Connect your Bullhorn Account with your WordPress site and display your valuable jobs on your new self-hosted job board. Matador makes this as easy as it sounds, and lets you seamlessly integrate a powerful job board–a major marketing tool for your business–directly into your WordPress site. Everything that is great about WordPress is extended to Matador: great out-of-the-box SEO, easy templating/theming, endless customization options, and more. Matador goes further by listing your jobs with incredible job-specific SEO customization (optimized for Google Jobs Search), and more.

Use Matador’s powerful settings to connect our “Apply Now” button for jobs to a page that will collect applications, or look into purchasing Matador Jobs Pro to accept applications from Matador and see them turned into candidates submitted to jobs directly in your Bullhorn Account!


  • Feature: Persist Bullhorn connection for 5.5 hours. With an announcement made on March 5th, 2024, Bullhorn’s API can now support connections lasting up to 5.6 hours instead of the old default of 10 minutes. Matador is updated to support the full extended connection which will reduce time-consuming and resource-intensive API calls to the Bullhorn Login systems from several times per hour to 4-5 times per day. See for more information from Bullhorn regarding the announcement.
  • Feature: Added a default “action” argument to the Bullhorn sync routine that adds Notes to a created or modified Candidate entries. We recently learned that to apply Bullhorn Automation routines to the Notes, they must have an “action” set, so moving forward Candidate Notes created by Matador will have an action of “other”.
  • Feature: Added filters to Bullhorn sync routine that adds Notes to created or modified Candidate entries. The filter matador_bullhorn_candidate_note allows a developer to modify the string of text saved to the note and the filter matador_bullhorn_candidate_note_args allows a developer to modify the other arguments including the “action” value we now set as “other” (see previous changelog entry).
  • Feature: The Bullhorn sync routine that creates a Submission between a Candidate and JobOrder will now include the value of the Candidate Owner in the sendingUser and owners fields. New Candidates created by Matador will be owned by the preferred owner as set in the setting ‘Preferred New Candidate “Owner”‘, falling back to the the API User if the preferred owner is not found. This feature update will give that same assignment to the Submission, preventing issues where Candidate owners cannot see the Submission.
  • Feature: Added protections to Bullhorn Candidate Sync for users who enable “allow multiple values” on any of the four phone fields on the Bullhorn Candidate object. In general, we discourage users from enabling “allow multiple values” settings in the Bullhorn field mappings to any default fields.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue causing Admin Notices handling to sometimes throw a PHP > 8.1 warning. Depending on user error reporting, this could’ve resulted in errors printed to screen, logs, or had no impact.
  • Logging: Various improvements to logging to support plugin development and issue resolution.
  • General: Clarified minimum WordPress version required as 5.5.0. In our 3.8.0 release we deployed a feature from 5.3.0 and 5.5.0 and didn’t bump our “Requires WordPress” version requirement from 4.9.6. Unofficially we now can run at 5.5.0 and above, however officially, as explained in our Prerequisites help doc on our support website (, officially we require WordPress 5.8 beginning January 24th, 2024 and 5.9 beginning May 23rd, 2024.
  • General: Tested up to WordPress 6.5.0.


  • Bugfix: Yoast SEO’s Third-Party Integration began triggering a fatal error with Yoast SEO’s update 21.9, which removed a deprecated class Matador had previously used to enable our support of their SEO Graph. This fix upgrades to the new Yoast SEO API while also adding code to hopefully prevent future changes of Yoast from breaking Matador.
  • Misc: Matador Analytics reporting disabled due to our data aggregation service entering sunset. We will be exploring new solutions for telemetry in the future.


  • Security: Fixed an issue that resulted in upgrades from Matador Jobs Lite to Matador Jobs Pro not establishing folders for log files or resume files that did not have index.php files to prevent directory indexing.
  • Security: Added a routine that double-checks for the presence of an empty index.php file to prevent directory indexing in the resume uploads folder during each candidate file save. This will replace the index.php file if it was missing from a previous bug or user error.
  • Security: Added routine that double-checks for presence of an empty index.php file to prevent directory indexing in the Matador log files folder on during the creation of a new log file. This will replace the index.php file if it was missing from a previous bug or user error.

  • Bugfix: Added a fix to handle unrecognized arguments/dynamic arguments for the [matador_portal] shortcode

  • Bugfix: Added a routine to restore a missing log file folder that may have been deleted or not created properly on install/activation.

  • Compatability: Changed an argument in a few WordPress core function calls that previously allowed null but in PHP 8.1 and later requires an empty string.

  • Compatability: Added #[ReturnTypeWillChange] attributes to the Cookie Monster class to ensure PHP 8.1 and later compatability.
  • Compatability: Modified the log delete function to fix an instantiation of the DateTimeImmutable class from a null value, which threw PHP deprecation warnings in 8.1 and later.
  • Compatability: Added a method argument strict typing indicator and modified a function call to prevent an error with PHP’s rtrim() after an accepted argument deprecation was added in PHP 8.2.

  • Misc: Tested up to WordPress 6.4


  • Enhancement: Plucked changes from the 3.9.x development branch into Matador Jobs 3.8.x branch to support updates to the Job Syndication Extension, formerly Jobs XML Feeds Extension, prior to the release of Matador Jobs 3.9.0.


  • Enhancement: It appears that Bullhorn is currently experiencing some issues with its connection quality and in reviewing our automatic reconnection routine we identified an opportunity to add finesse around a temporary error that was being misinterpreted by Matador as a permanent error, resulting in Matador determining it could no longer connect and send notice to the administrator. We will now retry a reconnection on these temporary errors while continuing to stop attempts to reconnect when the permanent error is encountered.
  • Bugfix: Fixes a bug impacting the functionality of the Test Auto Reconnect feature of the Bullhorn Connection Assistant that was introduced with performance improvements in 3.8.7.


  • Bugfix: Fixes a bug introduced in 3.8.10 around deprecated function update impacting the job info header.


  • Bugfix: Bullhorn resume parser can return no values for job title in a work history entry, and when that occurred would generate a PHP Warning in error logs. Added protections to supress the error and allow a resume
  • Bugfix: Identified and fixed issue causing Matador to create a WordPress transient with no name, which disrupted object caching when Redis Object cache was deployed.
  • Misc: Tested up to WordPress 6.3


  • Enhancement: Matador Search previously supported an additional field that searches job by the external ID, aka Bullhorn ID. Now, when the search field is used to search for a whole (integer) positive number greater than zero, search will be performed on the external ID field and not the title and description. This makes it easier to implement ID-based searching on your site without changing previous behavior. Future implementations of Matador that import non-numeric ID values from external services will still need to use the separate external ID search field, however.
  • Enhancement: Modified Matador’s Bullhorn Connection routine to leverage the use of the datacenter-specific OAuth and Rest servers to optimize for changes to the Bullhorn API authorization systems July 11th and 12th, 2023. The changes to Bullhorn’s system did made connections in our prior integrations less performant (slower, less reliable) and subject to occasional failure, while these changes will result in more performant connections.
  • Enhancement: Bullhorn Connection Assistant now no longer inquires about the users’ Bullhorn Datacenter. Matador will now determine the proper Datacenter based on client cluster information gathered from the first successful login to Bullhorn, and on an update to 3.8.10, if an existing active login is present, the Datacenter will be detected from the client cluster information in that login. In the event a user’s company moves server client clusters, a one-time reset of the Bullhorn Connection Assistant will be required to ensure Matador acknowledges the move, however, it is not common for Bullhorn to move a client to another cluster.
  • Enhancement: Added handling for when “Allow Multiple Values” is selected for the required Education Degree Name field on the Job Order.
  • Enhancement: Remove decimal values in salary fields when the number is greater than or equal to 1000. This prevents salary strings like “$64,000.00 per year” but leaves “$17.50 per hour” in place.
  • Enhancement: Improved error logging for issues encountered during license activation.
  • Bugfix: Do not set the ‘salary_string’ and ‘salary_formatted’ values for a job when the fallback/default ‘salary’ value is used and is not set or set too zero.
  • Bugfix: When a fallback/default ‘salary’ value is used and is a non-zero, set the ‘salary_string’ value.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where a Google reCAPTCHA installed by another theme or other plugin while not using Matador’s Google reCAPTCHA solution would cause issue with Matador’s form validating.
  • Bugfix: Identified and fixed issue in Matador’s beta new sync routine that could be encountered when a sync step is not found as a class method or callable, resulting in an infinite loop.
  • Bugfix: Identified and fixed two issues in Matador’s new sync routine (currently in beta) where a class property that was to be read via late static binding was being read as an instance property, causing issues in some implementations. Notably, locally created jobs were being removed during a remote sync.
  • Misc: Updated template use of deprecated function to use the replacement function for the same behavior.


  • Enhancement: A legacy behavior of Matador is to include all custom form fields in the Notes section of a newly created Candidate. This behavior allows site operators to collect custom data that isn’t mapped to a Bullhorn field. Recently, anti-spam and user-behavior tracking tools started to add meta-data to forms on sites using “hidden” form fields. This would result in loads of “junk” data being scooped up by Matador and appended to the notes. An enhancement to our form processing will retain the legacy behavior of the form data processor while preventing this junk data from being collected in the Candidate data record.
  • Enhancement: The publishedZip field will be included in the default job data import and used in lieu of the address->zip when found. The publishedZip is a newer field in the Bullhorn API and many users do not use it beyond default behavior, which is to copy the value of the job address zip into the publishedZip when a publishing action is taken. For that reason, in most use cases, publishedZip it matches the address->zip. Given its description on the job data object, however, some users of Matador have brought it to our attention that they provide an alternate “published postal code” at publishing that is different than the jobs’ address postal code. This change will benefit those users largely without modifying the behavior of Matador for existing users.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue caused by change to how Bullhorn’s returned resume object formats secondarySkills data. The issue was not impacting sync of Applications but was logging a PHP Warning and resulted further in the secondary skill data not saving to the Applicant record.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with one of Matador’s site health monitoring systems failing when a transient is not set properly on first use of the day.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where some salary strings would not have the proper salary unit field due to a variable name for the salary unit being misspelled.
  • Bugfix: Added logic to prevent a PHP “warning” from being logged when a job did not have a value in the “last post meta” meta array. The “last post meta” meta array was added in 3.8.7 so this would only occur on the first job update (due to republishing or a hard sync) on each job record after an upgrade from before 3.8.6 or earlier.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where items appended to the content of a job posting description, ie: apply button, application, job info bar, etc, was being added to XML feed content when it should not.
  • Misc: Added improved logging for the new/experimental sync experience.


  • Enhancement: Added copies of WordPress 5.9 Polyfills for PHP 7.3 and 8.0 string and array functions. This is to protect users of WordPress before 5.8 who also use PHP before 7.3 and before 8.0.
  • Enhancement: Updated a log line to display the ID of the Submission when a candidate is added to a job as a Web Response or Job Submission.
  • Enhancement: Added filter matador_bullhorn_applicant_countryID_default to override the Bullhorn CountryID default on new Applications
  • Enhancement: Added protections for improperly formatted WorkHistory job titles returned from the Bullhorn API resume processor.

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that caused an improper salary range string (used to display salary information in templates since 3.8.4) to be generated when there was a zero or null value in the Bullhorn data object’s salary field for the job but a properly configured salary high and salary low field was defined in Matador settings.

  • Bugfix: Fixed issue that may occur during source tracking when a server HTTP User Agent is blank.


  • Performance: Removed any reliance on the WordPress Transients API for handling Bullhorn connection variables, falling back to explicit use of the options database. This is to prevent inconsistent handling of transients by load balancers and persistent object caching systems we’ve encountered since WordPress 6.1 and Matador 3.8.0.
  • Performance: Prevented “race condition” bugs when multiple concurrent Bullhorn connections are running at once. These will now be considerably more rare.
  • Performance: Removed a developer debugging feature that could interrupt regular Bullhorn communication if a logged in user was accessing WP Admin during a specific window of time during an active Bullhorn communication.

  • Feature: Added special handling for users of the Akismet comment/form spam prevention plugin. This plugin adds a number of hidden form fields to be used as form validation and anti-spam validation to every form on a WordPress site including Matador Jobs application forms. Users of Akismet and Matador would see this now otherwise junk data in their Bullhorn records and emails after submission. This feature will strip this junk data from the form before processing.

  • Feature: The matador_delete_job action is an alias for the WordPress core delete_post action, but to enhance its usefulness and give it access to items removed earlier in the core WordPress delete post process, it will now run on WordPress’s before_delete_post. It now also has access to …

Imagens de tela

  • Options page – Bullhorn Import settings
  • CV/resume upload form
  • Notifications options page
  • Jobs listings in the admin


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/matador-jobs’ directory, or install the plugin through the
    WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to Matador Jobs > Settings.
  4. Connect your site to Bullhorn by clicking on ‘Bullhorn Connection Assistant’ on the Settings Page, and following the.


Does this Require a Bullhorn Account?

You must have an active Bullhorn Account to use Matador’s Bullhorn Import/Export features. It technically will function as a stand-alone jobs board without a Bullhorn Account, but there are better options out there for that.

How Do I Get Bullhorn API Credentials?

You must submit a ticket to Bullhorn support. Merely informing them you will be using Matador should give them all the info they need to help you, as we are now Bullhorn Marketplace Developer Partners and they know what a new Matador user needs. That said, we recommend first installing the plugin, activating it, and starting the Bullhorn Connection Assistant before you do this. Follow the prompts in the easy-to-use assistant and Matador will generate a copy-and-paste email you can send to Bullhorn Support to get you started.

So Matador downloads jobs from Bullhorn. Does it accept applications too?

Yes, if your a user of Matador Jobs Pro or All-Access. Once you’ve connected to Bullhorn and synced your first jobs, your visitors can apply to the jobs. Based on settings, the applications will be sent to your Bullhorn either immediately or in the next regularly scheduled sync with Bullhorn.

If you are only right now a user of the free Matador Jobs Lite, not yet. Matador Jobs lite allows you to designate a destination page for the “Apply” button, but you will need to handle your own applications, perhaps with a contact form plugin.

If you’d like more information on Matador Jobs Pro or All-Access, visit

How Can I Customize the Look of Matador?

Our documentation site explains how to use our template system, theme functions, shortcodes, and actions and filters to make your site look amazing. You can also watch out for occasional client showcases on our where we feature creative and amazing looking implementations of Matador.

How Can I Customize the Function of Matador?

Matador is built by WordPress users for WordPress users. We included hundreds of Actions and Filters to help you customize how it works just like WordPress core. Some of those are documented at while others can be discovered with a quick code review.

But that requires a developer and hours of work! If you haven’t already, check out our many official extensions that are viewable at These extend Matador’s core functionality in ways that can make each site feel unique! You can use an unlimited number of these All-Access Add-Ons with any Matador Jobs All-Access plan.

If you need something and you don’t see an add-on, feel free to write us. Leave a comment in the Support Forum or with our Pro support system (requires Matador Jobs Pro or All-Access). Simple modifications might already be documented and we can point you to them. And if you have a more complex modification, we may be able to take your input and idea and turn it into another All-Access Add-On.

Where can I get support?

Users of Matador Jobs Lite should use the plugin’s support forum. Users of Matador Jobs Pro and All-Access annual or lifetime plans can use our support ticket system at


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