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15,000 publishers trust iZooto when it comes to building an audience and keeping them engaged. iZooto helps publishers own their audience and increase their traffic and revenue.

At iZooto we help you build, engage, and retain your audience using web push notifications, and app push notifications, Messenger push notifications, and even convert your AMP site visitors to your audience.

Web push notifications is a permission based marketing channel.
– Push notifications are delivered on browsers in real-time, even when your users are not on your site.
– The Notifications are device-agnostic, and are delivered in real-time, even when your users are not on your site.
– Notifications are highly visible as they are delivered directly to your audience and receive CTRs that vary from 3% to 25% depending upon the context they carry.

App push notifications on the other hand are bite-sized messages sent to users who have installed an app on their mobile device. App push notifications are rapidly evolving into a rich and interactive medium.

Messenger push notifications help build and engage your audience on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has more than 1 billion active users, giving you an opportunity to tap into that audience and engage them at your will.

iZooto helps you accomplish 3 key objectives:
1. Build your marketing list: Convert your website and AMP site visitors to your audience. With an opt-in rate of up to 7%, you can build a list 30 times faster than email.
2. Understand your audience: Segment your audience based on their location, on-site behaviour, device, and more and improve customer retention
3. Engage and monetizeSend targeted notifications to your audience and drive engagement. Publishers and bloggers can grow their traffic and monetize their audience by opting in to send ads via push notifications.


Powerful Features For Publishers

  1. One Click Activation – it takes just one click to integrate iZooto with WordPress.
  2. Support for your AMP Site – convert your AMP visitors to your audience and utilize the surge in traffic on your content.
  3. Create notification drips – create automated series of notifications to engage with your audience and trigger them to act.
  4. **Manage Notifications from WordPress ** – push notifications to your entire audience when you update or publish a post from your WordPress account. The notification gets auto-composed by picking your site title, post title or post description.
  5. Automated Push Notification – every time you publish something, a notifications will be automatically pushed using iZooto’s Zapier integration.
  6. Notifications with Rich Media – use icons, images, emojis and call to action buttons with your notifications to make them appealing and action-oriented.
  7. Schedule Notifications – time your push notifications to be sent one time or on recurring basis and put user engagement on autopilot.
  8. Geo-Targeting – target users according to their location and share with them hyperlocal content.
  9. Device-Targeting – target and engage with users on both mobile and desktop.
  10. Analysis – analyse your audience growth, campaign performance and understand where your audience comes from and how do they access your website.
  11. Build your audience through Facebook Messenger – Reach out to a wider target audience, including users on iOS. Engaging with an audience on a channel with more than 1 billion+ users. Notifications are sent to users who have either started a chat with you on Facebook or have given permission on your website.

Success Stories

  • Over 15,000 publishers use iZooto to push out over 150B notifications every month. Leading brands including the likes of Times, Publisher Desk, Network 18, Summit Media, Khaleej Times, Mubasher, Sanook use iZooto to engage their audience.
  • iZooto now contributes up to 15% of total traffic for leading publishers. Publishers like Philnews and Pricebaba are using iZooto to generate up to 15% of their total revenue.
  • iZooto is the leading OneSignal alternative available in the market.

Jomar, CEO @ PhilNews says – After using iZooto for several days, it made me think that this could be the replacement for the lost traffic from Facebook. Currently, iZooto increases my traffic by more than 20% every month. Check out the PhilNews case study to know how they increased their website sessions and got better page views.

Pricing Plans For Publishers

iZooto Pricing plans are designed to match your existing business needs and give you functionalities to help you accelerate growth.
1. Monetization Plan: This plan is to help you monetize your WordPress blog. The plan is free and helps you make money by sending native ads to your subscribers, according to your audience interest.
We work with leading demand partners across the globe and send up to 2 ads every day to the subscribers. We follow CPC model and share the advertising revenue with you.
2. Rise: If you are a blogger and ads is not your thing, this plan is best for you, for efficient targeting and automation. The Rise plan helps you grow your audience and keep it engaged with the content you create. This plan starts at $85/month.
-Other pricing plans of iZooto give you access to some of the best Playbooks such as Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook and recover video watch-time Playbook. To know more and to learn about any of our other pricing plans drop us a mail at sales@izooto.com.


iZooto help document will help you get started right away. You can also refer to our YouTube channel and go through the product videos to understand how to use the various features.

Coming soon

We will soon be launching News Hub for all soon.
– News Hub is a personalized notification inbox for your website.
– News Hub helps increase discoverability, clicks and pageviews. It provides you with amazing shelf life, that enables readers to interact with push notifications directly from your website whenever they want to.
– More the clicks, more the page views and more the revenue. To learn more drop a line to our support team, and we will be happy to share more about it.


A dedicated support team that assists you across channels – live chat, email, and on-call support. Head to iZooto to start a conversation with our WordPress specialists.

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  • Adding a new plugin on WordPress
  • Installing iZooto
  • Installing and activating iZooto
  • When the plugin is activivated
  • iZooto app ID
  • Add iZooto ID


Integrating iZooto with your WordPress account is fairly simple. Here is how you do it: –
1. Login to your WordPress admin account
2. Go to Plugins and then click on the Add New dropdown
3. Search for iZooto and click on Install Now button, it will take a few seconds to install
4. Once installed, you will see the Activate button, click on it (it will automatically fetch the email id you are registered on and your Domain URL and complete the integration.)
5. Go to the installed plugin page and make sure that iZooto is activated
6. You would be able to find iZooto on the left nav bar of your WordPress account, click on it
7. Your Current Status should say Activated
8. If it does not, submit your iZooto ID and you should be good to go

How to get your iZooto ID

  1. Login in your iZooto account
  2. Go to the Settings section and click on the dropdown
  3. Select Integration Instructions
  4. Under Integrate using iZooto plugin, you will find your iZooto ID for Setup

If you find yourself stuck anywhere, refer to this video or page or just reach out to the iZooto support team.

More Integrations

Integrate with Zapier
With iZooto Zapier integration connect your existing applications and trigger notifications to your subscribers. You can create a zap to automate notifications to broadcast your latest content to your subscribers.

Get started with rolling your push notification campaigns and also check out the iZooto blog and stay tuned with about push notifications.


20 de maio de 2022
As as a publisher, this push notification plugin really helping us lots to reach our audience directly without any hassles. Secondly, it help us to monetize through their subscriber monetization program. Their team work and their back end support through out the year's really good.
19 de maio de 2022
I am working with iZooto for the last three years. With the push notification service, they also provide a monetization option. It helps me to monetize my subscribers without putting any ad codes on my website. I have recommended to iZooto other push notification services.
18 de maio de 2022
When we run blogs and websites on WordPress, most of our attention is spent towards publishing, SEO, social sharing and keeping spam away. What is often ignored is ensuring your audience is engaged with you and the secret sauce is none other than push notifications and audience engagement. You'll be up and running in well under a minute and the next time you create new content on your blog or site, simply notify your visitors by sending out a notification. It's that simple. If you're a publisher or blogger and are wondering which plugin to use, try iZooto over any other.
18 de maio de 2022
A través de este plugin agregas notificaciones push de forma muy cómoda y fácil en tu sitio, además, para mí, se trata de la mejor empresa de todas las que he probado del sector de las notificaciones push, desde que empecé a trabajar con ellos no quiero otra, ya que, además de pagarte por el servicio, te permiten enviar notificaciones con tus registros. El plugin cuenta con un sistema para enviar estas notificaciones a través de tus entradas, super cómodo. Además el servicio de atención al cliente es de los mejores que he tenido, todo un acierto, lo recomiendo.
25 de agosto de 2020
I searched for web push notifications which supports amp pages but i didn't found any web push notifications.Then i found izooto for amp supports.They give full customer support for setup web push serivces.I interacted with Neha mam, she helped me alot in the setup of amp pages now i successfully enabled web push notifications on my all amp pages.Thanks for such a good serivce...😊😊
29 de julho de 2020
I am happy that I found the plugin that suits me and that has helped me in a big matter which is notifications, because it is of great importance in increasing traffic on the site, I would like to thank the developers and all the workers in this pligin
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