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Mail Manager


WARNING: This plugin doesn’t currently work. Feel free to download it and
figure out what’s wrong. The current bugs are:

  • It does not send out new comment/moderation notifications at all.
  • It sends out one copy of notifications generated by the Subscribe to Comments
    plugin for each person subscribed. (Fixed in trunk)

Mail Manager adds a plethora of new email notification options to WordPress
for multiuser blogs. Instead of notifying the blog administrator or post
author of all administrative activity, you can define who gets notified of
what events, allowing for specific users to handle different administrative
activities on a multiuser blog.

Notification options include:

  • New comments and comments awaiting moderation
  • Changes in post or page status (e.g. pending review) (future)
  • Changes in user status (future)

Mail Manager is compatible with WordPress 2.0 and later and WordPress MU
1.0 and later.

Mail Manager is pre-release software and is missing planned features, and
almost certainly has bugs. Please report any bugs you may find.

Release Notes

  • Upon first installation, notification of new comments and comments
    awaiting moderation may be disabled. You may need to visit Settings >
    Mail Manager immediately to re-enable notifications.

Imagens de tela

  • Mail Manager settings
  • Mail Manager overrides WordPress settings


  • Upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it.
  • Visit Settings > Mail Manager to set up Mail Manager.


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