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Katalyst Video Plus


Katalyst Video Plus enables automatic content syncing between a video content or streaming services and WordPress. Add a source, like a playlist from YouTube, and KVP will automatically create posts for that source.


Katalyst Video Plus has free and premium extensions to expand functionality. All officially approved extensions can be found in the Katalyst Videos Plus Add-ons section.

Who is using Katalyst Video Plus?

Take a look at some of the best sites in the Katalyst Video Plus Showcase.

More Information

Visit the Katalyst Video Plus website for more information on Katalyst Videos Plus.

Imagens de tela

  • Front-end Display
  • Video Index
  • Categories
  • Source Index
  • Source Menu
  • Source Test Screen
  • Activity Log
  • Settings


  1. Upload katalyst-video-plus folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Why do I need an developer key for YouTube?

YouTube’s anonymous api has a limited amount of requests per day. In most cases, that limit is exhausted rather quickly. A developer key allows for 50,000,000 requests per day.

Why do only a few users show up as authors?

By default, authorship can only be attributed to users with the ‘author’ role or greater.

Why are some of the ‘Total Videos’ for the Channel Type inaccurate?

The ‘Total Videos’ statistic is returned from YouTube; however, this statistic may includes non-public videos.


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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações

3.2.3 ( Oct. 2, 2018 )

  • [Added] Activity Log Manual Purge and Style Update (Issue #5)
  • [Fixed] Embedded YouTube videos now show fullscreen (Issue #8)
  • [Fixed] Misspelled variable and missing quotes (Issue #2)
  • [Fixed] Deprecated Function: WP_HTTP (Issue #7)

3.2.2 ( Sept. 5, 2018 )

  • [Improved] Create error notice of “pageInfo” variable not found (Issue #2)
  • [Changed] Fatal errors caused by “continue” not in loop changed to “return”. (Issue #1)

3.2.1 ( Sept. 8, 2015 )

  • [Fixed] Video category taxonomy priority. (Issue #28)

3.2.0 ( Sept. 1, 2015 )

  • [Added] Settings to change video display dimensions. (Issue #25)
  • [Changed] ‘New Video’ link for admin bar disabled by default. (Issue #27)

3.1.2 ( Jul. 3, 2015 )

  • [Fixed] Flush rewrite rules. (Issue #19)
  • [Fixed] Inline style breaking in admin. (Issue #23)
  • [Fixed] Undefined Index if API Key is not set. (Issue #24)

3.1.1 (Jun. 25, 2015)

  • [Fixed] Improperly Named Function

3.1.0 (Jun. 25, 2015)

  • [Added] Filter ‘kvp_enable_new_posts’ to reactivate new video links.
  • [Changed] ‘Add New Video’ links disabled by default.
  • [Fixed] Activity Log user ID logging.
  • [Fixed] Activity Log variables not defined.
  • [Improved] Video category labels. (Issue #20)
  • [Improved] Manual run now disables if previously clicked. (Issue #21)
  • [Removed] ‘Videos’ source type.

3.0.1 (Apr. 22, 2015)

  • [Fixed] “add_query_args” exploit.
  • [Fixed] Missing empty variables.
  • [Changed] YouTube player ID.

3.0.0 (Apr. 8, 2015)

  • [Added] Sources can now contain Channels, Playlists, Videos, or Search Terms.
  • [Added] Test menu item for sources.
  • [Changed] Videos now import as a custom post type.
  • [Changed] “Accounts” now referred to as “Sources”.
  • [Changed] “Action Log” to “Activity Log”.

2.1.2 (Dec. 23, 2014)

  • [Changed] get_video return values.
  • [Improved] Account connection status messages.
  • [Removed] Variable ‘username’ from video embed attributes.

2.1.1 (Dec. 19, 2014)

  • [Added] Settings Update Notification.
  • [Added] Option to change scheduling for import and audit fequency.
  • [Changed] Import and Audit are no longer dependent upon setup accounts.
  • [Changed] ‘Log’ page title changed to ‘Action Log’.
  • [Fixed] Initial import post format issue.
  • [Fixed] Perge log settings identifier.

2.1.0 (Dec. 8, 2014)

  • [Added] Change import post format.
  • [Added] YouTube API Fallback option.
  • [Added] Menu notification for errors with account connections.
  • [Changed] Made improvements on how the video embed displays and interacts with post thumbnails and the content.
  • [Changed] Duplicate post check only occurs on full audits.
  • [Fixed] Imported images show import author.
  • [Fixed] Inactive service errors in Accounts.
  • [Fixed] Inactive service errors and display in Dashboard.
  • [Fixed] Precautionary checks for connection status.

2.0.5 (Nov. 28, 2014)

  • [Fixed] Queue looping issue.


  • [Changed] Descriptions for premium extension automated updates.


  • [Added] Options to include and exclude accounts in actions (Video importing included by default).
  • [Changed] Actions and filters added to account editor.
  • [Fixed] Settings not showing tabs properly.
  • [Removed] Code redundency in video embed.


  • [Changed] YouTube Basic api item limit increased to 50.
  • [Changed] YouTube Basic playlist id identifier.
  • [Fixed] Upgrade code running every page load.


  • [Changed] Image only imports if the featured image is not set.
  • [Fixed] Thumbnail display in archives.


  • [Added] Dashboard featuring statistics with a force import and force audit option.
  • [Added] Full audit performed once every 24 hours.
  • [Added] Single post audit performed if post visited within an hour since last audit.
  • [Added] Duplicate posts are deleted automatically.
  • [Added] YouTube Basic is now integrated into the core plugin.
  • [Added] Action log can now be purged based on days since entry was added.
  • [Added] More actions and filters for customization.
  • [Changed] ‘Sources’ is now termed as ‘Accounts’.
  • [Changed] ‘Error Log’ is now termed as ‘Action Log’.
  • [Changed] Accounts now report connection status.
  • [Removed] Changing import post format.


  • [Added] ‘Next Import’ Column to the Sources Page to show when the next import will occur.
  • [Changed] ‘Add Source’metabox now links to the KVP extension page.
  • [Fixed] ‘Initial Import Pending’ for most status states on Source page


  • [Added] License Options


  • [Added] Ability to edit pre-existing sources.
  • [Changed] ‘Add Source’metabox now provides a link on where to get provider plugins if not providers are installed.
  • [Changed] Multiple imports from the same source now prevented.
  • [Updated] ‘Sources’ Admin Page now responsive.
  • [Removed] ‘kvp_add_source_fields’ action.


  • [Changed] ‘the_content’ filter now only effects ‘post’ post types.
  • [Changed] Both post thumbnail and video do not show in archive and single posts.


  • [Fixed] Wrong inclusion path.


  • [Added] Audit feature.
  • [Fixed] Undefined index on repair page.
  • [Fixed] ‘Repair All’ feature for multiple sources.
  • [Fixed] Misplaced request arguments.
  • [Removed] Endpoint verification.
  • [Removed] ‘Processing comments’ €notification as feature is not currently active.


  • [Fixed] Multiple inclusions of file.


  • Initial release.