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This plugin adds a WooCommerce invoice payment gateway option for your customers on the checkout. It’s a perfectly
simple WooCommerce invoice gateway solution so your customers can checkout without paying and you can invoice them later.

It allows the order to go through into Processing status and from there you can generate a separate invoice from your
accounting system and have your customer pay outside of WooCommerce.

Once you have been paid you just add the invoice number to the order then change the Order status to Completed.

The WooCommerce invoicing process with Invoice Gateway For WooCommerce:

  1. Customer prepares their order as normal and heads to the checkout.
  2. Customer selects the WooCommerce “Invoice” gateway as their preferred payment option.
  3. The order goes into the system as “Processing” status – the customer doesn’t pay anything yet.
  4. You, the WooCommerce store owner, send the customer an invoice outside of WooCommerce from your accounting software (such as Xero, Quickbooks, etc).
  5. You go back to the order and insert the “Invoice Number” into the field provided and update the order. The customer will get an email.
  6. The customer pays the invoice directly to you.
  7. When the order is fulfilled, you mark the WooCommerce Order complete (as normal), the customer will see their WooCommerce invoice number on the Completed order email.


This WooCommerce invoice plugin was brought to you by the folks at Wholesale Suite.

Users of our popular free Wholesale Prices extension for WooCommerce
were asking for the option to provide an invoice payment option for their wholesale customers.

If you use Wholesale Suite’s Prices Premium plugin,
you’ll also be able to use Payment Gateway mapping to map this Invoice Payment Gateway to the specific wholesale user roles
that need it. Click here for more information about how that works.

We decided to give this feature away for free, not just to our customers, but to everyone using WooCommerce. If you want
to say thanks, please leave us a rating on the right 🙂

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  1. Upload the invoice-gateway-for-woocommerce/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Setup your new invoice gateway under WooCommerce->Settings, Checkout tab, then click on Invoice Gateway in the submenu.
  4. … Profit!


We’ll be publishing a list of frequently asked questions soon.


29 de janeiro de 2020
This works better with Google Analytics for recording sales to Terms Customers. Changing the order status to Processing is recorded immediately, as opposed to our old way of having Terms Customers be put on hold / check method.
11 de janeiro de 2019
Thank you so much for posting this! Just what we needed! You're the best for sharing!
1 de junho de 2017
Exactly what we needed. Thank you. I also love that you've included the feature to add invoice numbers to Orders - That was a pleasant surprise.
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  • Improvement: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
  • Bug Fix: Warnings shown during adding of variations
  • Bug Fix: Issue with provided invoice number reference not being shown on order emails


  • Initial version