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16 de novembro de 2016
This is an awesome plug-in. use it on all my music sites. Why more people are not using it, I'll never know. This plug-in adds great content to my site. It is truly a time saver by me not having to look up such simple things. Top tens, discography and more make this a must have plug-in. Now the things I'd change are just simple things. When a bio is added, it is not the full bio. It is an excerpt with links back to their site. The idea, I think, is to keep people on my site not go to theirs. Secondly, you can only add one thing to your page. A top ten or a bio; a discography or a blog post when t should be made to insert a top ten AND a blog post. For the reasons list above, I give this plug-in a rating of 4 1/2 stars.
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