.

Pro Version

If you want to support us, you will get those additional features.

  • Infinite/Lazy loading, for a faster page loading and a smoother experience for the user.
  • The Carousel, a very cool and dynamic layout.
  • Animations on your images.

You can find more information on this plugin on Meow Apps: Meow Gallery.

Idiomas: Inglês.

Imagens de tela

  • Meow Gallery.


  1. Upload meow-gallery to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu ‘Plugins’ no WordPress


Have a look at the tutorial available here.


Simple solution, great looking gallery

I have used all kinds of gallery solutions in the past but they all introduced a lot of extra stuff which sometimes got broken in future releases. So I decided I wanted to use the standard WordPress galleries but with a nicer way to display them. Enter Meow Gallery. Lightweight, excellent algorithms for generating the galleries and ... based on standard WordPress media library and standard WordPress galleries. I went through a mega effort to replaced all my, partially broken, galleries from legacy plugins (NGG anyone?) with Meow. So far I'm extremely happy with this move.

Great family of plugins

In the meantime I am using the Meow WP/LR Sync, the Meow Lightbox and the Meow Gallery plugins. They all work perfectly together and offer opportunities when used together. For example I can manage my galleries in Lightroom and have them synchronized with my wordpress site. With the newest update of this plugin, the issue with the single picture in the last row is solved as well. The Meow Team was amazingly quick to answer my request and come up with an update of the plugin. My intent is to test for another couple of weeks and then migrate to the pro versions. Thank you very much for this absolutely useful, time-saving and great looking plugins!

Works and great support!

I was just about to write a review about this plug-in when I saw there was an update available (3.3.8). The changelog said "Update: Avoid having one photo left alone when using the Tiles Layout." And that was pretty much the only complaint I had about this gallery BLOCK plug-in I had. Yesterday I was trying to make two galleries in one post look better. That is... Without that one single photo left in the final row... Now, I know that the theme I'm using is not following all the best practices, so maybe that's where the issue really is hiding. I trust that IF the issue is with Meow Gallery, the author will eventually fix it, because the support that I've received from him in the past was simply fantastic. Meow truly wants to create wonderful plug-ins that work out of the box. Always. If this plug-in is not working for you, chances are that your theme is the culprit. Four stars, because there is always something to improve. (and that one photo left behind...)


This is my third plugin purchased from Meow Apps. What I have found is that they are all very efficient. I would prefer a few more options for customizing the galleries; however what it does have meets my needs quite well. No real complaints. Since WordPress 5 the native WP Gallery will provide some EXIF data, but it's not thorough. I like that Meow Gallery provides more information. Also, no other gallery or lightbox plugin provides a better designed layout for portrait alignment pictures anywhere. That is one of the main reasons that I use Meow Gallery.
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  • Update: Avoid having one photo left alone when using the Tiles Layout.


  • Add: Possibility to switch between src-set and precise image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, full).
  • Fix: Namespace conflict with carousel.
  • Note: If you have a moment, please review the Meow Gallery, that will help us tremendously 🙂 Thank you!


  • Fix: Added a new class to the images (might be important for other plugins).
  • Fix: A few CSS glitches were corrected.
  • Add: Container for the gallery and its inline CSS, to avoid breaking DOM parsers.
  • Fix: Default CSS behavior/style is missing for some theme and was affecting the Justified layout.


  • Add: Filter mgl_sort to build your own customized order. Check more about this here.
  • Fix: JetPack Lazy.
  • Fix: Visual glitches.
  • Note: If you have a moment, please review the Meow Gallery, that will help us tremendously 🙂 Thank you!


  • Update: The Slider is now the Carousel (for Pro).
  • Update: Larger sizes to avoid pixelization (if any issue, check the filters).
  • Add: New filters (
  • Fix: Tiles layout issue.


  • Fix: Compatibility with PHP… 5! 🙂 (the plugin was made for PHP 7+).
  • Fix: An invisible character was breaking the gallery attributes.
  • Add: Added animations.


  • Update: Added a filter which is also used by the standard WP Gallery for compatibility with other plugins.
  • Fix: Compatibility with WordPress 5.0.
  • Fix: The include attribute in the shortcode was not working.


  • Add: Compatibility with WP/LR Sync. Collections from Lightroom are now accessible from the Meow Gallery Gutenberg Block.
  • Add: LinkTo in the block.
  • Add: Cascade layout.
  • Info: Huge update for Gutenberg and WordPress 5. Try it 🙂


  • Fix: For Gutenberg last update compatibility.
  • Fix: Convert special characters in captions to HTML entities to avoid breaking standard HTML.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with WP/LR Sync.
  • Update: Randomize identical layouts for Tiles.
  • Fix: Function filemtime seems to fail on a few installs, so added alternative for it.


  • Update: Enhanced Tiles layout.
  • Update: Optimize CSS.
  • Fix: Issue in the Slider constructor.


  • Update: Complete recoding of the Meow Gallery! Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
  • Add: Add Meow Gallery setting in the Gallery Block in Gutenberg.
  • Fix: Gutenberg compatibility.


  • Fix: Gutenberg compatibility.
  • Fix: Issue with Infinite.
  • Fix: Compatibility with PHP prior to 5.6.3.
  • Update: Support for WP 4.9.


  • Add: i18n.
  • Fix: Better Justified layout.
  • Fix: W3C validation.
  • Fix: Compatibility with prehistoric themes.
  • Fix: Gallery width.
  • Fix: Issues with PHP < 7.


  • Add: Optimization of the Infinite Loading.
  • Fix: Now really uses the core WP Gallery 100% naturally.
  • Fix: Many fixes.


  • Add: Instagram Layout.
  • Fix: Many little fixes.
  • Add: Filter that allows changes in the images list (used by WP/LR Sync).


  • Add: Justified layout.
  • Fix: Many little fixes.


  • Fix: Many fixes, many updates, revamped.
  • Add: Pro -> Infinite loading, with options


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  • Lançamento inicial.