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Identitypass Verification


This plugin aids verification of users on your wordpress application, with this plugin, you can know your users more with our form and verify your users at the point of onboarding. It also works with re-onboarding existing customers.


To create a form so your users can input their data and get their identities instantly verified, you need to:

Login to your Identitypass dashboard

Navigate to the Identity Checker Widget

Click on create form and create your plan.

Save your settings and deploy the form to customers.


Build Form via Identitypass Checker Widget

Seamless integration: Integrate into any WordPress page or post. Accept verification data directly on your site/app.

Simple Customization: You can easily add and filter all the necessary information/parameters you need from your customers.

Automated Face Match: Automatically match/compare users’ basic info with their faces to determine the confidence score of each user.


If you have suggestions or a new feature request, feel free to get in touch with us via or shoot us an email at

You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn! @myidentitypass



Confirm that your server can connect to the Identitypass API.

An Identitypass account


Automatic installation is the most convenient option because WordPress handles file transfers, and you don’t have to leave your web browser. Here’s how to do an automatic install of the Identitypass WordPress plugin:

Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Navigate to the Plugins menu and

Click Add New.

Enter “Identitypass WordPress plugin” in the search field and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve discovered our verification plugin, you can learn more about it by viewing its point release, rating, and description.

You can install it simply by clicking “Install Now.”


Manual installation entails downloading our verification plugin file and uploading it to your web server using your preferred Ftp server. The WordPress codex has instructions for doing this here. Go ahead and paste the form shortcode on any page or widget.


Automatic updates should work flawlessly; however, ensure you backup your site just in case.


You can invoke the plugin from any of your desired button on your wordpress app by simply adding idx_init as the value ID of the button, we automatically bind our checkout widget with any button with such ID.


Where can I find help to understand how Identity Checker Widget Works?

Please find all the help and information you need on our support platform

Where can I get support or clarify other details?

You can ask for assistance on our support channel if you get stuck. You can also get help by emailing

Identity Checker is exceptional. Can I add my input?

Yes, you can! Join our developers’ community


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