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Build custom layouts for your products in WooCommerce using the amazing Elementor page building experience. You can work inside one product or build templates that you can assign to multiple products.

When working in Elementor there are 16 widgets that each add a different part of your product page. Things like the product title and the add to cart button. Within each widget, there are style settings that allow you to control fonts, colors, alignments, backgrounds, etc. This enables you to make custom designed product pages where you control the layout and style of each section.

Key Features Include

  • Build custom product layouts.
  • Build custom product templates.
  • Templates can be assigned globally or individually.
  • Customize the style of each section of the product page.

There is a premium version of this plugin which adds template builder support for shop and archive pages as well as the checkout page. You can learn more about that at Kadence WP.

Importable Templates

We’ve created a few templates you can import to make the setup process easier. You can download a zip file which includes these templates at Kadence WP.


We are happy to help as best we can with questions! Please use the support forums.

Imagens de tela

  • Customizing an basic setup

  • Customizing an with more unique layout


Install the plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder, and activate it.


20 de novembro de 2020
Working perfectly, as shown by the video. Although with Elementor Pro there can be a lot of customisation done for single product page, but the product page still require the usual woocommerce tab. With this plugin, the product page can be customised to another level, to give a landing page feel, and each product can have a totally unique layout, rather than the usual product page feel. Thanks for the plugin and hope that you could do better.
12 de julho de 2019
It's exactly what i was looking for and that works like a charm ! I hope you will continue to support it for a long time !
27 de setembro de 2018
For those who have the free version of Elementor this plugin is perfect for personalizing the product page. Thank you and congratulations for the work.
13 de julho de 2018
I was struggling to add custom modifications to my Product pages with Elementor, but this plugin did the trick and saved my hair. Thanks guys. Good job.
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  • Update: Widget icons.


  • Fix: issue where breadcrumbs were showing when they shouldn’t be.


  • Update: Show WC 4.0 Support.


  • Fix: php notice
  • Add: product navigation widget.
  • Fix: Image Icon.


  • Update: Code performance and structural improvements.


  • Fix: Issue with quantity border.
  • Fix: Issue with main description and yoast if no short, or yoast description was set.


  • Initial Release.