Loco Translate


Loco Translate provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files.

It also provides localization tools for developers, such as extracting strings and generating templates.

Features include:

  • Built-in translation editor within WordPress admin
  • Create and update language files directly in your theme or plugin
  • Extraction of translatable strings from your source code
  • Native MO file compilation without the need for Gettext on your system
  • Support for PO features including comments, references and plural forms
  • PO source view with clickable source code references
  • Protected language directory for saving custom translations
  • Configurable PO file backups
  • Built-in WordPress locale codes

Official Loco WordPress plugin by @timwhitlock / Tim Whitlock

More info

Coming soon

These features are on our todo list. There’s no particular timeframe for any of them and they’re in no particular order:

  • Integration with Google and Bing for automatic translation
  • Integration with Loco API for collaborative translation
  • Screens showing installed bundles per language

Keyboard shortcuts

The PO file editor supports the following keyboard shortcuts for faster translating:

  • Done and Next: Ctrl ↵
  • Next string: Ctrl ↓
  • Previous string: Ctrl ↑
  • Next untranslated: Shift Ctrl ↓
  • Previous untranslated: Shift Ctrl ↑
  • Copy from source text: Ctrl B
  • Clear translation: Ctrl K
  • Toggle Fuzzy: Ctrl U
  • Save PO / compile MO: Ctrl S
  • Toggle invisibles: Shift Ctrl I

Mac users can use ⌘ Cmd instead of Ctrl.

Imagens de tela

  • Translating strings in the browser with the Loco PO Editor
  • Showing translation progress for theme language files


How do I use it?

Try our beginner’s guide, or the more technical overview if you’re familiar with WordPress localization.

How do I get help?

Please see getting help with Loco Translate and note that personal support by email is not available for this plugin.
Help is provided via the plugin support forum only.


Saved me

User friendly and combines well with existing localizations!

Very nice!

Very easy to use theme translation plugin. Except that now I will have to translate 1356 something strings… IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION if someone thinks it is. But makes the translation process comfortable and easy. It helps to translate only theme language strings! As for the content and any other plugins you have – no. It does not make your site multi-language. JUST HELPS TRANSLATING THE THEME.

Thank you anyway, that’s a part of what I needed, and it’s free!

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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“Loco Translate” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


“Loco Translate” has been translated into these 16 locales: French, Turkish, Japanese, German, Finnish, Russian, Croatian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Kurdish, Swedish, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico), Luxembourgish. Obrigado aos tradutores por suas contribuições.

Traduzir “Loco Translate” para o seu idioma.

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Registro de alterações


  • CSS conflict fixes
  • Added option for UTF-8 byte order mark
  • Printf highlighting observes no-php-format flag
  • Fixed issue with translator role losing “read” permission


  • Minor fix for root path configs
  • Added alternative PHP extensions setting
  • Bumped WP version to 4.7.3
  • LoadHelper fix for core files
  • Allow revoking of permissions from translator role
  • Allow network admins to deny access to site admins


  • Extra debug logging and error diagnostics
  • Forcefully clear output buffers before Ajax flush
  • Bumped WordPress version to 4.7
  • Experimental wildcard text domain support


  • Allows missing domain argument in plugin_locale filter
  • Reverted editor changes that disabled readonly text
  • Added invisibles and coding editor switches
  • Added table filtering via text query
  • Added Last-Translator user preference


  • Bumped minimum WordPress version to 4.1
  • Some optimisation of transient caching
  • Fixed hash table settings bug


  • Source refs fix for files in unknown subsets
  • Downgrades PO formatting exceptions to PHP warnings
  • Renamed function prefixes to avoid PHP 7 warnings
  • Better support for php-format and no-php-format flag
  • PO source and editor UI tweaks
  • Localised strings and implemented in js


  • Fixed prototype.js conflict
  • More Windows file path fixes
  • Added loco_current_translator filter
  • Fixed false positive in extra files test


  • PO wrapping bugfix
  • Downgraded source code bugfix
  • Tolerating headerless POT files
  • Core bundle metadata tweaks


  • Deferred missing tokenizer warning
  • Allows editing of files in unconfigured sets
  • Added maximum PHP file size for string extraction
  • Display of PHP fatal errors during Ajax


  • Reduced session failures to debug notices
  • Added wp_roles support for WP < 4.3
  • Fixed domain listener bugs


  • Added support for Windows servers
  • Removed incomplete config warning on bundle overview


  • Fixed bug when absolute path used to get plugins
  • Added loco_plugins_data filter
  • Added theme Template Name header extraction
  • Minor copy amends


  • Added help link in settings page
  • Fixed opendir warnings in legacy code
  • Catching session errors during init
  • Removing meta row link when plugin not found


  • First release of completely rebuilt version 2