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Kemet Addons


Kemet Addons plugin adds more features to Kemet WordPress Theme like metaboxes, activate/deactivate the customizer options. More options will be released soon.
This plugin works only with: Kemet WordPress Theme So you must install and activate it first.

  • Single Page/Post Options Get full control over each page/post design with single page/post options.
  • Blog Layouts 5 Blog Grid layouts with many of customization options.
  • Advanced Post Options Get extra options that will allow you to customize your single post content.
  • Advanced Headers 5 Advanced horizontal and vertical headers with many of customization options.
  • Sticky Header Allows you to display a sticky header when user scrolls the page.
  • Top bar Section Adds top area on top of the header with many customization options.
  • Page Title Area Adds advanced management for page title and breadcrumbs area. 
  • Extra Widgets Adds Social media and Mailchimp widgets.
  • Woocommerce Extra options that allows you to control & customize WooCommerce product page and product listing.
  • Custom Fonts Upload custom fonts files (woff, woff2, ttf, eot, svg, otf) to use in your website.
  • Go to Top Button Adds the option for go to top button.
  • Custom Layout Allows you to create your own custom content, script, or code on various hook locations.
  • Mega Menu Allows you to build your mega menu up to 6 columns.
  • Customizer Features Export, import and reset customizer settings.


  • Breadcrumbs, @author: Justin Tadlock
    @copyright: Copyright (c) 2008 – 2017, Justin Tadlock @license:


  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Done!


I installed the Kemet Addons Plugin but it does not work

Make sure that Kemet WordPress Theme is Installed and activated first as this plugin will work only with it.


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Registro de alterações

1.1.20 version
Fixed: Fatal Error

1.1.20 version
– Added: Typekit Font to Custom font addon.
– Added: Replace Sidebar option.
– Added: Sticky sidebar option.

1.1.19 version
– Fixed: Logo filter issue.
– Tweak: Code refactored for better performance and security.

1.1.18 version
– Added: Custom Font Addon.

1.1.17 version
– Added: Select main menu page option.
– Added: New filter to custom logo.
– Fixed: PHP Version 7.2 compatibility issue.

1.1.16 version
– Tweak: Update K framework.
– Tweak: Code refactored for better performance and security.

1.1.15 version
– Fixed: Add to cart button issue in product listing.
– Added: Disable top bar page option.
– Tweak: Code refactored for better performance and security.

1.1.14 version
– Fixed: Mailchimp api issue.
– Tweak: Code refactored for better performance and security.

1.1.13 version
– Fixed: Display mega menu in responsive.
– Fixed: Blog layout spacing issue.
– Fixed: upsell products style.
– Fixed: Menu item/icon spacing issues.

1.1.12 version
– Added: Font style to tyography group control.
– Added: Woo compare style.
– Fixed: Sticky header links issue.
– Fixed: RTL top bar directions.
– Fixed: Breadcrumbs issue.
– Fixed: Top bar style issue on Safari browser.
– Fixed: Social icon widget spacing issue.
– Fixed: Page title layout 2 responsive issue.
– Fixed: Recent posts issue with multilanguage websites.

1.1.11 version
– Added: Yith Woocommerce wishlist compaatibility.
– Tweak: Update Pot file.
– Fixed: RTL Social icons widget styling issue.
– Fixed: Remove duplicate title of Social icons widget.

1.1.10 version
– Added: Link to product image in woocommerce listing
– Fixed: Top bar direction issue in RTL.
– Fixed: Submenu icon doesn’t work.
– Tweak: Improve Blog style.

1.1.9 version
– Fixed: Load k-framework js files issue.
– Fixed: Breadcrumbs Missing field “position” issue.
– Tweak: Improve Woocommerce styling in responsive.

1.1.8 version
– Added: Infinite scroll button for blog & Product listing.
– Fixed: Top bar alignment issue in responsive.

1.1.7 version
– Added: Typography group control.
– Added: Color group control.
– Fixed: Mobile menu issue.
– Tweak: Improve Go top style in responsive.
– Tweak: Improve woocommerce product listing style.

1.1.6 version
– Added: Responsive control for top bar section position.
– Added: Top bar hooks.
– Tweak: Improve Woocommerce list style.

1.1.5 version
– Added: Mega menu options.
– Fixed: Top bar background doesn’t work.

1.1.4 version
– Added: Custom layout addon.

1.1.3 version
– Fixed: Responisve menu isuue.

1.1.2 version
– Added: Woocommerce notice compatibility.
– Fixed: Page title spacing issue with enabled transparent header.

1.1.1 version
– Fixed: Woocommerce Fatal Error

1.1.0 version
– Added: Woocommerce layouts addons
– Added: Cart icon options in main menu
– Added: Quick view link to woocommerce listing

1.0.9 version
– Added: Five blog layouts.
– Added: Responsive controls for page title line height.
– Fixed: Logo spacing in responsive in Header6 issue.

1.0.8 version
– Added: Default background color to hamburger menu in header 8.
– Added: Logo spacing, header background and header padding options for sticky header.
– Fixed: Separator height in header 8 issue.
– Fixed: The position of Responsive menu icon with header 8.

1.0.7 version
– Added: Extra options for header layouts.
– Tweak: Beaver Builder compatibility.
– Tweak: Hamburger menu options moved to main menu section.

1.0.6 version
– Fixed: Content Spacing with Elementor issue.

1.0.5 version
– Added: Disable page title option.
– Fixed: Display Sticky header with vertical header issue.

1.0.4 version
– Fixed: Header Bottom Border in responsive issue.

1.0.3 version
– Added: Responsive menu options.
– Added: Login form widget.
– Added: Posts list widget.
– Added: New widget style.
– Added: Sticky footer option.

1.0.2 version
– Added: Display breadcrumbs options.
– Added: Subtitle option and styles.

1.0.1 version
– Fixed: Display Page Title in pages issue.

1.0.0 version
– Added: Five new advanced header layouts with extra header options including vertical headers and burger menu icon headers.
– Added: Sticky header option.
– Added: Top bar area includes right and left sections.
– Added: Page title area that includes page/post title and breadcrumbs options.
– Added: Go to top button with customization options.
– Added: Social icons widget.
– Added: Mailchimp widget.
– Added: Single post options to customize the post content.
– Added: Customizer settings reset, import and export options.
– Tweak: All addons are compatibile with Kemet global colors.

0.1.1 version
– Fixed: compatibility problems with PHP7

0.1.0 version
– Initial Release