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3 de setembro de 2016
After getting to know how to use the program I was able to completely set this up for my Photography business. I have multiple Photographers in Multiple locations and this program allows me to set up a customer booking system that is very easy for even the most novice computer user. I have tried many others booking programs and for the price this one is the best. (NOTE) By default the program is set up for Massage Therapists I was able to change that under Settings>Languages>English. Did a quick search for Massage Therapist and Massage Therapists. Changed both those to Photographer and Photographers. You can change that for any title you want.
3 de setembro de 2016
I have been using Joe Booking since it was HitAppoint Solo, 4+ years? It has gotten easier to use even as it has achieved more features! It has remained stable though updates. The support is exceptional, responsive and helpful. My students spanned the globe and I was spending WAY too much time figuring out time zone conversions alone! Once I found this plugin, useless scheduling quagmires ended. My business almost tripled! I didn't want to pay a monthly subscription fee for an online booking service, or publish my appointment calendar anywhere other than my own website. The price has been the best money I have ever invested in my business!
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